1944 Swedish general election

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1944 Swedish general election

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All 230 seats in the Andra kammaren of the Riksdag
116 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
Per Albin Hansson - Sveriges styresmän.jpg
Gösta Bagge.jpg
Axel Pehrsson-Bramstorp.jpg
Leader Per Albin Hansson Gösta Bagge Axel Pehrsson-Bramstorp
Party Social Democrats Right Farmers' League
Last election 134 42 28
Seats won 115 39 35
Seat change Decrease19 Decrease3 Increase7
Popular vote 1,436,571 488,921 421,094
Percentage 46.55% 15.84% 13.64%

  Fourth party Fifth party
Gustaf Andersson i Rasjön.jpg
Sven Linderot.jpg
Leader Gustaf Andersson Sven Linderot
Party People's Party Communist
Last election 23 3
Seats won 26 15
Seat change Increase3 Increase12
Popular vote 398,293 318,466
Percentage 12.91% 10.32%

PM before election

Per Albin Hansson
Social Democrats

Elected PM

Per Albin Hansson
Social Democrats

General elections were held in Sweden on 17 September 1944.[1] The Swedish Social Democratic Party remained the largest party, winning 115 of the 230 seats in the Andra kammaren of the Riksdag.[2] Due to World War II, the four main parties continued to form a wartime coalition, only excluding the Communist Party.


Sweden Riksdag 1944.svg
Swedish Social Democratic Party1,436,57146.55115–19
National Organization of the Right488,92115.8439–3
Farmers' League421,09413.6435+7
People's Party398,29312.9126+3
Communist Party318,46610.3215+12
Radical National Association6,7750.220New
Socialist Party5,2790.1700
Swedish Socialist Unity4,2040.140New
National League3,8190.120New
Left Socialist Party1,6770.0500
Other parties1,2050.0400
Valid votes3,086,30499.59
Invalid/blank votes12,7990.41
Total votes3,099,103100.00
Registered voters/turnout4,310,24171.90
Source: Nohlen & Stöver, SCB


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