1960 Swedish general election

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1960 Swedish general election

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All 232 seats in the Andra kammaren of the Riksdag
117 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Tage Erlander Bertil Ohlin Jarl Hjalmarson
Party Social Democrats People's Party Right
Last election 111 38 45
Seats won 114 40 39
Seat change Increase3 Increase2 Decrease6
Popular vote 2,033,016 744,142 704,365
Percentage 47.79% 17.49% 16.56%

  Fourth party Fifth party
Leader Gunnar Hedlund Hilding Hagberg
Party Centre Communist
Last election 32 5
Seats won 34 5
Seat change Increase1 Steady
Popular vote 579,007 190,560
Percentage 13.61% 4.48%

Largest bloc and seats won by constituency

Prime Minister before election

Tage Erlander
Social Democrats

Elected Prime Minister

Tage Erlander
Social Democrats

General elections were held in Sweden on 18 September 1960.[1] The Swedish Social Democratic Party remained the largest party, winning 114 of the 232 seats in the Andra kammaren of the Riksdag.[2]


Swedish Social Democratic Party2,033,01647.79114+3
People's Party744,14217.4940+2
Rightist Party704,36516.5639–6
Centre Party579,00713.6134+2
Communist Party190,5604.4850
Progress Union1,3750.030New
Corporate Party6140.010New
Left Socialist Party1760.0000
Other parties8590.0200
Valid votes4,254,11499.59
Invalid/blank votes17,4960.41
Total votes4,271,610100.00
Registered voters/turnout4,972,17785.91
Source: Nohlen & Stöver


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