1991 Swedish local elections

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Local elections were held in

county councils and municipal councils. The elections were held alongside general elections


Municipal elections

Swedish Social Democratic Party2,016,88336.565,194
Moderate Party1,222,33922.162,661
Centre Party617,31911.192,065
Liberal People's Party528,0009.571,188
Christian Democratic Unity318,7625.78815
Left Party267,4854.85574
Green Party199,2073.61389
New Democracy188,0853.41335
Valid votes5,516,97698.13
Invalid/blank votes105,2051.87
Total votes5,622,181100.00
Source: SCB[1]

Minor parties

Parties Seats Municipalities
Botkyrka Party 3 Botkyrka Municipality
Huddinge Party 5 Huddinge Municipality
Lidingö Party 7 Lidingö Municipality
Kommunal samling 1 Norrtälje Municipality
Pensioners' Party 1 Nynäshamn Municipality
Samling för Sigtuna 2 Sigtuna Municipality
Sollentuna Party 6 Sollentuna Municipality
Stockholm Party 3 Stockholm Municipality
Kommunala rättspartiet Tyresö 2 Tyresö Municipality
Täby Party (TMF) 2 Täby Municipality
Solidarity Party 2 Vallentuna Municipality
Demokratiska särlistan 5 Älvkarleby Municipality
Free Municipal Party 1 Flen Municipality
NAG (Mot storflygplats på Skavsta) 1 Nyköping Municipality
Strängnäs Party 8 Strängnäs Municipality
Finspong Party 3 Finspång Municipality
Kinda Party 7 Kinda Municipality
Kommunal samverkan 2 Valdemarsvik Municipality
Åtvidaberg Party 7 Åtvidaberg Municipality
Ösjö lokalparti 4 Ödeshög Municipality
Environment Party 2 Aneby Municipality
KPMLR-Revolutionaries 2+4 Karlshamn Municipality (4), Gislaved Municipality (2)
SAFE 9 Nässjö Municipality
Tranåsborna 2 Tranås Municipality
Workers Party - Communists 1 Värnamo Municipality (1)
Alvesta Alternative 8 Alvesta Municipality
Progress Party 1+1+3 Åstorp Municipality (3), Klippan Municipality (1), Markaryd Municipality (1)
Kommunens bästa 4 Borgholm Municipality
Partiet Partiet 8 Emmaboda Municipality
VDM Democratic Environmental Party of Västervik 4 Västervik Municipality
Strängnäs Party 8 Strängnäs Municipality
Humlorna Sveriges förenade stater [sv] 1 Olofström Municipality
Bjäre Party 1 Båstad Municipality


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