2004 European Parliament election in Sweden

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2004 European Parliament election in Sweden

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19 seats to the
  First party Second party Third party
Nils Lundgren.jpg
Leader Inger Segelström Gunnar Hökmark Nils Lundgren
Party Social Democrats Moderate June List
Alliance PES EPP EUD
Last election 6 seats, 25.99% 5 seats, 20.75% new
Seats won 5 4 3
Seat change Decrease 1 Decrease 1 Increase 3
Popular vote 616,963 458,398 363,472
Percentage 24.56% 18.25% 14.47%
Swing Decrease 1.43% Decrease 2.50% new

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
Leader Jonas Sjöstedt Cecilia Malmström Lena Ek
Party Left Liberals Centre
Last election 3 seats, 15.82% 3 seats, 13.85% 1 seat, 5.99%
Seats won 2 2 1
Seat change Decrease 1 Decrease 1 Steady 0
Popular vote 321,344 247,750 157,258
Percentage 12.79% 9.86% 6.26%
Swing Decrease 3.03% Decrease 3.99% Increase 0.27%

  Seventh party Eighth party
Leader Carl Schlyter Anders Wijkman
Party Green Christian Democrats
Alliance Greens/EFA EPP
Last election 2 seats, 9.49% 2 seats, 7.64%
Seats won 1 1
Seat change Decrease 1 Decrease 1
Popular vote 149,603 142,704
Percentage 5.96% 5.68%
Swing Decrease 3.53% Decrease 1.96%

The 2004 European Parliament election in Sweden was the election of

June List.


The map shows which European party group received the most votes in each municipality

The Insight Party, Struggle of the Union Citizens, International Integration Party, Vision Europe Party, International Integration Party, Republicans right and all the various lists of Bosse Persson had only one candidate on their lists. The Communist League had 4 candidates, but only got 2 votes.

Socialist Justice Party
Freedom and Justice Party1470.010New
European Workers Party1370.0100
Swedish National Democratic Party660.000New
Transparency Party370.000New
Union Citizens' Fight for an EU Superstate360.000New
Right Party the Conservatives290.000New
Vision Europe Party250.000New
EU Critical Santa Party190.000New
Viking Party90.0000
International Integration Party80.000New
EU out of Sweden Party40.000New
Communist League20.0000
EU-Critic Party20.000New
Republican Right10.000New
Other parties9430.040
Valid votes2,512,06997.20
Invalid/blank votes72,3952.80
Total votes2,584,464100.00
Registered voters/turnout6,827,87037.85
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