Aisling (book series)

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The Aisling (sometimes referred to as OMGWACA)

optioned as a film before being worked into a yet-to-be-produced TV series.[8][9]


Aisling began as a stock character type, a "

Red Online, wrote that readers "laugh with her, never at her ... [admiring] her for the same traits that we don't necessarily value in ourselves. We love her because she's a complete Aisling and we wouldn't have her any other way".[13] To date, the series contains five books:[5]


Actress Tara Flynn, writing for The Irish Times, thought that it would have been easy to make a book of lists about the characters, but that the first novel gave "Aisling the flesh and bones she deserves, and a story that licks along at a pace".[12] Flynn hoped for a movie adaptation, and suggested she might portray Memmeh.[12] Síle Ní Choincheannain, of Mary I College has described the series as having "deftly captured a unique Irish archetype and modern heroine".[14] described the first book as a "publishing phenomenon".[15]

The Importance of being Aisling won the 2018 "Popular Irish Fiction" category at the Irish Book Awards,[16] with Once, Twice, Three Times an Aisling winning the same prize in 2019,[17] and Aisling in the City in 2021.[18]