All That Falls Has Wings

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All That Falls Has Wings
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Theatrical poster for All That Falls Has Wings (1990)
Hanja하는 것은 날개가 있다
Revised RomanizationChorakhaneun geoseun nalgaega ittda
McCune–ReischauerCh‘urakhanŭn kŏsŭn nalgaega itta
Directed byJang Gil-su[1]
Written byYun Dae-seong
Jang Gil-su
Lee Jong-hak
Produced byLee Ji-ryong
Lee Jeong-ju
StarringKang Soo-yeon
Son Chang-min
CinematographyLee Suck-ki
Edited byKim Hee-su
Music byShin Byung-ha
Distributed byDanam Enterprises Co., Ltd.
Release date
  • January 26, 1990 (1990-01-26)
Running time
122 minutes
CountrySouth Korea

All That Falls Has Wings (Korean추락하는 것은 날개가 있다; RRChurakhaneun geos eun nalgaega itda) is a 1990 South Korean film directed by Jang Gil-su. Among many other honors, it was awarded Best Film at the Grand Bell Awards ceremony.[2][1]


This youth melodrama tells the story of a law student from a small village in Korea, and the irresponsible girl with whom he falls in love. The girl leads a reckless life, working in bars in Itaewon, and in the U.S., while the law student follows her. Their relationship ends in tragedy with the man shooting the woman, and her confessing her true love before dying.[1]



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