Berenkuil (traffic)

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A berenkuil (a

bicycle paths

Perhaps the first berenkuil, and the one that gives its name to this type of circle, is the one in

Utrecht, built in 1944. There are several theories for the origin of its name, including the possibility that an actual bear pit was located there, or that it was named in honor of the British 49th (West Riding) Infantry Division, nicknamed the polar bears, who liberated Utrecht from the Nazis.[2]

Other examples

  • In Eindhoven, the Berenkuil (a traffic circle of the same type on the city's ring road, officially known as Insulindeplein) has become an official free zone for graffiti and has been the site of graffiti festivals.[3][4] In 2011, a new roundabout for cyclists shaped as a kind of “inverted berenkuil”, named Hovenring, has been constructed between Eindhoven and Veldhoven in the Netherlands.[5]
Lammenschansplein, a berenkuil in Leiden


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