CSM Suceava

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CSM Suceava
Full nameClub Sportiv Municipal Suceava
Founded1957; 65 years ago (1957)
Dissolved1997; 25 years ago (1997)
GroundStadionul Areni, Suceava
WebsiteClub website

CSM Suceava, full name Clubul Sportiv Municipal Suceava, was a sports club from Suceava, Romania. It is notable for its football team which played one season in the Divizia A, the highest Romanian league at that time.[1]


CSM Suceava was founded on 19 July 1972,[2] incorporating the sections of football, track and field, rugby, and volleyball. During the years, more sections were added and offered to its members, among them archery, baseball, boxing, Greco-Roman wrestling, handball, ice hockey, rowing, speed skating, and swimming. The current setup includes archery, boxing, ice hockey, rugby, track and field, volleyball, and wrestling.[3]


Being one of the founding sections, the football team rose through the ranks of the Romanian league system before eventually gaining promotion to the Divizia A at the end of the 1986–87 season.[4][5] However, competition there proved to be too strong and relegation back to Divizia B was the logical consequence, a league in which the team played for the rest of its existence.[6] Before the 1993–94 season, the name was changed to Bucovina Suceava, after the name of the region Bukovina.[7]

Bucovina at the end of the 1996–97 season, merged with Foresta Fălticeni, creating the most successful team in the history of Suceava County, the new team being called Foresta Suceava, with the home ground in Suceava, on Stadionul Areni. Bucovina became the second team of Foresta Fălticeni, being called Foresta II Fălticeni, playing his matches on Nada Florilor, Fălticeni.[8]

Chronology of names

In 1957, Flamura Roşie Burdujeni moved to Suceava, becoming Progresul Suceava.

Name [8] Period
Progresul Suceava 1957–1959
Victoria Suceava 1959–1960
Dinamo Suceava 1960–1964
Viitorul Suceava 1964–1965
Chimia Suceava 1965–1972
CSM Suceava 1972–1993
Bucovina Suceava 1993–1997


Liga II

Liga III:


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