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An example of CURIE syntax: [isbn:0393315703]

The square brackets may be used to prevent ambiguities between CURIEs and regular URIs, yielding so-called safe CURIEs.

namespace prefixes used in XML
) often are used as a CURIE, and may be considered a type of CURIE. Unlike QNames, the part of a CURIE after the colon does not need to conform to the rules for XML element names.

The first W3C Working Draft of CURIE syntax was released 7 March 2007.[1]

The final recommendation was released 16 December 2010.[2]


This example is based on one from the aforementioned draft,[1] using a QName syntax within XHTML.

<html xmlns:wikipedia="">
			Find out more about <a href="[wikipedia:Biome]">biomes</a>.
  • Line 1: Prefix definition: <html xmlns:wikipedia="">
  • Line 5: Hyperlinked CURIE: [wikipedia:Biome]

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