Chapare Province

Coordinates: 16°50′S 66°10′W / 16.833°S 66.167°W / -16.833; -66.167
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Chapare Province
Villa Tunari on Chapare River
Location of Chapare Province within Bolivia
General Data
Country Bolivia Bolivia
Department Cochabamba Department
Municipalities 3
Cantons 13
Area 12,445 km2
Elevation m
Population 187,358 (2001)
Density 15.1 inhabitants/km2 (2001)
ISO 3166-2 BO.CB.CH
Cochabamba Department

Chapare (Spanish:

Villa Tunari
, a popular tourist destination.

In recent decades, the Chapare province has become a haven for illegal cultivation of the

cocaleros. The law has since been changed by a deal that was struck between Evo Morales (a former coca activist and the country's first indigenous President (2006-2019)) and former President Carlos Mesa
. This deal permits the region to grow a limited amount of coca every year .


Chapare Province is divided into three municipalities which are further subdivided into cantons.

Section Municipality Seat
1st Sacaba Municipality Sacaba
2nd Colomi Municipality Colomi
3rd Villa Tunari Municipality Villa Tunari

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16°50′S 66°10′W / 16.833°S 66.167°W / -16.833; -66.167