Committee on Education

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(Parliamentary) Committee on Education[1] (Swedish: utbildningsutskottet) (UbU) is a parliamentary committee in the Swedish Riksdag. The committee's areas of responsibility concern School, Preschool, Higher education, Research on Education, along with Financial aid for students.

The committee's Speaker is Fredrik Malm from the Liberas since 2022 and the vice-Speaker is Åsa Westlund from the Social Democratic Party since 2022.

List of speakers for the committee

Name Period Political party
  Lars Gustafsson 1986–1991 Social Democratic Party
  Ann-Cathrine Haglund 1991–1993 Moderate Party
  Hans Nyhage 1993–1994 Moderate Party
  Berit Löfstedt 1994–1995 Social Democratic Party
  Jan Björkman 1995–2006 Social Democratic Party
  Sofia Larsen 2006–2010 Centre Party
  Margareta Pålsson 2010–2012 Moderate Party
  Tomas Tobé 2012–2014 Moderate Party
  Lena Hallengren 2014–2018 Social Democratic Party
  Matilda Ernkrans 2018–2019 Social Democratic Party
  Gunilla Svantorp[2] 2019–2022 Social Democratic Party
  Fredrik Malm 2022– Liberals

List of vice-speakers for the committee

Name Period Political party Notes
  Lena Hjelm-Wallén 1991–1994 Social Democratic Party
  Beatrice Ask 1994–1998 Moderate Party
  Britt-Marie Danestig 1998–2006 Left Party
  Marie Granlund 2006–2010 Social Democratic Party
  Mikael Damberg 2010–2012 Social Democratic Party
  Ibrahim Baylan 2012–2014 Social Democratic Party
  Torkild Strandberg 2014 Liberals
  Christer Nylander 2014–2018 Liberals
  Roger Haddad[3] 2018–2022 Liberals
Kristina Axén Olin 2019–2022 Moderate Party Second vice-Speaker
  Åsa Westlund 2022– Social Democratic Party


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