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Det Bästa
CategoriesGeneral interest magazine
First issueMarch 1943

Det Bästa (Swedish: The Best) is the Swedish edition of the American Reader's Digest magazine.[1] It has been in circulation since 1943. Its subtitle is världens mest lästa tidskrift (Swedish: the world's most read magazine).[2]

History and profile

Det Bästa was first published in March 1943 and is affiliated with the American magazine Reader's Digest.[3] Barclay Acheson, director of the international editions of Reader's Digest, involved in the establishment of the magazine in Sweden.[4] Det Bästa comes out monthly[5] and is headquartered in Stockholm.[2] Its publisher was Reader's Digest AB between 1989 and 1998 when the company was renamed as Det Beste AB.[2]

Det Bästa is a news and general interest digest.[6] The magazine had covered materials from its parent publication, Reader's Digest, until 2008 when it was redesigned to expand its content.[7] Its editor-in-chief was Anna-Karin Rabe during this period.[7]

During the Cold War period the Finnish-Soviet Union Association claimed that both Det Bästa and Valitut Palat, Finnish edition of Reader's Digest, were two major anti-Soviet propaganda tools in Finland.[8]


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