Dream Girl (2009 film)

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Dream Girl
Directed byAshok Pati
Written byAshok Pati
Based onBommarillu
by Bhaskar & Abburi Ravi
Produced byRamesh Prasad
StarringSabyasachi Mishra
Priya Chowdhury
Bijay Mohanty
Aparajita Mohanty
Mihir Das
Jairam Samal
CinematographySitanshu Mahapatra
Edited byChandra Sekhar Misra
Music byPrashant Padhi
Distributed byRajshree
Release date
  • 5 February 2009 (2009-02-05)
Budget2.3 cr
Box office4.1 cr

Dream Girl is a 2009 Indian Oriya film under Prasad Productions (P) Ltd., directed by Ashok Pati.[1][2] This film is a remake of a super hit Telugu film Bommarillu which was also made in Bengali as Bhalobasa Bhalobasa.


The story is about a boy and his family. The story is about all the fathers, all the relations, the so-called generation gap, and especially about a dream girl, who has changed the boy’s life. The story can be treated as a moral for each and every family in an entertaining way. When a baby is born and learns to walk, his father holds his hand and teaches him to walk. But what will be the situation if the father will not leave the hand even after 24 years? This is the situation of the boy in this story. He wants freedom in his life and wants to live by his own choice, but he always has to accept his father’s decision as his one and only choice. He is bent on marrying a girl of his own choice, and how successful he became, perfectly depicted in this movie.[3]


  • Sabyasachi Mishra - Sanju
  • Priya - Khusi
  • Mihir Das
  • Aparajita Mohanty
  • Bijaya Mohanty
  • Bobby Mishra
  • Pintu Nanda
  • Jairam Samal
  • Sofia alam
  • Debu Bose
  • Saheb Singh
  • Jina
  • Jiban
  • Chunga
  • Roja
  • Florence
  • Chuni[4]


The music of the film composed by Prashant Padhi. The tracks from the film include:

Track Singer Lyricist
Aakhi Mora Khola Thae Kehi Jane Tapu Mishra & Udit Narayan Arun Mantri
Jahna Soichi Soi Padile Tara Kumar Bapi & Tapu Mishra Arun Mantri
Priyare Priyare Najare Najare Krishna Beura Nizam
Sathire Sathire Pahili Pritire Tapu Misra Nizam



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