Errol Flynn filmography

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Errol Flynn filmography
Photograph of Errol Flynn
Errol Flynn in Captain Blood (1935)
Television series4

The film appearances of movie actor Errol Flynn (1909–1959) are listed here, including his short films and one unfinished feature.


Year Title Director Role Notes
1933 In the Wake of the Bounty Charles Chauvel Fletcher Christian Made in Australia
Never released theatrically in the United States
I Adore You George King Bit Flynn had an unbilled bit part in this now lost film
1935 Murder at Monte Carlo Ralph Ince Dyter Filmed in England at Warner Bros. Teddington Studios
Never released in the United States
Now believed to be a lost film
The Case of the Curious Bride Michael Curtiz Gregory Moxley Flynn in a small, non-speaking role. The first of twelve films with director Michael Curtiz.
Don't Bet on Blondes Robert Florey David Van Dusen Flynn in a supporting role
Captain Blood Michael Curtiz Peter Blood Flynn's first leading role in Hollywood
Based on the novel by Rafael Sabatini
Previously filmed in 1924 with J. Warren Kerrigan in the Flynn role
Flynn's first of eight films with Olivia de Havilland
1936 The Charge of the Light Brigade Michael Curtiz Capt. (later Major) Geoffrey Vickers Filmed on location in Lone Pine, California
1937 The Green Light Frank Borzage Dr. Newell Page Flynn's first non-action lead role in Hollywood
The Prince and the Pauper William Keighley
William Dieterle (uncredited)
Miles Hendon Based on the novel by Mark Twain
Another Dawn William Dieterle Captain Denny Roark
The Perfect Specimen Michael Curtiz Gerald Beresford Wicks Flynn's first comedy in Hollywood
1938 The Adventures of Robin Hood Michael Curtiz
William Keighley
Sir Robin of Locksley (Robin Hood) Technicolor
Four's a Crowd Michael Curtiz Robert Kensington Lansford
The Sisters Anatole Litvak Frank Medlin
The Dawn Patrol Edmund Goulding Captain Courtney Previously filmed in 1930 with Richard Barthelmess in the Flynn role
1939 Dodge City Michael Curtiz Wade Hatton Technicolor
Flynn's first Western
The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex Michael Curtiz Robert Devereux (Earl of Essex) Technicolor
1940 Virginia City Michael Curtiz Capt. Kerry Bradford Released in sepia tone
Considered by some to be an unofficial sequel to Dodge City, however it bears no relation to that film whatsoever.
The Sea Hawk Michael Curtiz Capt Geoffrey Thorpe Released with sepiatone sequence
Santa Fe Trail Michael Curtiz Jeb Stuart Released in sepiatone
1941 Footsteps in the Dark Lloyd Bacon Francis Warren
Dive Bomber Michael Curtiz Lieutenant Douglas Lee Technicolor
Flynn's last film with Michael Curtiz
They Died with Their Boots On Raoul Walsh George Armstrong Custer Flynn's first film with Raoul Walsh, Flynn's last film with Olivia de Havilland
1942 Desperate Journey Raoul Walsh Flight Lieutenant Terrence Forbes The first time Flynn played an Australian on screen
Gentleman Jim Raoul Walsh James J. Corbett
1943 Edge of Darkness Lewis Milestone Gunnar Brogge
Northern Pursuit Raoul Walsh Steve Wagner
1944 Uncertain Glory Raoul Walsh Jean Picard Flynn co-produced the film
1945 Objective, Burma! Raoul Walsh Captain Nelson
San Antonio David Butler
Robert Florey (uncredited)
Raoul Walsh (uncredited)
Clay Hardin Technicolor
1946 Never Say Goodbye James V. Kern Phil Gayley
1947 Cry Wolf Peter Godfrey Mark Caldwell Flynn's only venture into film noir
Escape Me Never Peter Godfrey Sebastian Dubrok Previously filmed in 1935 with Hugh Sinclair in Flynn's role
The Lady from Shanghai Orson Welles Man in Background Outside of Cantina Uncredited cameo
1948 Silver River Raoul Walsh Mike McComb Flynn's last film with Raoul Walsh
Adventures of Don Juan Vincent Sherman Don Juan de Marana Technicolor
1949 That Forsyte Woman Compton Bennett Soames Forsyte Technicolor
Flynn's first film outside Warner Bros. since 1935
1950 Montana Ray Enright
Raoul Walsh (uncredited)
Morgan Lane Technicolor
Rocky Mountain William Keighley Lafe Barstow Flynn's last western
Kim Victor Saville Mahbub Ali, the Red Beard Technicolor
Filmed on location in India and in Lone Pine, California
1951 Hello God William Marshall The Man on Anzio Beach Never released in the United States
Adventures of Captain Fabian William Marshall
Robert Florey (uncredited)
Captain Michael Fabian
1952 Mara Maru Gordon Douglas Gregory Mason
Against All Flags George Sherman Brian Hawke Technicolor
Remade as The King's Pirate (1967) with Doug McClure in Flynn's role.
1953 The Master of Ballantrae William Keighley Jamie Durrisdeer Technicolor
Filmed in England and in Italy (Palermo)
Flynn's last film under his Warner Bros. contract
1954 Crossed Swords Milton Krims
Vittorio Vassarotti
Renzo Pathécolor
Filmed in Italy
Released in Europe under the title Il Maestro di Don Giovanni
The Story of William Tell Jack Cardiff William Tell CinemaScope
Filmed in Italy
Never completed
1955 Lilacs in the Spring Herbert Wilcox John Beaumont Eastmancolor
Filmed in England
Released in the United States as Let's Make Up
The Dark Avenger Henry Levin Prince Edward CinemaScope
Eastman Color
Filmed in England
Released in the United States as The Warriors
King's Rhapsody Herbert Wilcox King Richard CinemaScope
Eastman Color
Filmed in England
1957 Istanbul Joseph Pevney James Brennan CinemaScope
Previously filmed as Singapore (1947) with Fred MacMurray in Flynn's role.
The Big Boodle Richard Wilson Ned Sherwood Filmed on location in Cuba
The Sun Also Rises Henry King Mike Campbell CinemaScope
Deluxe color
Based on the novel by Ernest Hemingway
1958 Too Much, Too Soon Art Napoleon John Barrymore
The Roots of Heaven John Huston Major Forsythe CinemaScope
Deluxe color
Filmed on location in French Equatorial Africa
1959 Cuban Rebel Girls Barry Mahon The American Correspondent Filmed in Cuba


Year Title Role Notes
1956 Screen Directors' Playhouse: The Sword of Villon François Villon First TV appearance
1956 The Errol Flynn Theatre Presenter 26 episodes Filmed in England[1]
1957 Playhouse 90: Without Incident
1959 Goodyear Theatre: The Golden Shanty

Short films

Year Title Role Director Notes
1935 A Dream Comes True Himself George Bilson A behind-the-scenes look at the movie industry.
Pirate Party on Catalina Isle Himself Alexander Van Horn Technicolor
1938 Breakdowns of 1938 Himself Outtakes from several movies, including The Adventures of Robin Hood
For Auld Lang Syne Himself A short showing celebrities aiding the Will Rogers Memorial Fund
1943 Show Business at War Himself Louis De Rochemont
1952 Cruise of the Zaca Himself / Narrator Errol Flynn Technicolor
Deep Sea Fishing Himself / Narrator Errol Flynn Technicolor

Unmade films

The following projects were announced for Errol Flynn but were not made:

Films made with other actors

Flynn was announced for the following movies which were made with other actors:

Box office rankings

At the height of his career, exhibitors voted Flynn among the leading stars in Britain, the US and Australia in various polls:

  • 1937 – 11th (Australia)[53]
  • 1938 – 21st (US),[54] 14th (Australia)[55]
  • 1939 – 8th (US),[56] 7th (Britain)[57]
  • 1940 – 14th (US), 7th (Britain),[58] 4th (territories outside Canada and US)[59]
  • 1941 – 14th (US)[60]
  • 1942 – 17th (US),[61] 15th (internationally)[62]|*1943 – 17th (US)[63]
  • 1946 – 25th (US),[64] 10th biggest Western star (Britain)[65]


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