Géza Varasdi

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Géza Varasdi
Medal record
Men's athletics
Representing  Hungary
Olympic Games
Bronze medal – third place 1952 Helsinki 4x100 metres relay
European Championships
Gold medal – first place 1954 Bern 4x100 metres relay

Géza Varasdi (6 February 1928 – May 2022) was a Hungarian athlete who mainly competed in the 100 metres. He was a member of the national team of Hungary between 1948 and 1956.[1]


Born in Budapest, Hungary, Varasdi competed for Hungary at the 1952 Summer Olympics held in Helsinki, Finland, where he won the bronze medal in the men's 4 x 100 metre relay with his team mates László Zarándi, György Csányi and Béla Goldoványi. Together with the same team, he won the gold medal on 29 August 1954 in Bern, at the European Championship of Athletics in the men's 4 x 100 meter relay. When participating at the Olympic Games in Melbourne, 1956, he suffered a crick in his semifinal. From 1956 he lived in Melbourne, working as a doctor.


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