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Justin (

Latin: Marcus Junianus Justinus Frontinus;[n 1] fl. c. 2nd century) was a Latin writer and historian who lived under the Roman Empire

Epitome historiarum Trogi Pompeii


Almost nothing is known of Justin's personal history, his name appearing only in the title of his work. He must have lived after

Augustan History, and dismisses anachronisms and the archaic style as unimportant, as he asserts readers would have understood Justin's phrasing to represent Trogus' time, and not his own.[1]


Justin was the author of an

Macedonian Empire
, and like him, Justin permitted himself considerable freedom of digression, producing an idiosyncratic anthology rather than a strict epitome.


Justin's history was much used in the Middle Ages, when its author was sometimes mistakenly conflated with Justin Martyr.[2]


  1. ^ Justin's name is given only in manuscripts of his own history, the majority of which simply identify him as Justinus. One manuscript identifies him as Justinus Frontinus, the other as Marcus Junianus Justinus. The accuracy of these names is uncertain.



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