Kristersson Cabinet

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Ulf Kristersson cabinet
Opposition partySocial Democrats
Left Party
Centre Party
Green Party
Opposition leaderMagdalena Andersson
Election(s)2022 Swedish general election
PredecessorAndersson Cabinet

The Kristersson Cabinet (Swedish: Regeringen Kristersson) is the 57th



In the 2022 Swedish general election, the right-wing parliamentary faction consisting of the Sweden Democrats, Moderate Party, Christian Democrats, and Liberals won a slim majority of 176 out of 349 seats. Following a month of negotiations, the Tidö Agreement was signed between the parties. Along with a list of common reforms, the agreement stipulates the parties' intention to govern as a coalition, with the confidence and supply from the Sweden Democrats.[2]

On 17 October 2022, Kristersson was elected Prime Minister of Sweden by the Riksdag following a 176–173 vote.[3][4][5] It is the first time the Sweden Democrats exert direct government influence.[6] Some European Union lawmakers criticised the centre-right and the Moderate Party in particular, as a member of the European People's Party, for allying with the far right,[7] as did Swedish opposition leaders.[8]


Below are the cabinet members listed.

Portfolio Minister Took office Left office Party
Prime Minister's Office
Prime Minister18 October 2022Incumbent Moderate
Deputy Prime Minister[a]18 October 2022Incumbent Christian Democrats
Minister for EU Affairs
Minister for Nordic Cooperation
18 October 2022Incumbent Moderate
Ministry of Justice
Minister for Justice18 October 2022Incumbent Moderate
Minister for Migration18 October 2022Incumbent Moderate
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Minister for Foreign Affairs18 October 2022Incumbent Moderate
Minister of Foreign Trade and International Development Cooperation18 October 2022Incumbent Moderate
Ministry of Defence
Minister for Defence
18 October 2022Incumbent Moderate
Minister for Civil Defence18 October 2022Incumbent Moderate
Ministry of Health and Social Affairs
Minister for Social Affairs18 October 2022Incumbent Christian Democrats
Minister for Health18 October 2022Incumbent Christian Democrats
Minister for Social Services18 October 2022Incumbent Moderate
Minister for Social Security and Pensions18 October 2022Incumbent Moderate
Ministry of Finance
Minister for Finance18 October 2022Incumbent Moderate
Minister for Financial Markets18 October 2022Incumbent Moderate
Minister for Public Administration18 October 2022Incumbent Christian Democrats
Ministry of Education and Research
Minister for Education18 October 2022Incumbent Liberals
Minister for Schools18 October 2022Incumbent Liberals
Ministry of the Environment, Enterprise and Innovation
Minister for Energy and Enterprise18 October 2022Incumbent Christian Democrats
Minister for the Environment18 October 2022Incumbent Liberals
Ministry of Culture
Minister for Culture18 October 2022Incumbent Moderate
Ministry of Employment
Minister for Employment and for Integration
18 October 2022Incumbent Liberals
Minister for Gender Equality18 October 2022Incumbent Liberals
Ministry of Rural Affairs and Infrastructure
Minister for Rural Affairs18 October 2022Incumbent Christian Democrats
Minister for Infrastructure and for Housing18 October 2022Incumbent Christian Democrats



The government is set to base their politics on the Tidö Agreement. A specific policy manifesto was presented when Kristersson held his declaration of government (regeringsförklaring) on 18 October 2022.


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