Leif Blomberg

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Leif Blomberg
Personal details
Born15 February 1941
Social Democratic Party
OccupationTrade unionist

Leif Blomberg (15 February 1941–2 March 1998) was a politician and the head of Swedish Metal Workers' Confederation. He was a member of the

Social Democratic Party.[1]
He held several government posts.


Blomberg was born in Enköping on 15 February 1941.[1][2] He was the chairman of the Swedish Metal Workers' Confederation in the period 1982–1993.[3][4] Shortly after his appointment as the chairman of the confederation it abandoned the main agreements of the Swedish Trade Union allies in 1983.[5] At the beginning the 1990s Blomberg was a member of the advisory committee on the European Community formed by the Prime Minister Ingvar Carlsson.[6]

In 1994 Blomberg was appointed the minister for immigration to the

cabinet led by Göran Persson.[9] He also served as the minister for consumer affairs during the same period.[9]

Blomberg was married and had three children.[9] He died in Gothenburg on 2 March 1998 when he was in office.[2][9]


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