List of rulers of Cappadocia

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List of Kings of Cappadocia

This article lists the Achaemenid satraps and Hellenistic kings of Cappadocia, an ancient region in central Anatolia.

Satraps of Cappadocia, c. 380–331 BC


satrapy (province) of the Achaemenid Empire until its conquest by Alexander the Great
in 331 BC.

Independent Princes of Cappadocia, 331 BC–the 250s BC

The hitherto satrap, Ariarathes I managed to keep control of most or all Cappadocia, as independent prince leading the resistance against conquerors, even after Alexander the Great's conquest of the Persians; however, in 322 BC, he was crucified by Perdiccas, Alexander's general and (after Alexander's death) regent.

  • temporary suppression of independence, governors of Macedon Empire held the country
    • governor Eumenes
    • diadoch Antigonos, firstly satrap of Phrygia and then Regent. He was killed in Ipsos in 301 BCE.

Perdiccas gave Cappadocia to Eumenes, Alexander's former secretary. However, during the instability of the ongoing civil wars between Alexander's generals, Eumenes was killed, and then the regent Antigonos was killed.

Ariarathes I's adopted son,

Kingdom of Pontos
which emerged since 301 BCE in the coast of Black Sea, and proclaimed Kingdom in circa 281 BCE.

Kingdom of Cappadocia, the 250s BC–17 AD

Possibly continuing a while under weak Seleucid suzerainty, title recognized as Kings:

Family tree of kings of Cappadocia


satrap of Cappadocia
satrap of Cappadocia
satrap of Cappadocia
Ariarathes I
satrap 350-331 BC, later
king of Cappadocia
331-322 BC
Ariarathes II
king of Cappadocia
301-280 BC
Antiochus II Theos
king of Cappadocia
280-230 BC
Seleucus II Callinicus
Ariarathes III
king of Cappadocia
255-220 BC
daughter of
Antiochus II Theos
Antiochus III the Great
Ariarathes IV
king of Cappadocia
220-163 BC
Mithridates V

king of Pontus
Mithridates VI
king of Pontus
MonimeAriobarzanes I Philoromaios
king of Cappadocia
95-c.63 BC
Athenais Philostorgos I
Antiochus I of Commagene
Ariobarzanes III
king of Cappadocia
51-c.42 BC
Ariarathes X Eusebes Philadelphos
king of Cappadocia
c.42-36 BC