List of endemic and threatened plants of India

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This is a list of plants from India that have been considered rare, threatened, endangered, or extinct by the

IUCN or the Botanical Survey of India. Some of the regions mentioned may refer to old and outdated state or regional boundaries and may need to be interpreted with caution.[1]

The BSI status symbols used are extinct (Ex), extinct/endangered (Ex/E), endangered (E), vulnerable (V), rare (R) and indeterminate (I). Two letter state identification codes are used (see ISO 3166-2:IN) and WG stands for Western Ghats. The IUCN status is indicated where available.


Species Family BSI status IUCN status Region Notes
Chara nuda Characeae Data deficient
Chara setosa Characeae Data deficient
Nitella annamalaiensis Characeae Data deficient


Species Family BSI status IUCN status Region Notes
Diplocolea sikkimensis
Solenostomataceae Endangered
Sewardiella tuberifera
Petalophyllaceae Vulnerable


Species Family BSI status IUCN status Region Notes
Aitchisoniella himalayensis
Exormothecaceae Endangered
Sauteria spongiosa Cleveaceae Lower risk/least concern
Stephensoniella brevipedunculata Exormothecaceae Endangered


Species Family BSI status IUCN status Region Notes
Mitrobryum koelzii Dicranaceae Endangered
Pinnatella limbata Neckeraceae Critically endangered


Species Family BSI status IUCN status Region Notes
Takakia ceratophylla Takakiaceae Vulnerable


Species Family BSI status IUCN status Region Notes
Isoetes bilaspurensis Isoetaceae R Madhya Pradesh
Isoetes dixitii Isoetaceae Ex Panchghani
Isoetes sampathkumarnii Isoetaceae Ex KA
Isoetes divyadarshanii Isoetaceae Data deficient
Isoetes panchganiensis Isoetaceae Endangered
Isoetes udupiensis Isoetaceae Data deficient
Selaginella adunca Selaginellaceae E HP, UP
Selaginella cataractarum Selaginellaceae E KL, TN


Species Family BSI status IUCN status Region Notes
Coniogramme indica Adiantaceae R MN, ML
Cyathea albosetacea Cyatheaceae V Nicobar
Cyathea nilgirensis Cyatheaceae E KL, TN
Lindsaea malabarica Lindsaeaceae R Near threatened
Lindsaea tenera Lindsaeaceae R
Dryopteris gamblei Dryopteridaceae V ML, UP, WB
Lastreopsis wattii Dryopteridaceae Ex MN
Polystichum wattii Dryopteridaceae Ex/E MN
Dicranopteris linearis var. sebastiana Gleicheniaceae V TN
Elaphoglossum stigmatolepis Dryopteridaceae V Nilgiris, Palnis
Christensenia assamica Marattiaceae V AR, AS
Dendroglossa minutula Polypodiaceae E Khasi Hills
Drynaria meeboldii Polypodiaceae V MN
Holcosorus bisulcatus Polypodiaceae E AR
Oreogrammitis austroindica Polypodiaceae Data deficient
Christella clarkei Thelypteridaceae V Sikkim
Christella kaumaunica Thelypteridaceae V UP
Coryphopteris didymochlaenoides Thelypteridaceae R ML
Cyclogramma squamaestipes Thelypteridaceae R Sikkim
Metathelypteris decipiens Thelypteridaceae R ML, Darjeeling
Oreopteris elwesii Thelypteridaceae R Sikkim
Pseudocyclosorus gamblei Thelypteridaceae E Nilgiris, Palnis
Pseudocyclosorus griseus Thelypteridaceae E TN
Stenogramma himalaica Thelypteridaceae V NW Himalayas
Athyrium atratum Athyriaceae E MN
Athyrium duthei Athyriaceae R Sikkim
Woodsia andersonii Woodsiaceae Ex/E Kumaon


Species Family BSI status IUCN status Region Notes
Cycas beddomei Cycadaceae E Endangered AP
Cycas annaikalensis Cycadaceae Critically endangered
Cycas circinalis Cycadaceae Endangered
Cycas pectinata Cycadaceae Vulnerable
Cycas sphaerica Cycadaceae Data deficient
Cycas zeylanica Cycadaceae Vulnerable


Species Family BSI status IUCN status Region Notes
Cephalotaxus mannii Taxaceae V Vulnerable Mishmi, Khasi, Jaintia, Naga Hills
Cephalotaxus oliveri Taxaceae V
Abies spectabilis Pinaceae Near threatened
Cupressus cashmeriana Cupressaceae Near threatened
Juniperus recurva var. coxii Cupressaceae Near threatened
Larix griffithii var. speciosa Pinaceae Near threatened
Picea brachytyla Pinaceae Vulnerable
Taxus contorta Taxaceae Endangered
Taxus wallichiana Taxaceae Endangered
Picea brachytyla var. complanata Pinaceae V Vulnerable AR
Picea spinulosa Pinaceae R Least concern Sikkim
Pinus gerardiana Pinaceae R Near threatened JK
Amentotaxus assamica Taxaceae V Endangered AR


Species Family BSI status IUCN status Region Notes
Ephedra khurikensis Ephedraceae Data deficient
Gnetum contractum Gnetaceae Vulnerable


Species Family BSI status IUCN status Region Notes
Andrographis beddomei Acanthaceae I AP
Andrographis stellata Acanthaceae I Nilgiris
Barleria gibsonioides Acanthaceae R Panchgani
Barleria prionitis var. diacantha Acanthaceae I Rajasthan
Dicliptera abuensis Acanthaceae E Rajasthan (Mt. Abu)
Dicliptera beddomei Acanthaceae I Nallamalai
Dicliptera ghatica Acanthaceae I Maharashtra
Didyplosandra andersonii Acanthaceae I TN
Hygrophila pinnatifida Acanthaceae I Least concern KA
Hypoestes andamanensis Acanthaceae I Andamans
Hypoestes lanata Acanthaceae R WG
Justicia beddomei Acanthaceae E TN Only from the Gingee forests, Naraikadu R.F. and Panagudi forests in Tamil Nadu and ex-situ cultivation.[2]
Justicia salsoloides Acanthaceae I KA
Lepidagathis barberi Acanthaceae R S. India
Lepidagathis diffusa Acanthaceae I India
Mackenziea caudata Acanthaceae R Coorg, Wayanad
Neuracanthus neesianus Acanthaceae Ex/E TN
Nilgirianthus campanulatus Acanthaceae I Coorg
Nilgirianthus papillosus Acanthaceae I Nilgiris
Phlebophyllum canaricum Acanthaceae I KA
Phlebophyllum jeyporensis Acanthaceae E AP, Bastar
Phlebophyllum lanatum Acanthaceae I Nilgiris
Rungia linifolia Acanthaceae I KA
Santapaua madurensis Acanthaceae E TN
Stenosiphonium setosum Acanthaceae I Mysore
Strobilanthes andamanensis Acanthaceae I Andamans
Strobilanthes hallbergii Acanthaceae I Mt. Abu
Strobilanthes urceolaris Acanthaceae I Nilgiris, Palanis
Thunbergia bicolor Acanthaceae I Nilgiris
Acer caesium Aceraceae V Least concern W Himalaya
Acer molle Aceraceae I W Himalaya
Acer oblongum var. membranaceum Aceraceae E Critically endangered W Himalaya
Acer oblongum var. microcarpum Aceraceae E Vulnerable E Himalaya
Saurauia griffithii Actinidiaceae I AR, Sikkim
Achyranthes coynei Amaranthaceae R Khandala
Aerva wightii Amaranthaceae I Tirunelveli
Buchanania barberi Anacardiaceae E Critically endangered Kerala
Buchanania lanceolata Anacardiaceae I Vulnerable Kerala
Buchanania platyneura
Anacardiaceae I Vulnerable Andamans, Nicobars
Mangifera andamanica Anacardiaceae V Near threatened Andamans
Mangifera khasiana Anacardiaceae I Khasi hills
Nothopegia aureo-fulva Anacardiaceae E Critically endangered Tirunelveli Hills
Nothopegia colebrookiana Anacardiaceae I TN
Semecarpus auriculata
Anacardiaceae I Lower risk/near threatened WG, Muthukuzhivayal
Artabotrys nicobaricus Annonaceae R Nicobars
Desmos viridiflorus Annonaceae E KL, TN
Goniothalamus rhynchantherus Annonaceae R Endangered KL, TN
Goniothalamus simonsii Annonaceae I Endangered ML
Goniothalamus wynaadensis Annonaceae I Lower risk/near threatened TN
Miliusa nilagirica Annonaceae V Vulnerable TN
Miliusa tectona Annonaceae I Andamans
Mitrephora andamanica Annonaceae R Andamans
Orophea salicifolia Annonaceae I Andamans
Orophea thomsoni
Annonaceae I Endangered TN
Orophea torulosa Annonaceae I Andamans
Orophea uniflora Annonaceae I Vulnerable WG, KA, KL, TN
Phaeanthus malabaricus
Annonaceae V Lower risk/near threatened KL
Polyalthia rufescens Annonaceae R Endangered KL,TN
Popowia beddomeana Annonaceae R Endangered KL,TN
Popowia parvifolia Annonaceae I Nicobars
Pseuduvaria prainii Annonaceae R Vulnerable Andamans, Nicobars
Sageraea grandiflora Annonaceae Ex/E Endangered KL
Sageraea laurifolia Annonaceae I Lower risk/near threatened WG, KL, KA, TN
Sageraea listeri var. andamanica Annonaceae I Andamans
Trivalvaria kanjilalii Annonaceae E ML
Unona longiflora Annonaceae I ML
Uvaria eucincta Annonaceae E OR
Uvaria hamiltonii var. kurzii Annonaceae I Andamans
Uvaria lurida Annonaceae I ML
Uvaria nicobarica Annonaceae R Nicobars
Rauvolfia beddomei Apocynaceae R KL, TN
Wrightia dolichocarpa Apocynaceae I Goa
Ilex embeloides Aquifoliaceae I Khasi Hills
Ilex gardneriana Aquifoliaceae Ex/E Extinct Sispara, Nilgiri
Ilex khasiana Aquifoliaceae E Critically endangered ML (Khasi Hills)
Ilex venulosa Aquifoliaceae I Endangered AR (Khasi hills)
Merrilliopanax cordifolia Araliaceae I AR (Subansiri)
Heptapleurum bourdillonii Araliaceae I Endangered KL (Travancore Hills)
Apama barberi Aristolochiaceae I TN
Thottea barberi Aristolochiaceae V TN (Tirunelveli)
Brachystelma bournea Apocynaceae I TN (Madurai)
Brachystelma elenaduense Apocynaceae TN, KA [3]
Caralluma diffusa Apocynaceae I KL,TN, OR, AP [4]
Ceropegia angustifolia Apocynaceae V ML
Ceropegia attenuata Apocynaceae R KA,MH
Ceropegia barnesii Apocynaceae E KA,TN
Ceropegia beddomei Apocynaceae R KL (Idukki, Ponmudi)
Ceropegia bulbosa Apocynaceae V Punjab, UP
Ceropegia decaisneana var. brevicollis Apocynaceae I KL,TN
Ceropegia evansii Apocynaceae E MH (Khandala, Pune)
Ceropegia fantastica Apocynaceae E Goa, Daman & Diu, KA (Sulgeri, North Kanara)
Ceropegia fimbriifera Apocynaceae R KA, KL, TN
Ceropegia hookeri var. hookeri Apocynaceae E Sikkim
Ceropegia huberi Apocynaceae E MH (Varadha Ghat; Susale Island; Amba Ghat)
Ceropegia intermedia var. wightii Apocynaceae I TN
Ceropegia jainii Apocynaceae R MH
Ceropegia lawii Apocynaceae E MH (Konkan,Harishchandragad)
Ceropegia maccannii Apocynaceae R MH
Ceropegia maculata Apocynaceae E KL, TN (Tirunelveli) [5]
Ceropegia mahabalei Apocynaceae E MH
Ceropegia media Apocynaceae R MH
Ceropegia noorjahaniae Apocynaceae R MH (Panchgani Ghat, Satara District)
Ceropegia oculata var. occulta Apocynaceae R MH (Pune; Ratgiri; Raigad)
Ceropegia odorata Apocynaceae E Critically endangered GJ (Pavagadh Hill), MH (Melghat), RJ (Mt Abu)
Ceropegia omissa Apocynaceae E TN (Sengalteri, Tirunelvelly)
Ceropegia panchganiensis Apocynaceae E MH (Panchgani; Lingmala)
Ceropegia pusilla Apocynaceae R KA (Mysore District), TN
Ceropegia rollae Apocynaceae R MH
Ceropegia sahyadrica Apocynaceae E MH (Pune & Sindhudurg District)
Ceropegia santapaui Apocynaceae R MH (Pune; Satara; Ratgiri)
Ceropegia spiralis Apocynaceae R AP, KA, KL, TN
Ceropegia vincifolia Apocynaceae E MH (Thane; Pune; Satara)
Dischidia rafflesiana
Apocynaceae I AS
Frerea indica
Apocynaceae E MH (Junnar & Purandhar hills)
Gymnema elegans Apocynaceae I TN
Gymnema khandalense Apocynaceae R Endangered MH
Hoya lobii Apocynaceae I ML
Marsdenia raziana Apocynaceae R KA (Chikmagalur dist.)
Oianthus beddomei Apocynaceae I KA, KL (Wayanad)
Oianthus deccanensis Apocynaceae Ex/E MH
Oianthus disciflorus Apocynaceae I AP (Kurnool), KA (North Kanara)
Seshagiria sahyadrica Apocynaceae R MH
Streptocaulon kleinii Apocynaceae I (Deccan Peninsula)
Toxocarpus beddomei Apocynaceae R KL (Palghat Hills), TN
Toxocarpus longistigma Apocynaceae E AP
Toxocarpus palghatensis Apocynaceae V KL (Palghat Hills)
Utleria salicifolia Apocynaceae E Critically endangered KL, TN
Impatiens acaulis Balsaminaceae I KA (Konkan), KL, TN (Nilgiri)
Impatiens aliciae Balsaminaceae I KL (Travancore )
Impatiens anaimudica Balsaminaceae Ex/E KL (Aimudi)
Impatiens barberi Balsaminaceae I KA (Kadumane)
Impatiens cochinica Balsaminaceae I KL (Kavalay, Cochin)
Impatiens coelotropis Balsaminaceae I KL (Aimudi)
Impatiens concinna Balsaminaceae I KL (Malabar)
Impatiens crenata Balsaminaceae I TN
Impatiens dassysperma Balsaminaceae I KA (Mysore hills), TN (Courtallum, Tirunelveli)
Impatiens debilis Balsaminaceae I TN (Nilgiri Hills)
Impatiens dendricola Balsaminaceae I KA (Thandiandamol, Coorg)
Impatiens harrissii Balsaminaceae I W. Himalaya)
Impatiens johnii Balsaminaceae Ex/E KL (Kalaar valley, Idukki)
Impatiens laticornis Balsaminaceae I TN (Kundha, Nilgiri hills)
Impatiens lawii Balsaminaceae I KL
Impatiens lawsonii Balsaminaceae I TN (Nilgiri Hills)
Impatiens leptura Balsaminaceae I KL (Travancore)
Impatiens lucida Balsaminaceae I KA (South Kanara), KL (Travancore)
Impatiens macrocarpa Balsaminaceae Ex/E KL (Travancore Hills)
Impatiens meeboldii Balsaminaceae I JK
Impatiens munnarensis Balsaminaceae E KL (Munr, Idikki)
Impatiens munronii Balsaminaceae I TN (Sispara, Nilgiri)
Impatiens nataliae Balsaminaceae I KA (Kumsi, Shimoga)
Impatiens neo-barnessi Balsaminaceae E TN (Kundha, Nilgiri hills)
Impatiens nilagirica Balsaminaceae E TN (Kundha, Nilgiri hills)
Impatiens pahalgamensis Balsaminaceae I JK
Impatiens pallidiflora Balsaminaceae I KL (Devicolam, Idukki)
Impatiens pandata Balsaminaceae R KL
Impatiens platyadena Balsaminaceae I KL (Aimudi)
Impatiens rivulicola Balsaminaceae I KL (Puraiar Valley, Travancore)
Impatiens rufescens Balsaminaceae I TN
Impatiens setosa Balsaminaceae I TN
Impatiens stocksii Balsaminaceae I KA
Impatiens talbotii Balsaminaceae R KA
Impatiens verucunda Balsaminaceae I KL,TN
Impatiens viridiflora Balsaminaceae I TN
Impatiens wightiana Balsaminaceae I TN
Begonia aborensis Begoniaceae R AR
Begonia aliciae Begoniaceae E KL (Travancore Hills)
Begonia anamalayana Begoniaceae E WG
Begonia brevicaulis Begoniaceae Ex/E ML
Begonia burkillii Begoniaceae R AR
Begonia canarana Begoniaceae E KL, KA (South Kanara)
Begonia cordifolia Begoniaceae R KL (Malabar), TN
Begonia lushaiensis Begoniaceae R MZ
Begonia phrixophylla Begoniaceae R MH
Begonia rubro-venia var. meisneri Begoniaceae R ML
Begonia satrapis Begoniaceae R Sikkim
Begonia scintillans Begoniaceae I AR
Begonia scutata Begoniaceae R Sikkim, West Bengal
Begonia subpeltata Begoniaceae R (South Deccan Peninsula and WG)
Begonia tessaricarpa Begoniaceae I AS
Begonia trichocarpa Begoniaceae V (WG and southwest)
Begonia watti Begoniaceae E NL
Begonia wengeri Begoniaceae I MZ
Berberis affinis Berberidaceae R Kumaon
Berberis apiculata Berberidaceae R Himachal Pradesh (Simla)
Berberis huegeliana Berberidaceae I JK (Kashmir)
Berberis kashmiriana Berberidaceae R JK (Mantr valley, nr Desu)
Berberis lambertii Berberidaceae V Uttarakhand
Berberis nilghiriensis Berberidaceae V Critically endangered TN (Nilgiri Hills)
Berberis orthobotrys var. sinthanensis Berberidaceae I JK (only Kashmir)
Berberis osmastonii Berberidaceae R Garhwal
Berberis petiolaris var. garhwalana Berberidaceae I Garhwal; Kumaun
Berberis pseudoumbellata Berberidaceae I Himachal Pradesh (Chamba, Simla), JK, Garhwal
Berberis royleana Berberidaceae I JK (only Kashmir)
Mahonia jaunsarensis Berberidaceae I Chakrata
Bombax insigne var. polystemon Bombacaceae I Critically endangered Nicobars
Arnebia benthamii Boraginaceae E JK
Cordia octandra Boraginaceae I KL (Travancore Hills)
Ehretia wightiana Boraginaceae I TN (Tirunelveli District)
Heliotropium bacciferum var. suberosum Boraginaceae I GJ (Kutch, north-east Rajasthan)
Paracaryum coelastinum Boraginaceae I KA
Paracaryum malabaricum Boraginaceae I KA
Boswellia ovalifoliolata Burseraceae I Vulnerable AP
Mesua manii
Calophyllaceae I Critically endangered Andaman Is. (South)
Poeciloneuron pauciflorum
Calophyllaceae I KL,TN
Campanula alphonsii Campanulaceae R (Nilgiris and Palani Hills and WG)
Campanula wattiana Campanulaceae R Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh
Cephalostigma flexuosum Campanulaceae I KA, TN
Codonopsis affinis Campanulaceae R Sikkim (Darjeeling)
Cyananthus integra Campanulaceae R Kumoan, Tehri Garhwal Himalayas.
Capparis cinerea Capparaceae I MN
Capparis diversifolia Capparaceae V KL, TN
Capparis fusiferaDunn Capparaceae R KL (Travancore), TN
Capparis pachyphylla Capparaceae V Endangered AR
Capparis rheedii Capparaceae R Goa, KA (North Kanara; South Kanara), KL, TN
Capparis shevaroyensis Capparaceae V TN
Cleome burmanni Capparaceae I KL, TN
Cleome gynandra var. nana Capparaceae I RJ (Jaiselmer, Jodhpur)
Arenaria curvifolia Caryophyllaceae E Uttar Pradesh (Garhwal Himalaya)
Arenaria ferruginea Caryophyllaceae E Uttar Pradesh (Kali/Dhauki Valley, Kumaon)
Arenaria neelgerrensis Caryophyllaceae I JK, TN
Arenaria thangoensis Caryophyllaceae V Sikkim (Thango; Chugya)
Cerastium thomsoni Caryophyllaceae I W. Himalaya
Dianthus minimus Caryophyllaceae I JK
Polycarpaea diffusa Caryophyllaceae V TN
Silene khasiana Caryophyllaceae I ML
Silene kumaonensis Caryophyllaceae R Uttar Pradesh (Garhwal Himalaya)
Silene kunawarensis Caryophyllaceae R Himachal Pradesh, JK
Silene vagans Caryophyllaceae I NL
Stellaria depressa Caryophyllaceae I JK
Euonymus angulatus Celastraceae E Vulnerable KA, KL, TN
Euonymus assamicus Celastraceae E Endangered AS (Delei Valley)
Euonymus bullatus Celastraceae I AS, ML
Euonymus paniculatus Celastraceae I Endangered TN
Euonymus serratifolius Celastraceae Ex/E Endangered TN
Hippocratea andamanica Celastraceae R Andamans
Hippocratea nicobarica Celastraceae I Nicobars
Loeseneriella bourdillonii Celastraceae I KL
Microtropis deniflora Celastraceae I TN
Salacia beddomei Celastraceae R TN
Salacia jenkinsii Celastraceae E AS
Salacia macrosperma Celastraceae I KA (Konkan), TN (Wayanad, Nilgiri)
Salacia malabarica Celastraceae Ex/E KA (Coorg), KL
Atuna travancorica Chrysobalanaceae I Endangered TN, KL
Parinari indicum Chrysobalanaceae I TN
Parinari travancoricum Chrysobalanaceae I TN,KL
Garcinia cadelliana Clusiaceae I Critically endangered Andaman Is.
Garcinia calycina Clusiaceae I Nicobar Is.
Garcinia imberti Clusiaceae I Endangered KL
Garcinia indica Clusiaceae I Vulnerable KA, KL
Garcinia kingii Clusiaceae I Endangered Andaman Is.
Garcinia rubro-echinata
Clusiaceae I Vulnerable KL, TN
Garcinia talbotii Clusiaceae I KA, TN
Anogeissus sericea var. nummularia Combretaceae I GJ, Punjab, RJ
Ageratum houstonianum Asteraceae I TN (Nilgiri & Palani Hills)
Anaphalis barnesii Asteraceae E KL (High Range, Idukki)
Anaphalis beddomei Asteraceae I Vulnerable TN (Palani Hills)
Artemisia dolichocephala Asteraceae I JK
Blumea sericea, syn. Nanothamnus sericeus Asteraceae R KA, MH
Catamixis baccharoides
Asteraceae V (Siwalik & Tehri, Garhwal)
Centratherum courtallense Asteraceae I KL, TN
Centratherum mayurii Asteraceae I KA (Kemmangundi)
Centratherum ritchiei Asteraceae I KA (Kanara & Konkan)
Centratherum tenue Asteraceae I KA (Konkan)
Chondrilla setulosa Asteraceae R JK
Cousinia falconeri Asteraceae I JK
Cremanthodium arnicoides Asteraceae E JK (Apharwat)
Cyathocline lutea Asteraceae R Least concern KA, MH
Helichrysum cutchicum Asteraceae R Vulnerable GJ
Helichrysum perlanigerum Asteraceae R TN
Helichrysum wightii Asteraceae I TN
Inula kalapani Asteraceae R ML (Khasi hills)
Inula racemosa Asteraceae V JK
Lactuca benthamii Asteraceae E JK (Kashmir)
Lactuca cooperi Asteraceae E Sikkim
Lactuca filicina Asteraceae E Uttar Pradesh (Kali Valley, Kumaon)
Lactuca undulata Asteraceae E JK (Kashmir)
Myriactis wightii var. bellidioides Asteraceae I TN (Sispara, Nilgiri Hills)
Notonia shevaroyensis Asteraceae I Vulnerable TN (Shevaroy Hills, Salem Dist)
Pulicaria rajputanae Asteraceae I RJ
Saussurea atkinsoni Asteraceae I HP,JK
Saussurea bracteata Asteraceae R HP, JK, Uttarakhand
Saussurea clarkei Asteraceae R JK (Kashmir Himalaya)
Saussurea costus
Asteraceae E Critically endangered HP, JK
Saussurea foliosa Asteraceae I Garhwal; Kumaun
Saussurea roylei Asteraceae I HP, JK, UK
Senecio dalzellii Asteraceae I KA
Senecio kundaicus Asteraceae E TN
Senecio mayurii Asteraceae R KA
Senecio mishmi Asteraceae V ML
Senecio rhabdos Asteraceae R MN, NL
Synotis simonsii Asteraceae I AS
Vernonia andamanica Asteraceae R Andaman Is. (Saddle Peak, N. Andamans)
Vernonia beddomei Asteraceae I KL
Vernonia bourdillonii Asteraceae I KL (Travancore Hills; Chemungi), TN (Tirunelveli Dist.)
Vernonia fysoni Asteraceae I TN (Palani Hills)
Vernonia heynii Asteraceae I KL (Travancore Hills)
Vernonia membranacea Asteraceae I KL (Trivandrum District), TN (Sispara, Nilgiri Hills)
Vernonia multibracteata Asteraceae E KL (Peermade, Idukki District)
Vernonia peninsularis Asteraceae I TN
Vernonia pulneyensis Asteraceae E TN (Pulney Hills, W. Ghats)
Vernonia ramasamii Asteraceae I KL (Trivandrum Dist.), TN
Vernonia recurva Asteraceae Ex/E TN
Vernonia saligna var. nilghirensis Asteraceae I KL (Wayanad), TN (Nilgiris)
Vernonia salvifolia Asteraceae I KL (Travancore),TN (Courtallum Hills)
Youngia nilagiriensis Asteraceae E TN (Sispara, Nilgiri Hills)
Connarus nicobaricus Connaraceae I Gt. Nicobar Is.
Ellipanthus calophyllus Connaraceae I Andaman Is.
Ellipanthus neglectus
Connaraceae I KL (Travancore Hills), TN (Tirunelveli Hills)
Convolvulus auricomus var. ferruginosus Convolvulaceae I RJ
Convolvulus blatteri Convolvulaceae I RJ (Jaisalmer)
Convolvulus flavus Convolvulaceae I TN
Ipomoea cairica var. semine-glabra Convolvulaceae I RJ
Ipomoea clarkei Convolvulaceae R Uttar Pradesh (WG in Thane, Pune and sik Districts)
Neuropeltis racemosa Convolvulaceae I KL (Tambracheri Ghat, Malabar)
Kalanchoe olivacea Crassulaceae R TN
Kalanchoe roseus Crassulaceae E MN, NL
Sedum duthie Crassulaceae I Kumaun
Arabis stewartiana Cruciferae I (W. Himalaya)
Arabis tenuirostris Cruciferae I JK
Draba dasyastra Cruciferae I JK
Erophila tenerrima Cruciferae I JK
Erysimum thomsonii Cruciferae R HP
Farsetia macrantha Cruciferae I RJ (Mataji's Temple, Barmer)
Megacarpaea bifida Cruciferae E JK (Apharwat)
Corallocarpus gracillipes Cucurbitaceae I TN (Pondicherry, Carnatic)
Luffa umbellata Cucurbitaceae I KL (Travancore coast)
Melothria amplexicaulis Cucurbitaceae I TN
Momordica subangulata Cucurbitaceae I KA (South Kanara), KL (Wayanad)
Trichosanthes lepiniana Cucurbitaceae I TN (Nilgiri Hills)
Trichosanthes perrottetiana Cucurbitaceae I TN (Pondicherry, Carnatic)
Trichosanthes villosula Cucurbitaceae I Nilgiris
Dichapetalum gelonoides subsp. andamanicum Dichapetalaceae I South Andamans
Dipterocarpus bourdilloni
Dipterocarpaceae R Critically endangered KL
Dipterocarpus kerrii Dipterocarpaceae V Endangered Andaman Is. (Goplakabang, Mt Harriet)
Hopea erosa Dipterocarpaceae Ex/E Critically endangered TN
Hopea jacobi Dipterocarpaceae R Critically endangered KA (Coorg)
Hopea wightiana Dipterocarpaceae V KA (N. Kanara), KL, TN
Shorea tumbuggaia Dipterocarpaceae E Endangered AP, TN
Vateria macrocarpa Dipterocarpaceae R Critically endangered KL
Elaeagnus conferta subsp. dendroidea Elaeagnaceae E Khasi Hills
Elaeocarpus blascoi Elaeocarpaceae R Endangered TN
Elaeocarpus gaussenii Elaeocarpaceae R Critically endangered (WG)
Elaeocarpus munroi Elaeocarpaceae R Lower risk/near threatened KA, MH, TN
Elaeocarpus recurvatus Elaeocarpaceae R Vulnerable TN
Elaeocarpus venustus Elaeocarpaceae V Vulnerable KL, TN
Agapetes nuttallii Ericaceae I AR
Rhododendron concinnoides Ericaceae E AR
Rhododendron dalhousiae var. rhabdotum Ericaceae I Vulnerable AR
Rhododendron elliottii Ericaceae I MN, NL
Rhododendron formosum Ericaceae V AR, MN, ML, NL
Rhododendron johnstoneanum Ericaceae I MN, MZ
Rhododendron macabeanum Ericaceae R MN, NL
Rhododendron santapaui Ericaceae E AR
Rhododendron subansiriense Ericaceae E Vulnerable AR
Rhododendron wattii Ericaceae E Vulnerable MN
Antidesma andamanicum Phyllanthaceae I Andaman Is. (South)
Blachia reflexa Phyllanthaceae I KA (Coorg), KL, TN (Nilgiris)
Chamaesyce linearifolia Phyllanthaceae I AP (Kurnool)
Cnesmone jvanica var. glabriuscula Phyllanthaceae I Andaman Is. (South)
Croton scabiosus Phyllanthaceae I AP
Cyclostemon malabaricus Phyllanthaceae I KL (Travancore Hills), TN
Dalechampia stenoloba Phyllanthaceae R KA (Sukalhatti, Chikmagalur)
Drypetes andamanica Phyllanthaceae R Endangered Andaman Is. (South)
Drypetes leiocarpa Phyllanthaceae I Andaman Is. (south)
Euphorbia katrajensis Phyllanthaceae R MH
Euphorbia panchganiensis Phyllanthaceae R MH
Excoecaria rectinervis Phyllanthaceae I Nicobar Is. (katchal Is.)
Fahrenheitia integrifolia Phyllanthaceae I KL,TN
Glochidion andamanicum Phyllanthaceae I Andaman Is. (South)
Glochidion bourdillonii Phyllanthaceae I Vulnerable KL (Travancore Hills)
Glochidion pauciflorum Phyllanthaceae I Endangered TN
Koilodepas calycinum Phyllanthaceae I Endangered TN
Lasiococca comberi Phyllanthaceae I AP
Macaranga flexuosa Phyllanthaceae I TN
Meineckia longipes Phyllanthaceae I KL (Quilon, Malabar), TN
Micrococca wightii var. hirsutum Phyllanthaceae I TN
Phyllanthus narayanaswamii Phyllanthaceae E AP (east Ghats)
Phyllanthus talbotii Phyllanthaceae R KA
Pseudoglochidion anamalayanum
Phyllanthaceae I Critically endangered TN
Psilostachys sericea Phyllanthaceae I Nellore, GJ, KL
Reidia beddomei Phyllanthaceae I KL, TN
Reidia gageana Phyllanthaceae I KL (Travancore Hills), TN (Tirunelveli Hills)
Reidia megacarpa Phyllanthaceae I TN (Devala, south east Wayanad)
Reidia stipulacea Phyllanthaceae I TN
Trigonostemon chatterjii Phyllanthaceae I ML (Khasi hills)
Acacia campbellii
Fabaceae R Vulnerable AP
Acacia hohenackeri Fabaceae I TN
Acacia wightii
Fabaceae I KL (Travancore), TN
Vachellia bolei Fabaceae TN, Pondicherry Extinct[6]
Albizia thompsonii Fabaceae R Near threatened AP, OR, TN
Alysicarpus beddomei Fabaceae I TN (Nilgiri Hills)
Alysicarpus meeboldii Fabaceae I JK
Alysicarpus monilifer
var. venosus
Fabaceae I RJ, Ladakh
Amphicarpaea edgeworthii Fabaceae I W. Himalaya
Amphicarpaea flemingii Fabaceae I Punjab
Astragalus anomalus Fabaceae I Ladakh
Astragalus bakerii Fabaceae I JK
Cajanus sericus Fabaceae I Vizag, KA
Crotalaria bidiei Fabaceae I TN (Wayanad, Nilgiri Hills)
Crotalaria bourneae Fabaceae I TN
Crotalaria clarkei Fabaceae I TN
Crotalaria clavata Fabaceae E TN
Crotalaria conferta Fabaceae I TN (Palani Hills, Madurai Dist)
Crotalaria digitata Fabaceae E TN Rediscovered.[7]
Crotalaria filipes Fabaceae I KA (S Kanara)
Crotalaria fysonii var. glabra Fabaceae E Palani Hills
Crotalaria globosa Fabaceae R KA (Mysore), TN
Crotalaria kodaiensis Fabaceae E TN (Kodaikal hills)
Crotalaria longipes Fabaceae E TN (Kolli & Nilgiri hills)
Crotalaria lutescens Fabaceae R KA (South Kanara), MH
Crotalaria noveoides Fabaceae I ML
Crotalaria peduncularis Fabaceae R KL (Travancore),TN
Crotalaria priestleyoides Fabaceae R KA, TN
Crotalaria rigida Fabaceae R AP, KA, TN
Crotalaria sandoorensis Fabaceae E KA (Sandoor Hills, Bellary Dt)
Crotalaria scabra Fabaceae R TN
Crotalaria shevaroyensis Fabaceae V TN
Cynometra beddomei Fabaceae V Endangered KL (Wayanad)
Cynometra bourdillonii Fabaceae V Endangered KA
Cynometra travancorica Fabaceae R Endangered KA, KL, TN
Desmodium wightii Fabaceae R TN (Nilgiri & Palani Hills)
Desmodium wynaadense Fabaceae R KL (Travancore Hills), TN
Dialium travancoricum Fabaceae I Critically endangered KL
Dolichos ciliatus Fabaceae I TN (east coast)
Eleiotis trifoliolata Fabaceae R KA (eastern)
Flemingia gracilis Fabaceae R KA (Mysore Hills)
Gleditsia assamica Fabaceae I Vulnerable (northeast)
Hedysarum astragaloides Fabaceae R HP, JK
Humboldtia bourdillonii Fabaceae E Endangered KL (Peermade Ghats), TN (Courtallum Ghats)
Humboldtia decurrens Fabaceae R Lower risk/near threatened KL (south WG)
Humboldtia laurifolia Fabaceae E Vulnerable KL (Malabar) TN (Tirunelveli)
Indigofera barberi Fabaceae R AP, TN (east Ghats)
Indigofera caerulea var. monosperma Fabaceae R GJ,RJ
Indigofera cedrorum Fabaceae I HP, JK
Indigofera constricta Fabaceae R KA (Nikund Ghat), KL (Cochin)
Indigofera simlensis Fabaceae I HP
Inga cynometroides Fabaceae I KL (south Travancore Hills)
Kingiodendron pinnatum
Fabaceae R Endangered KA,KL,TN
Lasiobema scandens
var. horsefieldii
Fabaceae I AS, ML
Mucuna minima
Fabaceae I OR (Sambalpur)
Nogra dalzellii Fabaceae V KA,MH
Nogra filicaulis Fabaceae E Madhya Pradesh
Phanera khasiana Fabaceae I Least concern AR, ML
Phanera nicobarica Fabaceae I Nicobar Is.
Phanera wallichii Fabaceae I ML, AS
Pterocarpus santalinus Fabaceae E Near threatened S. India
Pueraria bella Fabaceae R AR
Rhynchosia beddomei Fabaceae R AP (Cuddapah), KA (Bellary)
Rhynchosia velutina Fabaceae V TN
Sesbania paludosa Fabaceae I KL (Travancore)
Smithia agharkarii Fabaceae R MH
Smithia venkobarowii Fabaceae I KL (Peermade, Travancore Hills)
Tephrosia barberi Fabaceae R TN
Tephrosia calophylla Fabaceae R TN
Tephrosia collina var. lanuginocarpa Fabaceae I GJ, RJ
Tephrosia jamnagerensis Fabaceae R GJ
Tephrosia pentaphylla Fabaceae I KA (Bellary)
Tephrosia wynaadensis Fabaceae R KL
Thermopsis inflata Fabaceae I HP, JK
Vicia benthamiana Fabaceae I JK
Vigna khandalensis Fabaceae R Near threatened MH
Hydnocarpus macrocarpa subsp. macrocarpa Flacourtiaceae E southern W. Ghats
Exacum anamalayanum Gentianaceae I TN
Exacum atropurpureum Gentianaceae I TN (Upper Kodayar area)
Exacum courtallense var. courtallense Gentianaceae I TN
Gentiana cachemirica Gentianaceae E JK (Kounsarg)
Gentiana crassuloides Gentianaceae R AR, Sikkim, UK
Gentiana infelix Gentianaceae R HP, Sikkim, UK
Gentiana sagjinoides Gentianaceae R Kumaon
Swertia beddomei Gentianaceae I KA (South Kanara, Mysore), KL, TN (Nilgiris)
Geranium tuberaria Geraniaceae I (W. Himalaya)
Cyrtandra burttii Gesneriaceae I Nicobar Is. (Great Nicobar)
Cyrtandra occidentalis Gesneriaceae I Nicobar Is. (Gt. Nicobar Is.)
Didymocarpus fischeri Gesneriaceae I TN
Didymocarpus meeboldii Gesneriaceae I KL, TN
Didymocarpus missionis Gesneriaceae R TN
Didymocarpus ovalifolia Gesneriaceae I TN
Rhynchoglossum lazulinum Gesneriaceae R AR
Deutzia amurensis Hydrangeaceae I (NW Himalaya)
Hypericum japonicum var. major Hypericaceae I TN
Apodytes benthamiana Metteniusaceae I ML (Khasi & Jaintia hills), TN
Gomphandra comosa Stemonuraceae R Vulnerable Andaman Is. (south), Nicobar Is.
Iodes hookeriana Icacinaceae I ML
Ixonanthes khasiana Ixonanthaceae V Vulnerable Cachar, AS, Khasi, Jaintia Hills
Acrocephalus palniensis Lamiaceae I TN (Madurai)
Acrocephalus sericeus Lamiaceae I TN
Acrocephalus suffruticosus Lamiaceae I TN
Acrocephalus wightii Lamiaceae I TN
Anisochilus argenteus Lamiaceae V (south)
Anisochilus wightii Lamiaceae R TN
Dysophylla rugosa Lamiaceae I TN (Tirunelveli District)
Elsholtzia densa Lamiaceae I HP, JK, UK
Leucas angustissima Lamiaceae R KA (Gersoppa Ghat, north Kanara)
Leucas mukerjiana Lamiaceae E AP
Leucas pubescens Lamiaceae I TN
Leucas wightiana Lamiaceae I TN (Kanyakumari)
Nepeta camestris Lamiaceae I HP, JK, UK
Nepeta paucifolia Lamiaceae I JK
Plectranthus beddomei Lamiaceae I TN (Tirunelveli Hills)
Plectranthus bishopianus Lamiaceae Ex/E TN (Palani Hills, Madurai Dist)
Plectranthus bourneae Lamiaceae I TN
Plectranthus deccanicus Lamiaceae I TN
Pogostemon atropurpureus Lamiaceae R TN (Sispara Ghat, Nilgiri)
Pogostemon gardneri Lamiaceae I KL (Wayanad), TN (Nilgiris)
Pogostemon nilagiricus Lamiaceae E TN (Nilgiri Hills)
Pogostemon paludosus Lamiaceae E TN (Nilgiri Hills)
Pogostemon travancoricus Lamiaceae R KL (Trivandrum District)
Scutellaria andamanica Lamiaceae R Andaman Is. (South)
Teucrium plectranthoides Lamiaceae V TN (Tirunelveli Hills)
Actinodaphne bourneae Lauraceae E Endangered TN (Kodaikal, Palani hills)
Actinodaphne campanulata var. campanulata Lauraceae I Vulnerable TN (Tirunelveli Hills)
Actinodaphne campanulata var. obtusa Lauraceae I Endangered KL (Travancore)
Actinodaphne lanata Lauraceae E Critically endangered TN (Nilgiri Hills)
Actinodaphne lawsonii Lauraceae R Vulnerable KL (south-east Wayanad), TN (Nilgiris)
Actinodaphne salicina Lauraceae I Endangered Nilgiris
Alseodaphne semecarpifolia var. angustifolia Lauraceae I TN
Beilschmiedia bourdilloni Lauraceae I KA (South Kanara), KL
Beilschmiedia wightii Lauraceae I KL (Travancore Hills), TN
Cinnamomum glanduliferum
Lauraceae I Least concern UK
Cinnamomum macrocarpum Lauraceae R Vulnerable TN (Nilgiri Hills)
Cinnamomum perrottetii Lauraceae R Endangered Nilgiris
Cinnamomum riparium Lauraceae R Endangered KA, KL, TN
Cinnamomum travancoricum Lauraceae V Critically endangered KL
Cryptocarya ferrarsii
Lauraceae I Andaman Is. (Middle)
Cryptocarya stocksii Lauraceae I Vulnerable KA, KL,TN
Litsea leiantha Lauraceae V Endangered Andaman Is. (South)
Litsea mysorensis Lauraceae I KA,KL
Litsea travancorica Lauraceae I Endangered KL (Travancore Hills)
Neolitsea andamanica Lauraceae I Andaman Is.
Neolitsea nicobarica Lauraceae I Nicobar Is.
Leea aquata Leeaceae I OR (Ganjam forests)
Leea cinera Leeaceae I KL (Palghat Cherry, Malabar)
Leea venkobarowii Leeaceae I KL (Travancore), TN
Utricularia cecilii Lentibulariaceae I Endangered KA
Hugonia belli Linaceae R KA,KL
Strychnos colubrina Loganiaceae I AP (Veligonda), KA, KL
Strychnos narcondamensis Loganiaceae I Nicobars
Lagerstroemia minuticarpa Lythraceae R Endangered AS, Sikkim
Lagerstroemia rottleri Lythraceae I India
Lagerstroemia thomsonii Lythraceae I KA, TN
Rotala floribunda Lythraceae I Vulnerable MH (Mahabaleshwar hills)
Rotala malampuzhensis Lythraceae I Least concern KL
Rotala occultiflora Lythraceae I Least concern KL (Malabar coast), MP
Rotala ritchiei Lythraceae V Endangered KA (Belgaum), MH (Pune District)
Magnolia griffithii Magnoliaceae I Data deficient AS
Magnolia gustavii Magnoliaceae I Critically endangered AS
Michelia punduana
Magnoliaceae R ML (Khasi hills), NL
Pachylarnax pleiocarpa Magnoliaceae I AS (Lakhimpur)
Aspidopterys canarensis Malpighiaceae R KA, KL, MH
Aspidopterys tomentosa var. hutchinsonii Malpighiaceae R OR (Mayurbhanj Hills)
Abutilon bidentatum var. major Malvaceae I RJ (west)
Abutilon fruticosum var. chrysocarpa Malvaceae I RJ (Jaisalmer)
Abutilon ramosum Malvaceae I KA, KL
Abutilon ranadei Malvaceae Ex/E MH
Decaschistia rufa Malvaceae E TN
Decaschistia triloba Malvaceae I KA
Pavonia arabica var. glutinosa Malvaceae I RJ (Jaiselmer, Barmer, Jodhpur)
Kendrickia walkeri Melastomataceae E TN, KL
Memecylon deccanense Melastomataceae I KL
Memecylon flavescens Melastomataceae E Endangered TN (Nilgiri Hills)
Memecylon lawsonii Melastomataceae I Vulnerable TN
Memecylon madgolense Melastomataceae I AP
Memecylon sisparense Melastomataceae I Critically endangered TN (Nilgiri Hills)
Memecylon wightiana Melastomataceae I KL (Malabar, Travancore coast)
Osbeckia aspera Melastomataceae I KL (Travancore coast)
Osbeckia lawsoni Melastomataceae I KL
Osbeckia stellata var. hispidissima Melastomataceae I AP (Vizakapatam District), KA (Vastara), OR (Ganjam)
Osbeckia travancorica Melastomataceae I KL (lower hills, Travancore)
Sonerila barnesii Melastomataceae I TN (Nadugani, Tirunelveli Hills)
Sonerila elegans Melastomataceae I TN
Sonerila nemakadensis Melastomataceae I KL (Travancore)
Sonerila pulneyensis Melastomataceae I TN
Dysoxylum beddomei Meliaceae I Endangered KL (Peermade & Cardomom Hills)
Dysoxylum ficiforme Meliaceae I Vulnerable KL (Koni & Ranni valleys)
Albertisia mecistophylla Menispermaceae I AS, ML
Coscinium fenestratum Menispermaceae E Data deficient India
Cyclea debiliflora Menispermaceae I ML
Cyclea fissicalyx Menispermaceae E KL (Wayanad, Malabar)
Cyclea watti Menispermaceae I NL
Stephania andamanica Menispermaceae I Andaman Is. (South Andaman Island)
Tinospora andamanica Menispermaceae I Andaman Is.
Ficus andamanica Moraceae R Endangered South Andaman Islands)
Ficus costata Moraceae I Nicobar Is.
Gymnacranthera canarica Myristicaceae I Vulnerable KA, KL
Horsfieldia macrocarpa var. canarioides Myristicaceae I Andaman Is.
Myristica malabarica Myristicaceae E Vulnerable KL
Antistrophe serratifolia Primulaceae R KL (Silent Valley; Nilgiris), TN
Ardisia amplexicaulis Primulaceae I Endangered KL
Ardisia quinquangularis Primulaceae I ML
Ardisia rhynchophylla Primulaceae I ML (Cherrapunji, Khasi Hills)
Embelia gardneriana Primulaceae I TN (Sispara Ghat, Nilgiri)
Embelia microcalyx Primulaceae I Nicobar Is. (Katchal Is.)
Rapanea striata Primulaceae I Endangered KA (Mysore)
Rapanea thwaitesii Primulaceae I TN (Palani Hills, Madurai Dist)
Cleistocalyx nicobaricus Myrtaceae I Nicobar Is. (Katchal Is.)
Eugenia argentea Myrtaceae Ex/E KL (Wayanad forests)
Eugenia cotinifolia subsp.codyensis Myrtaceae I KA (Coorg, south Kanara), KL (Travancore), TN (Nilgiri Hills)
Eugenia discifera Myrtaceae E Endangered KL, TN (Sethur Hills, Kamarajar Dt)
Eugenia floccosa Myrtaceae I Endangered TN
Eugenia jossinia Myrtaceae I TN
Eugenia singampattiana Myrtaceae Ex/E Critically endangered TN (Papasam & Singampatti)
Meteoromyrtus wynaadensis
Myrtaceae E Critically endangered TN
Syzygium andamanicum Myrtaceae I Critically endangered Andaman Is.
Syzygium beddomei Myrtaceae I Endangered TN
Syzygium benthamianum
Myrtaceae I Vulnerable TN (Sispara, Nilgiri Hills)
Syzygium bourdillonii Myrtaceae Ex/E Endangered KL (Merchiston; Colatoorpolay)
Syzygium chavaran Myrtaceae I Endangered KL (north Travancore)
Syzygium courtallense Myrtaceae E Critically endangered TN (Courtallum Hills)
Syzygium gambleanum
Myrtaceae E TN (Kannyakumari)
Syzygium kurzii var. andamanica Myrtaceae I Andaman Is.
Syzygium manii Myrtaceae R Critically endangered Andaman Is.
Syzygium myhendrae Myrtaceae I Endangered KL (Travancore Hills), TN (Tirunelveli Hills)
Syzygium occidentalis Myrtaceae I KL
Syzygium palghatense Myrtaceae Ex/E Critically endangered KL (Palghat Hills)
Syzygium rama-varmae Myrtaceae I KL (Travancore Hills), TN (Tirunelveli Hills)
Syzygium stocksii Myrtaceae I Endangered KA (South Kanara), KL (Wayanad Hills)
Syzygium travancoricum Myrtaceae E Critically endangered KL (south)
Abrus fruticulosus Fabaceae Data deficient
Acacia donaldii Fabaceae Data deficient
Acer caesium subsp. caesium Sapindaceae Data deficient
Acer hookeri
Sapindaceae Data deficient
Acer osmastonii
Sapindaceae Vulnerable
Acer pinnatinervium
Sapindaceae Data deficient
Acer tibetense Sapindaceae Vulnerable
Aconitum chasmanthum Ranunculaceae Critically endangered
Aconitum heterophyllum Ranunculaceae Endangered
Aconitum violaceum Ranunculaceae Vulnerable
Aegialitis rotundifolia Plumbaginaceae Near threatened
Agasthiyamalaia pauciflora Clusiaceae Critically endangered
Aglaia apiocarpa Meliaceae Vulnerable
Aglaia argentea Meliaceae Lower risk/least concern
Aglaia bourdillonii Meliaceae Vulnerable
Aglaia crassinervia Meliaceae Lower risk/near threatened
Aglaia cucullata Meliaceae Data deficient
Aglaia edulis Meliaceae Lower risk/near threatened
Aglaia elaeagnoidea Meliaceae Lower risk/least concern
Aglaia korthalsii Meliaceae Lower risk/near threatened
Aglaia lawii Meliaceae Lower risk/least concern
Aglaia malabarica Meliaceae Critically endangered
Aglaia odoratissima Meliaceae Lower risk/least concern
Aglaia oligophylla Meliaceae Lower risk/near threatened
Aglaia perviridis Meliaceae Vulnerable
Aglaia silvestris Meliaceae Lower risk/near threatened
Aglaia simplicifolia Meliaceae Lower risk/near threatened
Aglaia tomentosa Meliaceae Lower risk/least concern
Ailanthus integrifolia Simaroubaceae Lower risk/least concern
Aldrovanda vesiculosa Droseraceae Endangered
Alstonia scholaris Apocynaceae Lower risk/least concern
Ammannia nagpurensis Lythraceae Endangered
Anacyclus pyrethrum Asteraceae Vulnerable
Anaphalis leptophylla Asteraceae Vulnerable
Anaphalis wightiana Asteraceae Vulnerable
Angelica glauca Apiaceae Endangered
Aporosa bourdillonii Phyllanthaceae Endangered
Aquilaria khasiana Thymelaeaceae Critically endangered
Aquilaria malaccensis Thymelaeaceae Critically endangered
Aralia malabarica Araliaceae Vulnerable
Ardisia blatteri Primulaceae Endangered
Ardisia sonchifolia Primulaceae Endangered
Astragalus langtangensis Fabaceae Data deficient
Astragalus pseudochlorostachys Fabaceae Data deficient
Atuna indica Chrysobalanaceae Endangered
Bauhinia diphylla Fabaceae Near threatened
Beilschmiedia clarkei Lauraceae Vulnerable
Betula utilis subsp. jacquemontii Betulaceae Data deficient
Bhesa paniculata Celastraceae Lower risk/least concern
Bhesa robusta Celastraceae Lower risk/least concern
Biancaea sappan Fabaceae Lower risk/least concern
Bonnayodes limnophiloides Scrophulariaceae Data deficient
Brackenridgea hookeri Ochnaceae Lower risk/least concern
Brownlowia tersa Malvaceae Near threatened
Butea monosperma var. lutea Fabaceae Data deficient
Cajanus cajanifolius Fabaceae Near threatened
Calophyllum apetalum Calophyllaceae Vulnerable
Calophyllum soulattri Calophyllaceae Lower risk/least concern
Calophyllum tetrapterum Calophyllaceae Lower risk/least concern
Camellia siangensis Theaceae Data deficient
Camellia sinensis Theaceae Data deficient
Campylospermum serrata Ochnaceae Lower risk/least concern
Campylotropis drummondii Fabaceae Data deficient
Canthium neilgherrense var. neilgherrense Rubiaceae Vulnerable
Carpinus faginea Betulaceae Data deficient
Casearia wynadensis Salicaceae Vulnerable
Cassine viburnifolia Celastraceae Lower risk/least concern
Cayratia pedata Vitaceae Vulnerable
Cercis griffithii Fabaceae Data deficient
Ceriops decandra Rhizophoraceae Near threatened
Chamaecrista absus Fabaceae Least concern
Chamaecrista kolabensis Fabaceae Endangered
Chionanthus leprocarpa var. courtallensis Oleaceae Endangered
Chionanthus linocieroides Oleaceae Endangered
Chisocheton macrophyllus Meliaceae Least concern
Chloroxylon swietenia Rutaceae Vulnerable
Cinnadenia paniculata Lauraceae Lower risk/least concern
Cinnamomum bejolghota Lauraceae Least concern
Cinnamomum champokianum Lauraceae Critically endangered
Cinnamomum chemungianum Lauraceae Critically endangered
Cinnamomum dubium Lauraceae Least concern
Cinnamomum filipedicellatum Lauraceae Endangered
Cinnamomum gamblei Lauraceae Endangered
Cinnamomum goaense Lauraceae Endangered
Cinnamomum heyneanum Lauraceae Endangered
Cinnamomum impressinervium Lauraceae Vulnerable
Cinnamomum keralaense Lauraceae Endangered
Cinnamomum malabatrum Lauraceae Least concern
Cinnamomum sulphuratum Lauraceae Vulnerable
Cinnamomum tamala Lauraceae Least concern
Cinnamomum walaiwarense Lauraceae Critically endangered
Cinnamomum wightii Lauraceae Endangered
Cleistanthus malabaricus Phyllanthaceae Vulnerable
Cleistanthus oblongifolius Phyllanthaceae Least concern
Cleistanthus travancorensis Phyllanthaceae Endangered
Clerodendrum japonicum Lamiaceae Least concern
Clethra delavayi Clethraceae Least concern
Clinopodium capitellatum Lamiaceae Least concern
Coffea arabica Rubiaceae Endangered
Coffea benghalensis Rubiaceae Least concern
Coffea malabarica Rubiaceae Data deficient
Coffea neobridsoniae Rubiaceae Endangered
Coffea travancorensis Rubiaceae Vulnerable
Coffea wightiana Rubiaceae Least concern
Coldenia procumbens
Cordiaceae Least concern
Colvillea racemosa
Fabaceae Least concern
Commersonia bartramia Malvaceae Least concern
Commiphora stocksiana Burseraceae Endangered
Commiphora wightii Burseraceae Critically endangered
Corylus jacquemontii Betulaceae Data deficient
Cratoxylum cochinchinense Hypericaceae Lower risk/least concern
Croton lawianus Euphorbiaceae Critically endangered
Croton tiglium Euphorbiaceae Least concern
Crudia balachandrae Fabaceae Vulnerable
Cryptocarya anamalayana Lauraceae Endangered
Cryptocarya beddomei Lauraceae Vulnerable
Cryptocarya diversifolia Lauraceae Least concern
Cryptocarya ferrarsi Lauraceae Critically endangered
Curanga amara Scrophulariaceae Least concern
Cyathocline purpurea Asteraceae Least concern
Cynometra iripa Fabaceae Least concern
Cynometra malaccensis Fabaceae Near threatened
Cynometra ramiflora Fabaceae Least concern
Cyphostemma auriculatum Vitaceae Data deficient
Cyrtophyllum fragrans
Loganiaceae Least concern
Dalbergia assamica
Fabaceae Least concern
Dalbergia cana Fabaceae Least concern
Dalbergia congesta Fabaceae Endangered
Dalbergia cultrata Fabaceae Near threatened
Dalbergia latifolia Fabaceae Vulnerable
Decalepis hamiltonii Apocynaceae Endangered
Dichrostachys cinerea Fabaceae Least concern
Dicraeia dichotoma Podostemaceae Near threatened
Dillenia indica Dilleniaceae Least concern
Dimorphocalyx beddomei Euphorbiaceae Endangered
Diospyros atrata Ebenaceae Vulnerable
Diospyros barberi Ebenaceae Vulnerable
Diospyros candolleana Ebenaceae Vulnerable
Diospyros crumenata Ebenaceae Endangered
Diospyros ebenum Ebenaceae Data deficient
Diospyros paniculata Ebenaceae Vulnerable
Diospyros trichophylla Ebenaceae Vulnerable
Dipentodon sinicus
Dipentodontaceae Lower risk/least concern
Dipterocarpus alatus Dipterocarpaceae Vulnerable
Dipterocarpus costatus Dipterocarpaceae Vulnerable
Dipterocarpus gracilis Dipterocarpaceae Vulnerable
Dipterocarpus grandiflorus Dipterocarpaceae Endangered
Dipterocarpus hasseltii Dipterocarpaceae Endangered
Dipterocarpus indicus Dipterocarpaceae Endangered
Dipterocarpus retusus Dipterocarpaceae Endangered
Dipterocarpus tuberculatus Dipterocarpaceae Near threatened
Dipterocarpus turbinatus Dipterocarpaceae Vulnerable
Drypetes porteri Putranjivaceae Endangered
Drypetes travancoria Putranjivaceae Endangered
Drypetes wightii Putranjivaceae Vulnerable
Dysoxylum malabaricum Meliaceae Endangered
Elaeagnus conferta subsp. dendroidea Elaeagnaceae Critically endangered
Elaeocarpus prunifolius Elaeocarpaceae Vulnerable
Elatine ambigua Elatinaceae Least concern
Eleiotis rottleri Fabaceae Vulnerable
Engelhardtia spicata Juglandaceae Lower risk/least concern
Eugenia calcadensis
Myrtaceae Vulnerable
Eugenia cotinifolia subsp. codyensis Myrtaceae Endangered
Eugenia indica Myrtaceae Endangered
Eugenia rottleriana Myrtaceae Vulnerable
Euphorbia epiphylloides Euphorbiaceae Endangered
Euphorbia mayurnathanii Euphorbiaceae Extinct in the Wild
Euphorbia santapaui Euphorbiaceae Endangered
Euphorbia tirucalli Euphorbiaceae Least concern
Euphorbia vajravelui Euphorbiaceae Vulnerable
Euptelea pleiosperma Eupteleaceae Lower risk/least concern
Excoecaria indica
Euphorbiaceae Data deficient
Fagraea auriculata Loganiaceae Least concern
Farmeria indica Podostemaceae Endangered
Farmeria metzgerioides Podostemaceae Vulnerable
Ficus abelii Moraceae Least concern
Ficus albipila Moraceae Least concern
Ficus altissima Moraceae Least concern
Ficus ampelos Moraceae Least concern
Ficus angladei Moraceae Critically endangered
Fraxinus hookeri Oleaceae Data deficient
Fraxinus micrantha Oleaceae Data deficient
Garcinia travancorica Clusiaceae Vulnerable
Garcinia wightii Clusiaceae Vulnerable
Gardenia gummifera Rubiaceae Lower risk/least concern
Gentiana kurroo Gentianaceae Critically endangered
Glochidion ellipticum var. ralphii Phyllanthaceae Endangered
Glochidion johnstonei Phyllanthaceae Vulnerable
Glochidion sisparense Phyllanthaceae Endangered
Glochidion tomentosum Phyllanthaceae Endangered
Gluta travancorica Anacardiaceae Lower risk/near threatened
Glycosmis pentaphylla Rutaceae Least concern
Glyptopetalum lawsonii Celastraceae Vulnerable
Gymnocladus assamicus Fabaceae Critically endangered
Gymnosporia senegalensis Celastraceae Least concern
Gynura travancorica Asteraceae Near threatened
Heritiera fomes Malvaceae Endangered
Homalium jainii Salicaceae Endangered
Homalium travancoricum Salicaceae Vulnerable
Homonoia retusa Euphorbiaceae Least concern
Homonoia riparia Euphorbiaceae Least concern
Hopea canarensis Dipterocarpaceae Endangered
Hopea glabra Dipterocarpaceae Endangered
Hopea helferi Dipterocarpaceae Endangered
Hopea odorata Dipterocarpaceae Vulnerable
Hopea parviflora Dipterocarpaceae Least concern
Hopea ponga Dipterocarpaceae Endangered
Hopea racophloea Dipterocarpaceae Endangered
Hopea shingkeng Dipterocarpaceae Extinct
Hopea utilis Dipterocarpaceae Endangered
Hoppea dichotoma Gentianaceae Least concern
Hoppea fastigiata Gentianaceae Least concern
Hovenia acerba Rhamnaceae Least concern
Humboldtia unijuga var. trijuga Fabaceae Critically endangered
Humboldtia unijuga var. unijuga Fabaceae Endangered
Humboldtia vahliana Fabaceae Endangered
Hunteria zeylanica Apocynaceae Least concern
Hydnocarpus kurzii Achariaceae Data deficient
Hydnocarpus macrocarpus subsp. macrocarpa Achariaceae Vulnerable
Hydnocarpus pentandrus Achariaceae Vulnerable
Hygrophila madurensis Acanthaceae Critically endangered
Ilex embelioides Aquifoliaceae Vulnerable
Illicium griffithii Schisandraceae Endangered
Illicium simonsii Schisandraceae Least concern
Indigofera emmae Fabaceae Data deficient
Intsia bijuga Fabaceae Vulnerable
Isonandra stocksii Sapotaceae Endangered
Itea chinensis Iteaceae Least concern
Ixora grandifolia Rubiaceae Least concern
Ixora malabarica Rubiaceae Vulnerable
Jatropha nana Euphorbiaceae Vulnerable
Juglans regia Juglandaceae Least concern
Julostylis polyandra Malvaceae Endangered
Justicia quinqueangularis Acanthaceae Least concern
Kandelia candel Rhizophoraceae Least concern
Kibara coriacea Monimiaceae Lower risk/least concern
Kleinhovia hospita
Malvaceae Least concern
Knema andamanica subsp. andamanica Myristicaceae Vulnerable
Knema andamanica subsp. nicobarica Myristicaceae Vulnerable
Knema attenuata Myristicaceae Lower risk/least concern
Knema globularia Myristicaceae Least concern
Koenigia islandica Polygonaceae Least concern
Kydia calycina Malvaceae Least concern
Lagerstroemia indica Lythraceae Least concern
Lamprachaenium microcephalum
Asteraceae Endangered
Lasianthus rostratus Rubiaceae Vulnerable
Limnophila diffusa Scrophulariaceae Data deficient
Limnophila glandulifera Scrophulariaceae Data deficient
Limnophila heterophylla Scrophulariaceae Least concern
Limnophila indica Scrophulariaceae Least concern
Limnophila micrantha Scrophulariaceae Least concern
Limnophila polyantha Scrophulariaceae Data deficient
Limnophila polystachya Scrophulariaceae Least concern
Limnophila pulcherrima Scrophulariaceae Data deficient
Lindernia manilaliana Linderniaceae Endangered
Lindernia minima Linderniaceae I Endangered TN Chengalpet and Pudukottai[8]
Litosanthes capitulatus
Rubiaceae Vulnerable
Litsea beddomei Lauraceae Endangered
Litsea glutinosa Lauraceae Least concern
Litsea laeta Lauraceae Least concern
Litsea lancifolia Lauraceae Least concern
Litsea ligustrina Lauraceae Vulnerable
Litsea monopetala Lauraceae Least concern
Litsea nigrescens Lauraceae Endangered
Lophopetalum wightianum Celastraceae Lower risk/least concern
Maesa velutina Primulaceae Endangered
Magnolia caveana Magnoliaceae Data deficient
Magnolia champaca Magnoliaceae Least concern
Magnolia doltsopa Magnoliaceae Data deficient
Magnolia globosa Magnoliaceae Least concern
Magnolia hodgsonii Magnoliaceae Least concern
Magnolia hookeri Magnoliaceae Data deficient
Magnolia insignis Magnoliaceae Least concern
Magnolia kingii Magnoliaceae Data deficient
Magnolia kisopa Magnoliaceae Data deficient
Magnolia lanuginosa Magnoliaceae Data deficient
Magnolia liliifera Magnoliaceae Least concern
Magnolia mannii Magnoliaceae Vulnerable
Magnolia nilagirica Magnoliaceae Vulnerable
Magnolia oblonga Magnoliaceae Least concern
Magnolia pealiana Magnoliaceae Endangered
Magnolia pleiocarpa Magnoliaceae Critically endangered
Magnolia pterocarpa Magnoliaceae Data deficient
Magnolia punduana Magnoliaceae Data deficient
Magnolia rabaniana Magnoliaceae Data deficient
Mallotus atrovirens Euphorbiaceae Vulnerable
Malus sikkimensis Rosaceae Data deficient
Mangifera acutigemma Anacardiaceae Data deficient
Mangifera austro-indica Anacardiaceae Endangered
Mangifera gedebe Anacardiaceae Near threatened
Mangifera indica Anacardiaceae Data deficient
Mangifera nicobarica Anacardiaceae Endangered
Mangifera quadrifida var. quadrifida Anacardiaceae Lower risk/least concern
Mangifera sylvatica Anacardiaceae Lower risk/least concern
Mastixia arborea Nyssaceae Lower risk/least concern
Mastixia trichotoma var. maingayi Nyssaceae Lower risk/least concern
Memecylon subramanii Melastomataceae Endangered
Microtropis densiflora Celastraceae Endangered
Millettia fruticosa Fabaceae Data deficient
Millettia glaucescens Fabaceae Least concern
Millettia pachycarpa
Fabaceae Least concern
Millettia peguensis Fabaceae Data deficient
Millettia pulchra Fabaceae Least concern
Mimosa adenantheroides Fabaceae Least concern
Mimosa pudica Fabaceae Least concern
Mimulus orbicularis Scrophulariaceae Least concern
Mimusops elengi Sapotaceae Least concern
Mitrephora grandiflora Annonaceae Vulnerable
Monoon shendurunii Annonaceae Endangered
Monosis volkameriifolia Asteraceae Least concern
Moonia heterophylla Asteraceae Near threatened
Moullava tortuosa Fabaceae Data deficient
Myristica andamanica Myristicaceae Vulnerable
Myristica beddomei subsp. sphaerocarpa Myristicaceae Endangered
Myristica beddomei subsp. ustulata Myristicaceae Endangered
Myristica magnifica Myristicaceae Endangered
Myrsine semiserrata Primulaceae Least concern
Nardostachys jatamansi Caprifoliaceae Critically endangered
Nasturtium officinale
Brassicaceae Least concern
Nauclea subdita Rubiaceae Least concern
Neillia thyrsiflora Rosaceae Least concern
Neolitsea fischeri Lauraceae Vulnerable
Nilgirianthus ciliatus Acanthaceae Vulnerable
Nostolachma crassifolia Rubiaceae Endangered
Nothopegia beddomei var. wynaadica Anacardiaceae Endangered
Nothopegia castanaefolia Anacardiaceae Critically endangered
Nothopegia heyneana Anacardiaceae Lower risk/near threatened
Nymphoides krishnakesara Menyanthaceae Endangered
Nymphoides macrospermum Menyanthaceae Critically endangered
Nymphoides sivarajanii Menyanthaceae Critically endangered
Ormosia assamica Fabaceae Data deficient
Oxytropis zemuensis Fabaceae Data deficient
Padus napaulensis Rosaceae Least concern
Palaquium bourdillonii Sapotaceae Vulnerable
Palaquium obovatum Sapotaceae Least concern
Palaquium ravii Sapotaceae Endangered
Payena lucida Sapotaceae Near threatened
Pentapanax leschenaultii
Araliaceae Lower risk/least concern
Photinia serratifolia var. tomentosa Rosaceae Endangered
Phyllanthus indofischeri Phyllanthaceae Vulnerable
Piper pedicellatum Piperaceae Vulnerable
Pisonia aculeata Nyctaginaceae Least concern
Pistacia khinjuk Anacardiaceae Least concern
Pithecellobium gracile
Fabaceae Vulnerable
Pittosporum eriocarpum Pittosporaceae Endangered
Pittosporum viridulatum Pittosporaceae Critically endangered
Plantago major Plantaginaceae Least concern
Platanus orientalis Platanaceae Data deficient
Platea latifolia Metteniusaceae Least concern
Pleurostylia opposita Celastraceae Least concern
Pluchea ovalis Asteraceae Least concern
Podostemum munnarense Podostemaceae Endangered
Pogostemon crassicaulis Lamiaceae Data deficient
Pogostemon quadrifolius Lamiaceae Data deficient
Polypleurum filifolium Podostemaceae Vulnerable
Polypleurum stylosum Podostemaceae Least concern
Polypleurum wallichii Podostemaceae Least concern
Polyspora dipterosperma Theaceae Data deficient
Prunus bifrons Rosaceae Data deficient
Prunus bokhariensis Rosaceae Data deficient
Prunus jaquemontii Rosaceae Data deficient
Prunus javanica Rosaceae Lower risk/least concern
Psidium guajava Myrtaceae Least concern
Psidium guineense Myrtaceae Least concern
Psychotria asiatica Rubiaceae Least concern
Psychotria beddomei Rubiaceae Endangered
Psychotria macrocarpa Rubiaceae Endangered
Psychotria nilgiriensis var. astephana Rubiaceae Endangered
Psydrax ficiformis Rubiaceae Endangered
Psydrax pergracilis Rubiaceae Endangered
Pterocarpus dalbergioides Fabaceae Vulnerable
Pterocarpus indicus Fabaceae Endangered
Pterocarpus marsupium Fabaceae Near threatened
Pyrenaria barringtoniifolia Theaceae Data deficient
Pyrenaria cherrapunjeana Theaceae Critically endangered
Quercus vestita Fagaceae Data deficient
Rhododendron rex Ericaceae Lower risk/near threatened
Rhynchosia heynei Fabaceae Vulnerable
Rotala cookii Lythraceae Endangered
Rotala malabarica Lythraceae Critically endangered
Rotala mexicana Lythraceae Least concern
Rotala rosea Lythraceae Least concern
Rotala rotundifolia Lythraceae Least concern
Rotala serpyllifolia Lythraceae Least concern
Rotala verticillaris Lythraceae Least concern
Ryparosa javanica Achariaceae Least concern
Salacia oblonga Celastraceae Vulnerable
Salix acmophylla Salicaceae Least concern
Salix excelsa Salicaceae Least concern
Salix sericocarpa Salicaceae Least concern
Salix tetrasperma Salicaceae Least concern
Salix viminalis Salicaceae Least concern
Sambucus javanica Viburnaceae Least concern
Santalum album Santalaceae Vulnerable
Saraca asoca Fabaceae Vulnerable
Sarcosperma arboreum Sapotaceae Least concern
Saurauia napaulensis Actinidiaceae Least concern
Saurauia roxburghii Actinidiaceae Least concern
Saurauia tristyla Actinidiaceae Least concern
Heptapleurum ellipticum Araliaceae Least concern
Heptapleurum heptaphyllum Araliaceae Least concern
Heptapleurum digitatum Araliaceae Lower risk/least concern
Schima khasiana Theaceae Least concern
Schima wallichii Theaceae Least concern
Schleichera oleosa
Sapindaceae Least concern
Schoepfia fragrans Schoepfiaceae Least concern
Scleropyrum wallichianum
Santalaceae Lower risk/least concern
Sesbania concolor Fabaceae Data deficient
Sesbania javanica Fabaceae Least concern
Sesbania pachycarpa Fabaceae Least concern
Sesbania sesban Fabaceae Least concern
Sesbania speciosa Fabaceae Vulnerable
Shirakiopsis indica Euphorbiaceae Least concern
Shorea assamica Dipterocarpaceae Least concern
Shorea assamica subsp. assamica Dipterocarpaceae Critically endangered
Shorea robusta Dipterocarpaceae Lower risk/least concern
Shorea roxburghii Dipterocarpaceae Vulnerable
Silene vulgaris Caryophyllaceae Least concern
Siphonodon celastrineus Celastraceae Lower risk/least concern
Skimmia arborescens Rutaceae Least concern
Sloanea assamica Elaeocarpaceae Lower risk/least concern
Sloanea dasycarpa Elaeocarpaceae Least concern
Sloanea tomentosa Elaeocarpaceae Lower risk/least concern
Smithia blanda Fabaceae Least concern
Smithia hirsuta Fabaceae Least concern
Smithia sensitiva Fabaceae Least concern
Solanum purpureilineatum Solanaceae Near threatened
Sonneratia alba Lythraceae Least concern
Sonneratia apetala
Lythraceae Least concern
Sonneratia caseolaris Lythraceae Least concern
Sonneratia griffithii
Lythraceae Critically endangered
Sophora wightii Fabaceae Endangered
Sorbus corymbifera Rosaceae Least concern
Sorbus foliolosa Rosaceae Least concern
Sorbus rufopilosa Rosaceae Least concern
Sorbus wallichii Rosaceae Lower risk/least concern
Spathodea campanulata
Bignoniaceae Least concern
Spatholobus parviflorus Fabaceae Least concern
Spatholobus pottingeri Fabaceae Least concern
Sphaeranthus africanus Asteraceae Least concern
Sphaeranthus amaranthoides Asteraceae Least concern
Sphaeranthus indicus Asteraceae Least concern
Sphaeranthus senegalensis Asteraceae Least concern
Sphenoclea zeylanica Sphenocleaceae Least concern
Spiraea canescens Rosaceae Least concern
Stachyurus himalaicus Stachyuraceae Least concern
Sterculia parviflora Malvaceae Lower risk/least concern
Symplocos macrocarpa subsp. kanarana Symplocaceae Vulnerable
Symplocos nairii Symplocaceae Endangered
Symplocos oligandra Symplocaceae Endangered
Symplocos pulchra subsp. coriacea Symplocaceae Endangered
Symplocos ramosissima Symplocaceae Least concern
Syzygium acuminatissimum Myrtaceae Least concern
Syzygium alternifolium Myrtaceae Endangered
Syzygium claviflorum Myrtaceae Least concern
Syzygium cumini Myrtaceae Least concern
Syzygium densiflorum Myrtaceae Vulnerable
Syzygium jambos Myrtaceae Least concern
Syzygium microphyllum Myrtaceae Endangered
Syzygium nervosum Myrtaceae Least concern
Syzygium occidentale Myrtaceae Vulnerable
Syzygium parameswaranii Myrtaceae Endangered
Syzygium ramavarma
Myrtaceae Vulnerable
Syzygium samarangense Myrtaceae Least concern
Syzygium sanjappanum Myrtaceae Data deficient
Syzygium utilis Myrtaceae Data deficient
Syzygium zeylanicum var. ellipticum Myrtaceae Endangered
Tabernaemontana gamblei Apocynaceae Lower risk/conservation dependent
Tabernaemontana heyneana
Apocynaceae Lower risk/near threatened
Tamarix kutchensis Tamaricaceae Endangered
Tarenna attenuata Rubiaceae Least concern
Tarenna monosperma Rubiaceae Endangered
Tarenna nilagirica Rubiaceae Vulnerable
Tephrosia jamnagarensis Fabaceae Endangered
Terminalia pallida Combretaceae Vulnerable
Terminalia procera Combretaceae Least concern
Tetradium ruticarpum Rutaceae Least concern
Tetrameles nudiflora
Tetramelaceae Lower risk/least concern
Tribulus rajasthanensis Zygophyllaceae Critically endangered
Utricularia albocaerulea Lentibulariaceae Vulnerable
Utricularia christopheri Lentibulariaceae Data deficient
Utricularia praeterita Lentibulariaceae Near threatened
Utricularia wightiana Lentibulariaceae Vulnerable
Valeriana leschenaultii Caprifoliaceae Critically endangered
Vandellia anagallis Linderniaceae Least concern
Vandellia micrantha Linderniaceae Least concern
Vandellia montana Linderniaceae Least concern
Vandellia pusilla Linderniaceae Least concern
Vandellia viscosa Linderniaceae Least concern
Vateria indica Dipterocarpaceae Vulnerable
Vatica chinensis Dipterocarpaceae Critically endangered
Vatica lanceaefolia Dipterocarpaceae Critically endangered
Vigna aconitifolia Fabaceae Data deficient
Willisia selaginoides Podostemaceae Vulnerable
Woodfordia fruticosa Lythraceae Lower risk/least concern
Xylosma latifolia, synonym of Flacourtia latifolia Salicaceae Endangered
Zornia quilonensis Fabaceae Data deficient
Nepenthes khasiana Nepenthaceae I Endangered AS (Khasi hills), ML (Jaintia Hills)
Anacolosa densiflora Olacaceae I Endangered KL (Travancore Hills), TN
Olax imbricata var. membranifolia Olacaceae I Nicobar Is. (Katchal Is.)
Henslowia erythrocarpa Oleaceae I Nicobar Is. (Kamorta Is.)
Jasminum andamanicum Oleaceae I Andaman Is. (South and Middle Andamans)
Jasminum unifoliolatum Oleaceae R Saddle Peak, N. Andamans)
Jasminum wightii Oleaceae I TN (Coimbatore)
Ligustrum decaisnei var. beddomei Oleaceae I KA (Kiggatd, Coorg)
Epilobium glaciale Onagraceae I JK
Corydalis cashmeriana Papaveraceae E JK (Mahdev)
Meconopsis aculeata Papaveraceae E JK
Meconopsis latifolia Papaveraceae V JK (Kashmir Himalaya)
Papaver himalaicum Papaveraceae I JK
Piper barberi Piperaceae R Endangered TN (southern W. Ghats)
Piper haprium Piperaceae I KL (Travancore Hills), TN (Tirunelveli Hills)
PPiper pykarahense Piperaceae I TN (Nilgiri Hills)
PPittosporum eriocarpum Pittosporaceae I HP, UK (Kumaon)
Hydrobryopsis sessilis Podostemaceae I Least concern KA
Indotristicha tirunelveliana Podostemaceae I Near threatened TN (Tirunelveli Hills)
Willisia selagonoides Podostemaceae R KL
Zeylanidium johnsonii Podostemaceae I KL (Malabar)
Polygala tricholopha Polygalaceae I AS, ML
Androsace aizoon Primulaceae I JK
Androsace mucronifolia Primulaceae I JK
Primula clarkei Primulaceae I JK
Primula drumondiana Primulaceae I HP
Primula minutissima Primulaceae E JK (Apharwat Mts)
Helicia nilagirica Proteaceae I Least concern KL (Walaghat), TN
Helicia travancorica Proteaceae I KL (Travancore Hills), TN (Tirunelveli Hills)
Aconitum balfourii var. rhombilobum Ranunculaceae I UK (Garhwal Himalaya; Kumaun)
Aconitum falconeri var. falconeri Ranunculaceae I Uttar Pradesh (Garhwal; Kumaun)
Aconitum falconeri var. latilobum Ranunculaceae V HP (Bashahr)
Aconitum ferox Ranunculaceae V HP, Sikkim, UK
Aconitum kashmiricum Ranunculaceae E JK
Aconitum moschatum Ranunculaceae I JK
Aquilegia nakaoi Ranunculaceae I JK
Aquilegia nivalis Ranunculaceae E JK (Apharwat)
Clematis apiculata Ranunculaceae E ML (Khasi hills)
Clematis bourdillonii Ranunculaceae V KL
Clematis theobromina Ranunculaceae R TN
Coptis teeta Ranunculaceae E Endangered AR
Delphinium koelzii Ranunculaceae I HP (Kulu)
Delphinium roylei Ranunculaceae I HP, JK
Isopyrum ludlowii Ranunculaceae I JK (Lidar Valley, nr Pahlgam)
Pulsatilla wallichiana Ranunculaceae I HP, JK
Thalictrum dalzellii Ranunculaceae I KA, MH
Trollius acaulis Ranunculaceae E JK (Mahdev, Gumri)
Ziziphus horrida Rhamnaceae I AP (Kurnool), KA (Mysore)
Ziziphus truncata Rhamnaceae I RJ (west)
Alchemilla cashmiriana Rosaceae I (West Himalaya)
Cotoneaster buxifolius Rosaceae V TN
Cotoneaster cashmirensis Rosaceae I JK
Cotoneaster simonsii Rosaceae I Sikkim
Potentilla kashmirica Rosaceae I JK
Rubus almorensis Rosaceae I UK
Rubus fockei Rosaceae I KA, KL (Attapadi Hills), TN
Rubus wightii Rosaceae I TN (Sivagiri Hills, Tirunelveli)
Spiraea diversifolia Rosaceae I Uttar Pradesh
Acranthera grandiflora Rubiaceae E TN (Tirunelveli)
Acranthera tomentosa Rubiaceae V AS, ML, NL
Argostemma khasianum Rubiaceae I ML
Byrsophyllum tetrandrum Rubiaceae I Endangered KL, TN
Clarkella nana
Rubiaceae R UK (western Himalayas)
Coffea crassifolia Rubiaceae I KL (Travancore Hills), TN
Diplospora andamanica Rubiaceae I Andaman Is. (Saddle Peak, N. Andamans)
Galium confertum Rubiaceae I HP
Hedyotis anamalayana Rubiaceae I TN
Hedyotis andamanica Rubiaceae I Andaman Is., Nicobar Is. (Nicobar)
Hedyotis barberi Rubiaceae V TN (Tirunelveli Hills)
Hedyotis beddomei Rubiaceae E KL (Palghat Hills)
Hedyotis bourdillonii Rubiaceae V KL (Travancore; Silent Valley)
Hedyotis brunonis Rubiaceae R AS
Hedyotis buxifolia Rubiaceae R KL, TN
Hedyotis congesta var. nicobarica Rubiaceae I Nicobars
Hedyotis eualata Rubiaceae R TN, KL
Hedyotis hirsutissima Rubiaceae Ex/E TN
Hedyotis ramarowii Rubiaceae V KL (Travancore), TN
Hedyotis shuteri Rubiaceae I TN (east coast near Madras)
Hedyotis sisaparensis Rubiaceae I TN (Nilgiri Hills)
Hedyotis stocksii Rubiaceae I KA (Mysore)
Hedyotis swersioides Rubiaceae R TN, KL
Hedyotis travancorica Rubiaceae I KL (Travancore Hills), TN (Tirunelveli Hills)
Hedyotis villosastripulata Rubiaceae I KL (Travancore Hills), TN (Muthukuzhivayal)
Hedyotis wynaadensis Rubiaceae I KL (Wayanad)
Indopolysolenia wallichii Rubiaceae R ML
Ixora andamanica Rubiaceae I Andaman Is.
Ixora capituliflora Rubiaceae I Andaman Is.
Ixora cuneifolia var. macrocarpa Rubiaceae I Nicobar Is. (Pulu Milo Is.)
Ixora hymenophylla Rubiaceae I Andaman Is.
Ixora johnsonii Rubiaceae I Critically endangered KL (Travancore)
Ixora lawsoni
Rubiaceae I Endangered KA (Coorg), KL (Mannthody)
Ixora longibracteata Rubiaceae I Nicobar Is.
Ixora saulierei Rubiaceae I Endangered TN (Palani Hills)
Ixora tenuifolia Rubiaceae I Nicobar Is.
Knoxia linearis Rubiaceae R OR (Mahendragiri, Ganjam)
Lasianthus blumeanus Rubiaceae I TN (Tirunelveli District)
Lasianthus capitulatus Rubiaceae I KA (Brahmagiri Hills), TN (Nilgiri & Palani Hills)
Lasianthus ciliatus Rubiaceae I Vulnerable TN (Nilgiri Hills)
Lasianthus dichotomus Rubiaceae I TN
Lasianthus oblongifolius Rubiaceae I TN (Papasam Hills)
Lasianthus obovatus Rubiaceae I KL (Athramalai Hills)
Lasianthus truncatus Rubiaceae I AP (Vizakapatam), OR (Mahendragiri Hills, Ganjam)
Leptodermis griffithii Rubiaceae I ML
Leptodermis scabrida Rubiaceae I AR (Mishmee Hills)
Morinda reticulata Rubiaceae I KL (Travancore Hills)
Mycetia mukerjiana Rubiaceae I AS (Makum hills)
Nauclea gageana
Rubiaceae I Critically endangered Andaman Is.
Neanotis carnosa Rubiaceae I KA
Neanotis monosperma Rubiaceae I KA (Mysore), TN (Nilgiri & Palani Hills)
Neanotis montholonii Rubiaceae I KA (Mysore and Konkan), KL
Neanotis oxyphylla Rubiaceae R ML
Neanotis prainiana Rubiaceae V KA
Neanotis rheedii Rubiaceae I KA, KL, TN
Ochreinauclea missionis Rubiaceae V Vulnerable central and southern W. Ghats
Oldenlandia albonervia Rubiaceae I KL (Travancore Hills), TN (Tirunelveli Hills)
Oldenlandia glauca Rubiaceae I RJ (Mt Abu)
Ophiorrhiza barnesii Rubiaceae Ex/E KL (Travancore)
Ophiorrhiza brunonis Rubiaceae Ex KA, KL, TN
Ophiorrhiza caudata Rubiaceae Ex KL (Idukki)
Ophiorrhiza codyensis Rubiaceae I KA (Coorg, Sampaji Ghat)
Ophiorrhiza gracilis Rubiaceae I NL (Kohima)
Ophiorrhiza griffithii Rubiaceae I NL
Ophiorrhiza hispida Rubiaceae E AS, ML
Ophiorrhiza incarnata Rubiaceae E KL
Ophiorrhiza munnarensis Rubiaceae I KL (Idukki)
Ophiorrhiza nicobarica Rubiaceae I Nicobar Is. (Gt. Nicobar Is.)
Ophiorrhiza pykarensis Rubiaceae Ex/E TN (Pykara Falls, Nilgiris)
Ophiorrhiza radicans Rubiaceae Ex KL
Ophiorrhiza roxburghiana Rubiaceae I TN (Palani Hills; Periya shola)
Ophiorrhiza subcapitata Rubiaceae E ML (Khasi & Jaintea hills)
Ophiorrhiza tingens Rubiaceae V AS, ML, NL, Tripura
Ophiorrhiza wattii Rubiaceae E MN, ML, NL
Pavetta concinna Rubiaceae I TN (Tirunelveli District)
Pavetta hohenackeri Rubiaceae V TN (Sispara & Nilgiri Hills)
Pavetta madrassica Rubiaceae R AP, TN
Pavetta nemoralis Rubiaceae I KL (Kavalai, Cochin)
Pavetta oblanceolata Rubiaceae I KL
Pavetta wightii Rubiaceae Ex/E TN
Plectronia ficiformis Rubiaceae I KA (Mysore), TN (Palani & Sivagiri Hills)
Plectronia pergracilis Rubiaceae I KL (Colatoorpolay, Travancore)
Prismatomeris andamanica
Rubiaceae I Critically endangered Andaman Is. (S. Andaman Is.)
Psychotria aborensis Rubiaceae E AR
Psychotria andamanica Rubiaceae R Andaman Is., Nicobar Is.
Psychotria barberi Rubiaceae I KL (Travancore Hills) TN
Psychotria globicephala Rubiaceae E Endangered TN (Tirunelveli District)
Psychotria helferi var. angustifolia Rubiaceae I Andaman Is. (S. Andaman Is.)
Psychotria nicobarica Rubiaceae I Nicobar Is. (Katchal Is.)
Psychotria pendula Rubiaceae I S. Andaman Is.
Psychotria polyneura var. longipetiolate Rubiaceae I Andaman Is.
Psychotria tylophora Rubiaceae Ex/E Nicobar Is.
Pubistylus andamanensis Rubiaceae I Andaman Is.
Rubia edgeworthii Rubiaceae V (Western Himalayas)
Rubia himalayensis Rubiaceae V JK
Saprosma fragrans Rubiaceae I Vulnerable KL (Malabar), TN
Tarenna agumbensis Rubiaceae V Endangered KA
Urophyllum andamanicum Rubiaceae I Andaman Is. (S. Andamans)
Wendlandia andamanica Rubiaceae E Critically endangered Andaman Is. (Port Blair, Andaman Is.)
Wendlandia angustifolia Rubiaceae E Extinct TN (Courtallum & Tirunelveli) Rediscovered in 2000[9]
Wendlandia lawii Rubiaceae I KA (Mysore)
Atalantia missionis Rutaceae I AP (Cuddapah), KL, TN
Glycosmis macrocarpa Rutaceae R KL, TN
Melicope indica Rutaceae V Endangered TN
Sabia malabarica Sabiaceae I KL (Palghat), TN
Allophylus concanicus Sapindaceae R MH
Isonandra villosa Sapotaceae I Endangered KL, TN
Madhuca bourdillonii Sapotaceae Ex/E Endangered KL (Travancore)
Madhuca diplostemon Sapotaceae E Endangered India
Madhuca insignis Sapotaceae Ex/E Critically endangered KA
Mimusops andamanensis Sapotaceae I Andaman Is.
Saxifraga jacquemontiana Saxifragaceae E JK (Damamsar)
Schisandra grandiflora Schisandraceae I HP, ML, Sikkim, UK
Schisandra propinqua Schisandraceae I Sikkim, UK
Adenosma malabaricum Scrophulariaceae I KL (Malabar coast)
Anticharis glandulosa var. caerulea Scrophulariaceae I RJ (Jaisalmer)
Bonnaya bracteoides Scrophulariaceae I RJ (Mt Abu)
Campylanthus ramosissimus Scrophulariaceae R GJ (Kutch)
Christisonia saulieri Scrophulariaceae I TN
Christisonia subacaulis Scrophulariaceae I TN (Tirunelveli Hills)
Veronica anagallis
var. bracteosa
Scrophulariaceae I RJ (Mt Abu, Sirohu District)
Veronica anagallis-aquatica var. bracteata Scrophulariaceae I RJ
Veronica beccabunga var. attenuata Scrophulariaceae I RJ
Pauia belladonna
Solanaceae R AR (Tirap)
Solanum kurzii
Solanaceae I TN (Coimbatore Hills)
Eriolaena lushingtonii Malvaceae V Vulnerable AP, TN
Hildegardia populifolia Malvaceae E Critically endangered AP, TN
Melhania futteyporensis var. major Malvaceae I RJ (western)
Melhania magnifolia Malvaceae I RJ (western)
Pterospermum reticulatum Malvaceae R Vulnerable KA, KL, TN
Sterculia khasiana Malvaceae Ex Extinct ML (Khasi hills)
Sterculia populnifolia Malvaceae I
Symplocos anamallayana Symplocaceae R Endangered TN 1
Symplocos barberi Symplocaceae I Endangered TN (Tirunelveli Hills)
Symplocos villosa Symplocaceae I KL (Peermade Hills, Travancore)
Adinandra griffithii Pentaphylacaceae E Endangered ML (Khasi hills)
Cleyera japonica var. grandiflora Pentaphylacaceae R Endangered ML
Pyrenaria khasiana Theaceae I Data deficient ML
Erinocarpus nimmonii
Malvaceae R KA, MH
Ulmus wallichiana Ulmaceae E Vulnerable JK
Acronema pseudotenera Umbelliferae I Sikkim (Momay Samdong)
Angelica nubigena Umbelliferae I Sikkim (N.E at Chola and Yakla passes)
Carum villosum Umbelliferae Ex/E BR (Ramgar, North Champaran)
Chaerophyllum orientalis Umbelliferae I AR (Naga hills)
Heracleum aquilegifolium Umbelliferae I KA (Konkan), TN
Heracleum jacquemontii Umbelliferae I (NW Himalaya)
Hydrocotyle conferta Umbelliferae R Endangered TN (Nilgiri and Pulney mountains)
Ligusticum albo-alatum Umbelliferae Ex/E BR (Samripat; Ranchi District), OR (Sarguja, Raigarh District)
Peucedanum anamallayense Umbelliferae R TN (Coimbatore)
Pimpinella evoluta Umbelliferae Ex/E NL (Jakpho, Naga hills)
Pimpinella flaccida Umbelliferae I NL (Kohima)
Pimpinella katrajensis Umbelliferae R MH
Pimpinella pulneyensis Umbelliferae Ex/E TN (Palani Hills, Madurai Dist)
Pimpinella tirupatiensis Umbelliferae E Endangered AP
Pimpinella tongloensis Umbelliferae Ex/E AS (Singaleela Range), Sikkim (Singaleela Range)
Polyzygus tuberosus
Umbelliferae R KA, MH
Pternopetalum radiatum Umbelliferae I Sikkim
Schultzia benthami Umbelliferae I KA (Kanara coast)
Boehmeria tirapensis Urticaceae I AR (Tirap District)
Valeriana beddomei Valerianaceae I TN
Clerodendrum lankawiense var. andamanense Verbenaceae I Andaman Is. (S. Andaman Is.)
Premna paucinervis Verbenaceae I TN (Coimbatore)
Vitex wimberleyii Verbenaceae I Andaman Is. (S. Andaman Is.)
Hybanthus travancoricus Violaceae I KL, TN
Viola himalayensis Violaceae I JK
Viola kunawarensis Violaceae I NW Himalaya
Ginalloa andamanica Viscaceae E Andaman Is. (South)
Viscum mysorense Viscaceae I KA
Ampelocissus arnottiana Vitaceae I KA (South Kanara), KL, TN
Ampelocissus eriocladus Vitaceae I TN (Tirunelveli Hills)
Cayratia pedata var. glabra Vitaceae R Critically endangered TN (Nilgiris)
Cayratia roxburghii Vitaceae V KL (Trivandrum & Quilon Dist.) TN (Tirunelveli District)
Cissus spectabilis Vitaceae E Sikkim, Darjeeling
Tetrastigma andamanicum Vitaceae I Andaman Is.


Species Family BSI status IUCN status Region Notes
Wiesneria triandra
Alismataceae R Least concern Goa, Daman & Diu, KA, KL (nr Parappangadi; Kottur), MH
Allium auriculatum Alliaceae E HP, JK
Allium loratum Alliaceae E JK
Allium roylei Alliaceae E Near threatened JK
Allium stracheyi Alliaceae V JK, UK
Crinum eleonorae Amaryllidaceae R MH (Lingmala, Mahabaleshwar)
Crinum malabaricum Amaryllidaceae E Critically endangered KL Described in 2012 with very restricted distribution [10]
Crinum pusillum Amaryllidaceae I Nicobar Is.
Crinum woodrowii Amaryllidaceae MH (Mahabaleshwar) Rediscovered in 2004[11]
Pancratium parvum Amaryllidaceae I KA
Chlorophytum borivilianum Asparagaceae R Critically endangered GJ, MH
Chlorophytum glaucum Asparagaceae I KA
Chlorophytum malabaricum Asparagaceae I (south WG)
Aponogeton appendiculatus Aponogetonaceae I Data deficient KL, TN
Aponogeton satarensis Aponogetonaceae V Endangered MH (Satara District)
Aglaonema nicobaricum Araceae I Nicobar Is.
Alocasia montana
Araceae I AP (north Circars)
Amorphophallus carnosus Araceae I Andaman Is.
Amorphophallus dubius
Araceae I KL (Malabar)
Amorphophallus hohenackeri Araceae I KA (nr Mangalore, South Canara)
Amorphophallus longistylus Araceae R Andaman Is.
Amorphophallus oncophyllus Araceae R Andaman Is.
Anaphyllum beddomei Araceae R TN
Anaphyllum weightii Araceae I KL, TN
Arisaema attenuatum Araceae I India
Arisaema auriculata Araceae I Nilambur Ghats
Arisaema barnesii Araceae I KA, TN
Arisaema murrayi Araceae I KA (Konkan), TN (Nilgiris)
Arisaema psittacus Araceae I KL (Travancore Hills)
Arisaema pulcherum Araceae I TN (Sispara, Nilgiri Hills)
Arisaema sarracenioides Araceae I (imakad gap and Munr-Devicolam)
Arisaema translucens Araceae I TN (Nilgiri Hills)
Arisaema tuberculatum Araceae I TN (Nilgiri Hills)
Arisaema tylophorum Araceae I TN (Nilgiri Hills)
Arisaema wightii Araceae I TN (Nilgiri Hills)
Cryptocoryne cognata Araceae I Endangered KA (Konkan)
Cryptocoryne cognatoides Araceae V KA (North Kanara), MH
Cryptocoryne consobrina Araceae I Near threatened (WG)
Cryptocoryne tortuosa Araceae E MH (Mahabaleshwar, Satara)
Cryptocoryne wightii Araceae I KA (Mysore), KL
Lagenandra meeboldii Araceae I KA (Agalhatti, Mysore), KL (Tuppad)
Lagenandra undulata Araceae I AR (Subansiri)
Pothos armatus Araceae I KA (Tambracheri Ghat, Malabar)
Pothos thomsonianus Araceae I KA (Carnatic), KL (Travancore Hills)
Theriophonum dalzellii Araceae R KA, MH
Theriophonum fischeri Araceae I KL (central), TN (south-west)
Theriophonum sivaganganum Araceae V TN
Typhonium incurvatum Araceae E MH (Bombay-Sion)
Arenga wightii Arecaceae V Vulnerable KA, KL, TN
Bentinckia condapanna Arecaceae R Vulnerable KL, TN
Bentinckia nicobarica Arecaceae V Endangered Nicobar Is.
Calamus andamanicus Arecaceae V Andaman Is.
Calamus brandisii Arecaceae I KA (Kanara), KL, TN
Calamus dilaceratus Arecaceae R Andaman Is.
Calamus huegelianus Arecaceae R TN (Nilgiri Hills)
Calamus inermis Arecaceae V Sikkim, WB
Calamus nagbettai Arecaceae V KA (Coorg & south Kanara)
Calamus nicobaricus Arecaceae R Nicobar Is. (Great Nicobar)
Corypha macropoda
Arecaceae R Data deficient Andaman Is. (south)
Corypha taliera Arecaceae Ex Extinct in the Wild (Bengal)
Corypha umbraculifera Arecaceae R Data deficient KL (Malabar coast)
Daemonorops manii Arecaceae R Andaman Is.
Hyphaene dichotoma Arecaceae V Lower risk/near threatened GJ, MH
Korthalsia rogersii Arecaceae R Andaman Is. Described in 1904 and rediscovered in 2007[12]
Phoenix rupicola Arecaceae V Lower risk/near threatened AR, ML, Sikkim
Pinanga andamanensis Arecaceae R Andaman Is. Rediscovered in 1992.[13]
Pinanga dicksonii Arecaceae V KL (Nilgiri Hills), TN (WG)
Pinanga manii Arecaceae V Andaman Is. (south), Nicobar Is.
Rhopaloblaste augusta Arecaceae V Vulnerable Nicobar Is. (northern group)
Wallichia triandra Arecaceae R Lower risk/least concern AR (Haylung, Wakroo, Lohit)
Asparagus asiaticus Asparagaceae I KA (Bellary)
Asparagus fysoni Asparagaceae I TN (Nilgiri Hills)
Asparagus jacquemonti Asparagaceae I MH
Asparagus rottleri Asparagaceae I (Deccan Peninsula)
Haplothismia exanulata Burmanniaceae I KL (Travancore; Cochin) Rediscovered in 2000[14]
Iphigenia magnifica Colchicaceae V KA, MH
Iphigenia sahyadrica Colchicaceae E KA (Halial, Hulical)
Iphigenia stellata Colchicaceae V Endangered MH (Satara & KolhapurDistrict)
Aneilema ochraceum Commelinaceae I KA, KL (Quilon)
Belosynapsis kewensis Commelinaceae E TN (Tinnevelly & Kanyakumari)
Belosynapsis vivipara Commelinaceae V KA, MH, TN
Commelina hirsuta Commelinaceae R TN (Nilgiri & Pulney Hills)
Commelina indehiscens Commelinaceae R KA, KL, TN
Commelina subulata Commelinaceae I Least concern (Deccan hills)
Commelina tricolor Commelinaceae V TN (Karadimalais )
Commelina wightii Commelinaceae V Nilgiri & Pulney Hills
Cyanotis burmanniana Commelinaceae R KL (Malabar)
Cyanotis cerifolia Commelinaceae I TN
Cyanotis vaginata Commelinaceae I KL (Malabar)
Dictyospermum ovalifolium Commelinaceae R KA, KL (Thenmalai), MH (Konkan)
Murdannia lanceolata Commelinaceae V Vulnerable KL, TN
Murdannia lanuginosa Commelinaceae R India
Murdannia versicolor Commelinaceae I KA (Konkan)
Pollia pentasperma Commelinaceae I AS (Lushai hills), ML (Shillong), NL (Kohima, Naga hills)
Ophiopogon intermedius var. gracilipes Convallariaceae I TN (Nilgiri Hills)
Peliosanthes courtallensis Convallariaceae I TN
Polygonatum graminifolium Convallariaceae I (W. Himalaya)
Smilacina fusca Convallariaceae I ML
Carex annulata Cyperaceae I JK
Carex borii Cyperaceae I Least concern HP, JK
Carex christii Cyperaceae I TN (Nilgiri Hills)
Carex fuscifructus Cyperaceae I AS (Makum forests, Lakhimpur)
Carex kingiana Cyperaceae I Sikkim
Carex munroi Cyperaceae R HP (Kinur)
Carex myosurus var. oraestans Cyperaceae E UK
Carex pseudoaperta Cyperaceae I TN (Nilgiri Hills)
Carex rara
Cyperaceae I AS, ML
Carex repanda Cyperaceae Ex ML (Cherrapunji; Shillong)
Carex vicinalis Cyperaceae I TN (Nilgiri Hills)
Carex wightiana Cyperaceae I KL (Travancore), TN (Courtallum Hills)
Cyperus kurzii Cyperaceae I Andaman Is.
Fimbristylis aggregata Cyperaceae I TN
Fimbristylis arnottiana Cyperaceae I KL (Cannore)
Fimbristylis contorta Cyperaceae I TN (Courtallum Hills)
Fimbristylis stolonifera Cyperaceae R MN, MZ (Khasi hills, Mawphlong), ML
Hypolytrum balakrishnanii Cyperaceae I Andaman Is. (South)
Kobresia duthiei Cyperaceae I HP, UK
Kobresia trinervis var. foliosa Cyperaceae I UK
Rhynchospora submarginata Cyperaceae I KL
Scleria alta Cyperaceae E AS, ML, WB
Scleria bracteata var. assamica Cyperaceae E AS
Dioscorea belophylla Dioscoreaceae I WG
Dioscorea kalkapershadii Dioscoreaceae I TN (Shevaroy Hills, Salem Dist)
Dioscorea oppositifolia var. dukhunensis Dioscoreaceae I
Dioscorea rogersii
Dioscoreaceae I Andaman Is.
Dioscorea vexans Dioscoreaceae I Andaman Is.
Dioscorea wightii Dioscoreaceae I Data deficient KL (Travancore Hills), TN (Courtallum, Tirunelveli H.)
Eriocaulon barba-carpae Eriocaulaceae Ex/E KA, ML
Eriocaulon barbeyanum Eriocaulaceae Ex/E Near threatened KA
Eriocaulon dalzellii Eriocaulaceae I Endangered KA (south Konkan)
Eriocaulon europeplon Eriocaulaceae E GJ, MH
Eriocaulon gamblei Eriocaulaceae R TN (duvattam, Nilgiri)
Eriocaulon geoffreyi Eriocaulaceae R TN
Eriocaulon gregatum Eriocaulaceae R Near threatened ML
Eriocaulon humile Eriocaulaceae V MH (WG)
Eriocaulon margaretae Eriocaulaceae I Least concern KA (Rudrasiri, Mysore)
Eriocaulon mysorense Eriocaulaceae R KA
Eriocaulon pectinatum Eriocaulaceae E Vulnerable TN (Nilgiri Hills)
Eriocaulon pumilo Eriocaulaceae I UP
Eriocaulon thomasi Eriocaulaceae R KA, MH
Dipcadi concanense Hyacinthaceae Ex (south)
Dipcadi maharashtrensis Hyacinthaceae E MH (Panchgani plateau)
Dipcadi minor Hyacinthaceae I MH (Deccan Plateau)
Dipcadi montanum var. madrasicum Hyacinthaceae I TN
Dipcadi reidii Hyacinthaceae E (W. Himalaya) Rediscovered in 2014.[15]
Dipcadi saxorum Hyacinthaceae V MH (Boriveli NP)
Drimia razii Hyacinthaceae R MH
Scilla viridis Hyacinthaceae E MH
Urginea polyphylla Hyacinthaceae Ex (Deccan Plateau)
Hydrilla polysperma Hydrocharitaceae I RJ (Mt Abu)
Iris duthiei Iridaceae I Kumaun
Iris milesii Iridaceae I HP
Juncus sikkimensis Juncaceae R Sikkim
Microschoenus duthiei Juncaceae I UK, UP
Lemna maxima Lemnaceae I RJ (Mt Abu)
Lemna minima Lemnaceae I RJ (Mt Abu)
Lilium mackliniae Liliaceae E MN (Shirhoy Hill)
Lilium neilgherrense
Liliaceae I KA, TN
Lilium wallichianum Liliaceae I Uttar Pradesh (Chamoli Dist. Kumaun)
Lloydia himalensis Liliaceae R HP, JK, Sikkim
Phrynium cadellianum Marantaceae I Andaman Is.
Phrynium paniculatum Marantaceae I Nicobar Is. (Gt. Nicobar Is.)
Stachyphrynium spicatum Marantaceae I Least concern KA, KL
Aloe trinervis Asphodelaceae Endangered
Alpinia malaccensis Zingiberaceae Data deficient
Alpinia manii Zingiberaceae Vulnerable
Alpinia mutica Zingiberaceae Least concern
Alpinia nigra Zingiberaceae Least concern
Amomum dealbatum Zingiberaceae Data deficient
Amomum maximum Zingiberaceae Least concern
Amomum pterocarpum Zingiberaceae Least concern
Amomum riwatchii Zingiberaceae Critically endangered
Amomum sericeum Zingiberaceae Data deficient
Amomum subulatum
Zingiberaceae Data deficient
Amorphophallus paeoniifolius Araceae Least concern
Anthoxanthum borii Poaceae Near threatened
Aponogeton bruggenii Aponogetonaceae Vulnerable
Asparagus filicinus Asparagaceae Data deficient
Boesenbergia siphonantha Zingiberaceae Vulnerable
Brachycorythis wightii Orchidaceae Data deficient
Carex kashmirensis Cyperaceae Near threatened
Carex walkeri Cyperaceae Near threatened
Curcuma aurantiaca Zingiberaceae Data deficient
Curcuma bhatii Zingiberaceae Critically endangered
Curcuma caulina Zingiberaceae Endangered
Curcuma coriacea Zingiberaceae Endangered
Curcuma haritha Zingiberaceae Least concern
Curcuma inodora Zingiberaceae Least concern
Curcuma longa
Zingiberaceae Data deficient
Curcuma mangga
Zingiberaceae Data deficient
Curcuma pseudomontana Zingiberaceae Vulnerable
Curcuma roscoeana Zingiberaceae Least concern
Curcuma vamana Zingiberaceae Critically endangered
Curcuma zanthorrhiza Zingiberaceae Data deficient
Curcuma zedoaria Zingiberaceae Data deficient
Cypripedium cordigerum Orchidaceae Vulnerable
Cypripedium elegans Orchidaceae Endangered
Cypripedium himalaicum Orchidaceae Endangered
Cypripedium tibeticum Orchidaceae Least concern
Dendrobium aphyllum Orchidaceae Least concern
Dendrobium bensoniae Orchidaceae Least concern
Dendrocalamus giganteus Poaceae Least concern
Desmostachya bipinnata Poaceae Least concern
Digitaria duthieana Poaceae Data deficient
Dimeria hohenackeri Poaceae Endangered
Dimeria ornithopoda Poaceae Least concern
Dioscorea hamiltonii Dioscoreaceae Near threatened
Dioscorea nummularia Dioscoreaceae Near threatened
Eleocharis swamyi Cyperaceae Data deficient
Eleocharis wadoodii Cyperaceae Data deficient
Eriocaulon anshiense Eriocaulaceae Endangered
Eriocaulon apetalum Eriocaulaceae Least concern
Eriocaulon balakrishnanii Eriocaulaceae Least concern
Eriocaulon baramaticum Eriocaulaceae Data deficient
Eriocaulon bolei Eriocaulaceae Critically endangered
Eriocaulon karnatakense Eriocaulaceae Vulnerable
Eriocaulon kolhapurense Eriocaulaceae Vulnerable
Eriocaulon konkanense Eriocaulaceae Vulnerable
Eriocaulon koynense Eriocaulaceae Data deficient
Eriocaulon lanceolatum Eriocaulaceae Least concern
Eriocaulon leucomelas Eriocaulaceae Least concern
Eriocaulon longicuspe Eriocaulaceae Least concern
Eriocaulon maharashtrense Eriocaulaceae Vulnerable
Eriocaulon ratnagiricum Eriocaulaceae Critically endangered
Eriocaulon richardianum Eriocaulaceae Endangered
Eriocaulon ritchieanum Eriocaulaceae Least concern
Eriocaulon robustobrownianum Eriocaulaceae Least concern
Eriocaulon robustum Eriocaulaceae Least concern
Eriocaulon rouxianum Eriocaulaceae Critically endangered
Eriocaulon sahyadricum Eriocaulaceae Least concern
Eriocaulon santapaui Eriocaulaceae Critically endangered
Eriocaulon sedgwickii Eriocaulaceae Least concern
Eriocaulon setaceum Eriocaulaceae Least concern
Eriocaulon sharmae Eriocaulaceae Critically endangered
Eriocaulon sivarajanii Eriocaulaceae Critically endangered
Eriocaulon stellulatum Eriocaulaceae Least concern
Eriocaulon talbotii Eriocaulaceae Least concern
Eriocaulon thwaitesii Eriocaulaceae Least concern
Eriocaulon truncatum Eriocaulaceae Least concern
Eriocaulon tuberiferum Eriocaulaceae Vulnerable
Eriocaulon wightianum Eriocaulaceae Least concern
Eriocaulon xeranthemum Eriocaulaceae Least concern
Eriochloa procera Poaceae Least concern
Erythrorchis altissima Orchidaceae Least concern
Etlingera fenzlii Zingiberaceae Vulnerable
Fimbristylis crystallina Cyperaceae Endangered
Fimbristylis dauciformis Cyperaceae Endangered
Fimbristylis dichotoma Cyperaceae Least concern
Fimbristylis dipsacea Cyperaceae Least concern
Fimbristylis ferruginea Cyperaceae Least concern
Fimbristylis hirsutifolia Cyperaceae Critically endangered
Fimbristylis kingii Cyperaceae Least concern
Fimbristylis lawiana Cyperaceae Least concern
Fimbristylis littoralis Cyperaceae Least concern
Fimbristylis merrillii Cyperaceae Least concern
Fimbristylis microcarya Cyperaceae Least concern
Fimbristylis monospicula Cyperaceae Data deficient
Fimbristylis nutans Cyperaceae Least concern
Fimbristylis ovata
Cyperaceae Least concern
Fimbristylis polytrichoides Cyperaceae Least concern
Fimbristylis pubisquama Cyperaceae Least concern
Fimbristylis quinquangularis Cyperaceae Least concern
Fimbristylis salbundia Cyperaceae Least concern
Fimbristylis schoenoides Cyperaceae Least concern
Fimbristylis squarrosa Cyperaceae Least concern
Fimbristylis tetragona Cyperaceae Least concern
Fimbristylis turkestanica Cyperaceae Least concern
Floscopa scandens Commelinaceae Least concern
Fuirena ciliaris Cyperaceae Least concern
Fuirena cuspidata Cyperaceae Least concern
Fuirena pubescens Cyperaceae Least concern
Fuirena swamyi Cyperaceae Vulnerable
Fuirena trilobites Cyperaceae Least concern
Fuirena tuwensis Cyperaceae Least concern
Fuirena umbellata Cyperaceae Least concern
Fuirena uncinata Cyperaceae Least concern
Gagea kunawurensis Liliaceae Least concern
Garnotia courtallensis Poaceae Least concern
Geodorum recurvum Orchidaceae Least concern
Globba andersonii Zingiberaceae Endangered
Globba marantina Zingiberaceae Least concern
Globba multiflora Zingiberaceae Least concern
Globba orixensis Zingiberaceae Least concern
Globba pendula Zingiberaceae Least concern
Globba racemosa Zingiberaceae Least concern
Globba radicalis Zingiberaceae Endangered
Globba spathulata Zingiberaceae Vulnerable
Globba wardii Zingiberaceae Near threatened
Globba wengeri Zingiberaceae Data deficient
Habenaria dichopetala Orchidaceae Endangered
Halophila beccarii Hydrocharitaceae Vulnerable
Hedychium aureum Zingiberaceae Endangered
Hedychium coronarium Zingiberaceae Data deficient
Isachne bicolor Poaceae Vulnerable
Isachne meeboldii Poaceae Critically endangered
Isachne pulchella Poaceae Least concern
Isachne swaminathanii Poaceae Endangered
Isachne veldkampii Poaceae Critically endangered
Ischaemum jayachandranii Poaceae Critically endangered
Ischaemum molle Poaceae Least concern
Ischaemum muticum Poaceae Least concern
Ischaemum travancorense Poaceae Least concern
Ischaemum vembanadense Poaceae Endangered
Kaempferia galanga Zingiberaceae Data deficient
Kaempferia parviflora Zingiberaceae Data deficient
Kyllinga brevifolia Cyperaceae Least concern
Kyllinga pluristaminea Cyperaceae Endangered
Larsenianthus arunachalensis Zingiberaceae Critically endangered
Lilium polyphyllum Liliaceae Critically endangered
Limnophyton obtusifolium Alismataceae Least concern
Lipocarpha raynaleana Cyperaceae Data deficient
Lipocarpha reddyi Cyperaceae Data deficient
Luisia volucris Orchidaceae Vulnerable
Malaxis muscifera
Orchidaceae Vulnerable
Meistera aculeata Zingiberaceae Least concern
Musa argentii Musaceae Critically endangered
Musa arunachalensis Musaceae Critically endangered
Musa chunii Musaceae Endangered
Musa coccinea Musaceae Endangered
Musa cylindrica Musaceae Endangered
Oryza coarctata Poaceae Data deficient
Oryza malampuzhaensis
Poaceae Vulnerable
Oryza meyeriana Poaceae Least concern
Oryza meyeriana var. granulata Poaceae Least concern
Oryza meyeriana var. inandamanica Poaceae Data deficient
Paphiopedilum appletonianum Orchidaceae Endangered
Paphiopedilum charlesworthii Orchidaceae Endangered
Paphiopedilum insigne Orchidaceae Endangered
Paphiopedilum spicerianum Orchidaceae Endangered
Paphiopedilum venustum Orchidaceae Endangered
Paphiopedilum villosum Orchidaceae Vulnerable
Parakaempferia synantha
Zingiberaceae Critically endangered
Phoenix paludosa Arecaceae Near threatened
Plagiostachys nicobarica Zingiberaceae Endangered
Ranalisma rostrata Alismataceae Data deficient
Scirpus naikianus Cyperaceae Data deficient
Scleria poklei Cyperaceae Data deficient
Vanda spathulata
Orchidaceae Vulnerable
Wurfbainia villosa var. xanthioides Zingiberaceae Data deficient
Xyris capensis Xyridaceae Least concern
Zingiber arunachalensis Zingiberaceae Critically endangered
Zingiber ligulatum Zingiberaceae Data deficient
Zingiber montanum Zingiberaceae Data deficient
Zingiber officinale
Zingiberaceae Data deficient
Zingiber spectabile Zingiberaceae Data deficient
Zingiber zerumbet Zingiberaceae Data deficient
Aerides fieldingii
Orchidaceae I AS, ML (Khasi hills), Sikkim
Aerides vandara Orchidaceae I AS, ML, NL
Anoectochilus nicobaricus Orchidaceae E Nicobar Is. (Great Nicobar)
Anoectochilus rotundifolius
Orchidaceae Ex/E TN (High Wavy Mts, Madura)
Anoectochilus sikkimensis
Orchidaceae I Sikkim
Anoectochilus tetrapterus Orchidaceae V MN
Aphyllorchis gollani Orchidaceae Ex/E Tehri-Garhwal
Aphyllorchis vaginata Orchidaceae I ML (Khasi hills)
Arachnis clarkei Orchidaceae I AR, ML, Sikkim
Archineottia microglottis Orchidaceae R UK
Biermannia jainiana Orchidaceae I AR
Bulbophyllum acutiflorum Orchidaceae R TN
Bulbophyllum albidum Orchidaceae R TN
Bulbophyllum aureum Orchidaceae R KL (Muthukuzhivayal, Wayanad)
Bulbophyllum elegantulum Orchidaceae V KA (Coorg), TN (Kudini, Nilgiri hills)
Bulbophyllum fusco-purpureum Orchidaceae I TN (Nilagiri Hills)
Bulbophyllum kaitiense Orchidaceae V TN (Nilgiris)
Bulbophyllum mysorense Orchidaceae I TN
Bulbophyllum raui Orchidaceae I Uttar Pradesh (Kumaun)
Bulbophyllum rothschildianum Orchidaceae E NE India
Bulleyia yunnanensis
Orchidaceae I AR, Darjeeling
Calanthe alismaefolia Orchidaceae I AR, Jhasi Hills, Mussoorie
Calanthe alpina Orchidaceae R Sikkim, UK
Calanthe herbacea Orchidaceae I Sikkim
Calanthe whiteana Orchidaceae Ex Sikkim (Choongthang)
Chrysoglossum hallbergii Orchidaceae I TN (High Wavy Mts, Madura)
Cirrhopetalum acutiflorum Orchidaceae I TN (Nilgiri Hills)
Coelogyne angustifolia
Orchidaceae I TN (Nilgiri Hills)
Coelogyne barbata Orchidaceae I ML (Khasi hills), Sikkim
Coelogyne cristata Orchidaceae I AS, Khasi Hills, Sikkim
Coelogyne flaccida Orchidaceae I ML (Khasi & Jaintia hills)
Coelogyne mossiae Orchidaceae V KL (Idukki), TN
Coelogyne nitida Orchidaceae I AS, Khasi Hills, Sikkim
Coelogyne prolifera Orchidaceae I AS, Khasi Hills, NL
Coelogyne treutleri Orchidaceae Ex/E Sikkim (Sikkim Himalaya)
Cymbidium whiteae Orchidaceae E Sikkim
Dendrobium arachnites
Orchidaceae R India
Dendrobium gamblei Orchidaceae I Dehra Dun
Dendrobium microbulbon Orchidaceae I GJ, MH, TN
Dendrobium normale
Orchidaceae I Uttar Pradesh
Dendrobium pauciflorum Orchidaceae E Sikkim, Darjeeling
Dendrobium pensile Orchidaceae I Great Nicobar
Dendrobium tenuicaule Orchidaceae E Middle Andamans
Didiciea cunninghamii Orchidaceae E Sikkim (Lachen Valley), Garhwal
Diglyphosa macrophylla Orchidaceae I Sikkim
Diplomeris pulchella Orchidaceae V AR (Mdapha FoR, Tirap Dist.), Khasi, Garo Hills
Disperis monophylla Orchidaceae I TN (High Wavy Mtns, Madurai)
Epipogium sessanum Orchidaceae I AR
Eria albiflora Orchidaceae R TN (WG)
Eria occidentalis Orchidaceae R Kumaun
Eulophia candida Orchidaceae I AS, Sikkim
Eulophia cullenii Orchidaceae I KL (Travancore Hills), TN
Eulophia mackinnonii Orchidaceae R MP, UK
Eulophia nicobarica Orchidaceae E Nicobar Is.
Eulophia obtusa Orchidaceae I Uttar Pradesh
Eulophia ramentacea Orchidaceae I (WG; ? Deccan P.), GJ, KA
Flickingeria hesperis Orchidaceae E UK (Askot; Kumaun)
Galeola cathcartii Orchidaceae I Sikkim
Galeola falconeri Orchidaceae I AR (Kameng), Sikkim, Garhwal
Galeola lindleyana Orchidaceae I ML, NL, Sikkim
Gastrodia dyeriana Orchidaceae I Sikkim
Gastrodia exilis Orchidaceae I ML (Jaintia hills)
Goodyera recurva Orchidaceae I ML (Khasi hills)
Habenaria andamanica Orchidaceae R South Andaman Is.)
Habenaria barnesii Orchidaceae R KL (Idukki) TN (Nilgiri Hills)
Habenaria denticulata Orchidaceae I TN
Habenaria fimbriata
Orchidaceae I TN (Nilgiri Hills)
Habenaria panchganiensis
Orchidaceae R MH
Habenaria polyodon Orchidaceae I TN (Nilgiri Hills)
Habenaria richardiana Orchidaceae I KL (Travancore), TN
Hetaeria ovalifolia Orchidaceae I KL, TN (Courtallum, Tirunelveli Hills)
Ipsea malabarica Orchidaceae E KL (Silent Valley, Palghat Dt)
Liparis beddomei Orchidaceae I TN (Palani Hills)
Liparis biloba Orchidaceae V TN (Kollimund, Nilgiri Hills)
Liparis duthiei Orchidaceae I TN (Nilgiri Hills)
Liparis platyphylla Orchidaceae I TN
Liparis pulchella Orchidaceae I ML, NL
Malleola andamanica Orchidaceae E Andaman Is. (Little & south Andamans)
Neottia kashmiriana Orchidaceae I JK
Nervilia biflora Orchidaceae I KA (Mysore Hills)
Nervilia mackinnonii Orchidaceae I UK (Mussoorie; Kumaun)
Oreorchis indica Orchidaceae I HP (Simla), UK (Garhwal; Kumaun)
Oreorchis rolfei Orchidaceae I UK
Paphiopedilum druryi Orchidaceae E Critically endangered KL (Travancore & Kalakkad Hills)
Paphiopedilum fairrieanum Orchidaceae E Critically endangered AR, Sikkim
Paphiopedilum hirsutissimum Orchidaceae R Vulnerable MN
Paphiopedilum wardii Orchidaceae E AR
Peristylus brachyphyllus Orchidaceae I KA, TN (Nilgiri Hills)
Peristylus secundus Orchidaceae I KA, KL, TN
Phaius mishmensis Orchidaceae I AS (Upper Assam), ML, Sikkim
Phalaenopsis speciosa
var. speciosa
Orchidaceae E Andaman Is., Nicobar Is.
Pholidota calceata Orchidaceae I ML (Khasi Hills)
Pholidota wattii Orchidaceae R AR (Subansiri), AS (North Cachar)
Pleione lagenaria Orchidaceae Ex ML (Khasi hills)
Renanthera imschootiana Orchidaceae E MN, MZ, NL
Rhynchostylis latifolia Orchidaceae I KA (Kadumane, Mysore)
Risleya atropurpurea
Orchidaceae I Sikkim
Taeniophyllum andamanicum Orchidaceae E Andaman Is.
Vanda coerulea Orchidaceae R AR, AS, MN, ML, MZ, NL
Vanda wightii Orchidaceae Ex/E TN
Vanilla walkeriae Orchidaceae I TN (Coimbatore hills)
Vanilla wightiana Orchidaceae V KL (Tinnevelly; Kanyakumari)
Zeuxine andamanica Orchidaceae I Andaman Is. (South Andaman Is.)
Zeuxine pulchra Orchidaceae Ex/E ML (Khasi hills), Sikkim (Lachung Valley)
Zeuxine rolfiana
Orchidaceae I Critically endangered Andaman Is. (south Andaman Is.)
Pandanus canaranus
Pandanaceae I Mangalore
Agropyron duthiei Poaceae I HP, UK
Agrostis schmidii Poaceae I TN
Andropogon longipes Poaceae I TN (Nilgiri Hills)
Arthraxon depressus Poaceae I KA (Agalatti, Mysore)
Arthraxon meeboldii Poaceae I KA (Mangalore)
Arundinaria densiflora Poaceae I KL
Bhidea burnsiana Poaceae R KA, MH
Calamagrostis decora Poaceae I JK
Catabrosa aquatica var. angusta Poaceae I JK (Ladakh)
Cenchrus prieurii var. scabra Poaceae I RJ (west)
Cenchrus rajasthanensis Poaceae I RJ (Jaisalmer & Jodhpur)
Cephalostachyum capitatum var. decomposita Poaceae R Sikkim
Chrysopogon velutinus Poaceae I AP (Cuddapah)
Coelachne minuta Poaceae R Least concern MH
Cymbopogon flexuosus var. microstachys Poaceae R UP, UK
Cymbopogon osmastonii Poaceae V UK
Cymbopogon ramnagarensis Poaceae I JK
Deyeuxia kashmeriana Poaceae I JK
Deyeuxia simlensis Poaceae Ex/E HP (Simla)
Dichanthium armatum Poaceae R MH
Dichanthium compressum Poaceae R MH (Pune District)
Dichanthium maccannii Poaceae V MH (Panchagani, Satara Dist.)
Dichanthium pallidum Poaceae I TN (Nilgiri Hills)
Dichanthium panchaganiense Poaceae R MH
Dichanthium woodrowii Poaceae V MH (Paud, Mawal taluka, Pune)
Dimeria blatterii Poaceae R MH (WG in Pune and Ratnagiri districts)
Dimeria woodrowii Poaceae R GA, KA, MH
Eragrostis rottleri Poaceae Ex TN (Tranquebar)
Eriochrysis rangacharii Poaceae E TN (Paikara, Nilgiri District) Rediscovered in 2003[16]
Festuca levingei Poaceae E JK
Festuca lucida Poaceae I HP, JK, UK
Garnotia schmidii Poaceae I TN (Nilgiris)
Glyphochloa divergens Poaceae R KA
Glyphochloa santapaui Poaceae R Vulnerable MH (Ratnagiri District)
Glyphochloa talbotii Poaceae V GA
Heteropogon bellariensis Poaceae I AP
Heteropogon polystachyos Poaceae I (Peninsular )
Hubbardia heptaneuron Poaceae E Vulnerable KA (Gersoppa Falls, north Kanara) Rediscovered and reintroduced in 2006[17]
Isachne angladei Poaceae I TN (endemic to Anaimalai and Palni Hills.)
Isachne deccanensis Poaceae I TN (Nilgiri Hills)
Isachne dimyloides Poaceae R Sikkim
Isachne fischeri Poaceae R KL
Isachne lisboae Poaceae I KA, MH (Panchgani; Mahabaleshwar)
Isachne oreades Poaceae R TN (Nilgiri Hills)
Isachne setosa Poaceae R KA, KL, TN
Ischaemum kingii Poaceae I RJ (Mt Abu)
Ischaemum raizadae Poaceae R MH (three districts)
Ischaemum santapaui Poaceae I GJ (Dangs), MH (Karjat)
Ischnochloa falconeri Poaceae I Uttar Pradesh
Limnopoa meeboldii
Poaceae R Endangered KL
Lophochloa clarkeana Poaceae I JK
Ochlandra ebracteata Poaceae R KL
Ochlandra setigera Poaceae R TN
Ochlandra sivagiriana Poaceae R TN (Sivagiri and Pulney Hills)
Oryza jeyporensis Poaceae I OR (Jeypore Tract)
Oryzopsis humilis Poaceae I Uttar Pradesh
Oryzopsis stewartiana Poaceae I HP
Phyllostachys assamica Poaceae I AR
Poa pseudamoena Poaceae I UK (Kumaun, Garhwal)
Poa rhadina Poaceae E UK (Tehri Garhwal)
Pseudodanthonia himalaica
Poaceae I UK
Puccinellia kashmiriana Poaceae R HP, JK
Puccinellia thomsonii Poaceae I JK
Schizachyrium impressum Poaceae E JK
Schizachyrium paranjpyeanum Poaceae R KA, MH
Semiarundinaria pantlingii Poaceae R AR, Sikkim
Stipa chitralensis Poaceae I JK
Teinostachyum beddomei Poaceae I KL (Travancore Hills), TN (Nilgiri Hills)
Trisetum micans Poaceae I JK, UK (Tehri Garhwal)
Smilax wightii Smilacaceae R TN (Nilgiri Hills)
Amomum hypoleucum Zingiberaceae I TN
Amomum microstephanum Zingiberaceae R KA (Konkan), TN
Boesenbergia albolutea Zingiberaceae I Data deficient Andaman
Boesenbergia pulcherrima Zingiberaceae I Least concern KA, KL, (WG)
Cautleya petiolata
Zingiberaceae I HP, Uttar Pradesh
Curcuma decipiens Zingiberaceae I (WG)
Curcuma montana Zingiberaceae I KA, TN
Globba pauciflora Zingiberaceae I S Andaman Is.
Hedychium calcaratum Zingiberaceae I ML (Khasi hills)
Hedychium dekianum Zingiberaceae I ML (Khasi & Jaintia hills)
Hedychium gracillimum Zingiberaceae I ML (Khasi hills)
Hedychium gratum Zingiberaceae I ML (Khasi hills)
Hedychium longipedunculatum Zingiberaceae I AR (Subansiri)
Hedychium marginatum Zingiberaceae Ex NL
Hedychium rubrum Zingiberaceae I ML
Kaempferia rotunda Zingiberaceae I KL (Trivandrum)
Kaempferia siphonantha Zingiberaceae I Andaman Is.
Paracautleya bhatii Zingiberaceae V KA (South Kanara Dist., Manipal)
Zingiber cernuum Zingiberaceae I Least concern KA (Konkan)

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