Listing priority number

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A listing priority number is a

Endangered Species Act
, but due to funding concerns, cannot be listed immediately.

Every candidate species is assigned a priority number from 1 to 12 based on factors such as the magnitude of threats facing the species, the immediacy of the threat and the species' taxonomic status. A lower priority number means that the species is under greater threat. For example, a number of 2 indicates a higher degree of concern than a number of 8.

The following table shows how the FWS determines listing priority numbers.

Threat Magnitude Immediacy Taxonomy Priority Number
High imminent monotypic genus 1
species 2
subspecies/population 3
non-imminent monotypic genus 4
species 5
subspecies/population 6
Moderate to low imminent monotypic genus 7
species 8
subspecies/population 9
non-imminent monotypic genus 10
species 11
subspecies/population 12

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