Mark 90 nuclear bomb

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Operation Wigwam test of a Mark 90 "Betty"

The Mark 90 nuclear bomb, given the nickname "Betty", was a

nuclear depth charge
, developed by the United States in 1952.

It had a length of 10 ft 2 in (3.10 m), a diameter of 2 ft 7.5 in (0.80 m), and a weight of 1,243 lb (564 kg), and it carried a

kilotons. Its purpose was to serve as an anti-submarine weapon for the United States Navy

A test of the Mark 90 was conducted in 1955, as Operation Wigwam.

A total of about 225 such bombs were produced.[1]

All units were withdrawn from service by 1960.


On September 25, 1959, a United States Navy


A Mark 90 depth charge casing was lost and never recovered, but it was not fitted with an active

US Coast Guard, after ten hours in a raft. The press was not notified at the time.[2]

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