Minister for Digital Development (Sweden)

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Minister for Digital Development
Erik Slottner
since 18 October 2022
Member ofThe Government
AppointerThe Prime Minister
Inaugural holderInes Uusmann

The Minister for Digital Development (Swedish: IT-minister) is a cabinet minister within the Government of Sweden and appointed by the Prime Minister of Sweden.

The minister is responsible for issues regarding Information technology, electronic communication, digitalization and internet safety.[1] The Minister for Digital Development is Erik Slottner, appointed on 18 October 2022.

List of ministers for digital development

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  Denotes acting Minister for Information Technology

Portrait Minister for Culture
Position Term Political party Coalition Cabinet
Took office Left office Duration
Persson Cabinet
Persson Cabinet
Persson Cabinet
Reinfeldt Cabinet
Reinfeldt Cabinet
Löfven I Cabinet
Löfven I Cabinet
Löfven I Cabinet
Löfven II Cabinet
Andersson Cabinet
Kristersson Cabinet


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