Minister for Education (Sweden)

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Minister for Education
Statsråd och chef för utbildningsdepartmentet
Lesser coat of arms of Sweden
Mats Persson.png
Mats Persson
since 18 October 2022
Ministry of Education and Research
Member ofThe Government
SeatStockholm, Sweden
AppointerThe Prime Minister
Term lengthNo fixed term
Serves as long as the incumbent doesn’t have majority support in the Riksdag or support from the Prime Minister
PrecursorMinister of Education and Ecclesiastical Affairs
Formation1 January 1968 (as Minister for Education)
6 June 1974 (as Councilor of State and Head of the Ministry of Education and Research)
First holderOlof Palme

The Minister for Education (Swedish: utbildningsminister) is the education minister of Sweden and the head of the Ministry of Education and Research.

The current minister for education is Mats Persson of the Liberals.


As a result of the ministry reform in 1840, the Ministry of Education and Ecclesiastical Affairs was instituted. The head of the ministry was the minister of education and ecclesiastical affairs, with the responsibility of culture, the Church of Sweden, research and education. In 1968, the Ministry of Education and Ecclesiastical Affairs changed its name to the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs (Swedish: Utbildningsdepartmentet), today called the Ministry of Education and Research. The head of the Ministry of Education and Research is the minister for education.

List of officeholders

Minister for Education (1968—present)

Portrait Minister
Term Political Party Election Prime Minister
Took office Left office Duration
Olof Palme
Olof Palme
1 January 196814 October 19691 year, 286 daysSocial Democrats1968Tage Erlander (S/SAP)
Ingvar Carlsson
Ingvar Carlsson
(born 1934)
14 October 19692 November 19734 years, 19 daysSocial DemocratsOlof Palme (S/SAP)
Bertil Zachrisson
Bertil Zachrisson
(born 1926)
2 November 19738 October 19762 years, 341 daysSocial Democrats1973Olof Palme (S/SAP)
Jan-Erik Wikström
Thorbjörn Fälldin (C)
(1976 – 1978, 1979–1982)
Ola Ullsten (L)
(1978 – 1979)
Lena Hjelm-Wallén
Lena Hjelm-Wallén
(born 1943)
8 October 198216 October 19853 years, 8 daysSocial Democrats1982Olof Palme (S/SAP)
Lennart Bodström
Lennart Bodström
16 October 198529 January 19893 years, 105 daysSocial Democrats1985
Olof Palme (S/SAP)
(1985 – 1986)
Ingvar Carlsson (S/SAP)
(1986 – 1989)
Bengt Göransson
Bengt Göransson
29 January 19893 October 19912 years, 247 daysSocial DemocratsIngvar Carlsson (S/SAP)
Per Unckel
Per Unckel
3 October 19917 October 19943 years, 4 daysModerate1991Carl Bildt (M)
Carl Tham
Carl Tham
(born 1939)
7 October 19946 October 19983 years, 364 daysSocial Democrats1994Ingvar Carlsson (S/SAP)
(1994 – 1996)
Göran Persson (S/SAP)
(1996 – 2002)
Thomas Östros
Thomas Östros
(born 1965)
6 October 199821 October 20046 years, 15 daysSocial Democrats
Göran Persson (S/SAP)
Leif Pagrotsky
Leif Pagrotsky
(born 1951)
21 October 20046 October 20061 year, 350 daysSocial DemocratsGöran Persson (S/SAP)
Lars Leijonborg
2006Fredrik Reinfeldt (M)
Jan Björklund

Fredrik Reinfeldt (M)
Gustav Fridolin
Gustav Fridolin
(born 1983)
3 October 201421 January 20194 years, 110 daysGreen2014Stefan Löfven (S/SAP)
Anna Ekström
Anna Ekström
(born 1959)
21 January 201918 October 20223 years, 270 daysSocial Democrats2018Stefan Löfven
Magdalena Andersson (S/SAP)
Mats Persson
Mats Persson
(born 1980)
18 October 2022Incumbent156 daysLiberals2022Ulf Kristersson (M)