Minister for Integration (Sweden)

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Minister for Integration
Johan Pehrson
since 18 October 2022
AppointerThe Prime Minister
Inaugural holderLeif Blomberg

The Minister for Integration (

cabinet minister was appointed by the Prime Minister of Sweden

The minister was responsible for issues regarding integration, discrimination, human rights at the national level, Swedish citizenship and minorities. The last Minister for Integration was Erik Ullenhag, who served from 2010 to 2014.

When the

Andersson Cabinet took office in November 2021, the minister post was re-established. It was placed at the Ministry of Justice, and combined with Minister of Migration. Since October 2022, the position is placed at the Ministry for Employment and the current minister is Johan Pehrson of the Liberals

List of ministers for integration

No. Portrait Minister for Integration Took office Left office Time in office Party Prime Minister
Leif Blomberg
Blomberg, LeifLeif Blomberg
22 March 19962 March 1998 †1 year, 345 days Social DemocratsPersson, GöranGöran Persson (S/SAP)
Lars Engqvist
Engqvist, LarsLars Engqvist
(born 1945)
2 March 1998October 1998214 Social DemocratsPersson, GöranGöran Persson (S/SAP)
Ulrica Messing
Messing, UlricaUlrica Messing
(born 1968)
October 19982000731 Social DemocratsPersson, GöranGöran Persson (S/SAP)
Mona Sahlin
Sahlin, MonaMona Sahlin
(born 1957)
200021 October 20041,461 Social DemocratsPersson, GöranGöran Persson (S/SAP)
Jens Orback
Orback, JensJens Orback
(born 1959)
21 October 20045 October 2006714 Social DemocratsPersson, GöranGöran Persson (S/SAP)
Reinfeldt, FredrikFredrik Reinfeldt (M)
Reinfeldt, FredrikFredrik Reinfeldt (M)
Anders Ygeman
Ygeman, AndersAnders Ygeman
(born 1972)
30 November 202118 October 2022322 days Social DemocratsAndersson, MagdalenaMagdalena Andersson (S/SAP)
Johan Pehrson
Pehrson, JohanJohan Pehrson
(born 1968)
18 October 2022349 days LiberalsKristersson, UlfUlf Kristersson (M)

Ministry history

The office of Minister for Integration was under several different ministries from its founding in 1996 to its abolishment in 2014. The offie was re-established in 2021.

Ministry Term
Ministry of the Interior 1996–1998
Ministry of Culture 1998–2000
Ministry of Justice 2000–2006
Ministry of Integration and Gender Equality 2006–2010
Ministry of Employment 2010–2014
Ministry of Justice 2021–2022
Ministry of Employment 2022–