Minister for Nordic Cooperation (Sweden)

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Minister for Nordic Cooperation
Minister för nordiskt samarbete
Jessika Roswall
since 18 October 2022
AppointerThe Prime Minister
Inaugural holderKjell-Olof Feldt

The Minister for Nordic Cooperation (Swedish: Minister för nordiskt samarbete) is a cabinet minister within the

Swedish Government and appointed by the Prime Minister of Sweden.[1]

The minister is responsible for issues regarding Nordic affairs. The current minister Jessika Roswall is also responsible for Sweden's EU Affairs.

List of ministers for Nordic cooperation

Name Term Political party Prime Minister
  Kjell-Olof Feldt 1970–1976 Social Democrats Olof Palme
  Johannes Antonsson 1976–1978 Centre Party Thorbjörn Fälldin
  Bertil Hansson 1978–1979
People's Party
Ola Ullsten
  Staffan Burenstam Linder 1979–1981 Moderate Party Thorbjörn Fälldin
  Björn Molin 1981–1982 Centre Party
  Svante Lundkvist 1982–1986 Social Democrats Olof Palme
  Ulf Lönnqvist 1986–1989 Social Democrats Ingvar Carlsson
  Mats Hellström 1989–1991 Social Democrats
  Olof Johansson 1991–1993 Centre Party Carl Bildt
  Börje Hörnlund 1993–1994 Centre Party
  Mats Hellström 1994–1996 Social Democrats Ingvar Carlsson
  Margareta Winberg 1996–1997 Social Democrats Göran Persson
  Leif Pagrotsky 1997–2002 Social Democrats
  Berit Andnor 2002–2006 Social Democrats
  Cristina Husmark Pehrsson 2006–2010 Moderate Party Fredrik Reinfeldt
  Ewa Björling 2010–2014 Moderate Party
  Kristina Persson 2014–2016 Social Democrats Stefan Löfven
  Margot Wallström 2016–2019 Social Democrats
  Ann Linde 2019 Social Democrats
  Anna Hallberg 2019–2022 Social Democrats
Magdalena Andersson
  Jessika Roswall 2022– Moderate Party Ulf Kristersson

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