Minister for Physical Planning and Local Government

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Minister for Physical Planning and Local Government of Sweden
Lesser coat of arms of Sweden
Ministry of Local Government
AppointerThe Prime Minister
Term lengthNo fixed term
Serves as long as the Prime Minister sees fit
Formation1 January 1974
First holderHans Gustafsson
Final holderBo Holmberg
Abolished31 December 1982

The Minister for Physical Planning and Local Government[1] (Swedish: Kommunminister) was a member of the government of Sweden. The minister for physical planning and local government was the head of the Ministry of Local Government from 1974 to 1982 which was responsible for the county administrative boards, the municipalities, the tax charge offices, the local enforcement offices, etc., and later also questions regarding the Church of Sweden and other religious communities.


The post of minister for physical planning and local government was created in connection with the establishment of the

Fälldin's First Cabinet after he declined the post as foreign minister.[4]

In 1978, the municipal commissioner (kommunalråd) from

Palme's Second Cabinet with responsibility for, among other things, municipal issues.[6] The Ministry of Local Government ceased on 31 December 1982 and its tasks were taken over by the Ministry for Civil Service Affairs
and thus the post of minister for physical planning and local government disappeared.

List of officeholders

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Historical parties:   Lantmanna   Moderate   National Party   


Present parties:   Social Democrats   Moderate   Centre   Left   Liberals   Christian Democrats   Green   Sweden Democrats


Portrait Minister
Term Political Party Coalition Cabinet
Took office Left office Duration
Palme I
Fälldin I
Fälldin III
Palme II


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