Minister of the Interior (Sweden)

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Minister of the Interior
Ministry of the Interior (1947–74, 1996–98)
Ministry of Justice (2014–2022)
Member ofThe Government
AppointerThe Prime Minister
Term lengthServes at the pleasure of the Prime Minister
Inaugural holderEije Mossberg
Final holderMorgan Johansson

The Minister of the Interior

cabinet minister within the Swedish government and appointed by the Prime Minister of Sweden. From 1947 to 1974 and from 1996 to 1998, the minister headed the Ministry of the Interior

It was reintroduced as a minister without portfolio post under name of Minister for Home Affairs in 2014. Its tasks includes issues regarding the Swedish Police Authority and combating terrorism.

List of officeholders

Ministers of the Interior (1947–1973)

Portrait Minister of the Interior
Term Political Party Coalition Cabinet
Took office Left office Duration
Erlander I
Erlander II
Rune B. Johansson
Rune B. Johansson
31 October 195725 January 196911 years, 86 daysSocial DemocratsS/SAPErlander III
Palme I
Palme I
Position abolished between 1973 and 1996

Ministers of the Interior (1996–1998)

Position abolished between 1998 and 2014

Ministers for Home Affairs (2014–2022)

Löfven I
Löfven I
Löfven III
Position not in use 2022–present


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