Ministry of Finance (Sweden)

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Agency overview
Formed1840 (1840)[1]
Employeesabout 470
Ministers responsible

The Ministry of Finance (

banking, security and insurance, international economic work, central, regional and local government

The ministry has a staff of 490, of whom only 20 are political appointees.[citation needed] The political executive is made up of three ministers: the Minister for Finance – currently Elisabeth Svantesson (m), the Minister for Financial Markets – currently Niklas Wykman (m) and the Minister for Public Administration – currently Erik Slottner (kd).[2]

The ministry offices are located at Drottninggatan 21 in central Stockholm.

Government agencies

The Ministry of Finance is principal for the following government agencies:

Areas of responsibility

  • Financial markets
  • Central government budget
  • International cooperation
  • Local authorities
  • Taxes


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59°19′48.76″N 18°03′53.75″E / 59.3302111°N 18.0649306°E / 59.3302111; 18.0649306