Ministry of the Environment (Sweden)

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Ministry of the Environment
Agency overview
Formed1987 (1987)[1]
Superseding agency

The Ministry of the Environment (Swedish: Miljödepartementet), was a ministry within the Government of Sweden. It operated between 1987 and 2022.[2]

The ministry was merged into the

Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, forming the Ministry of Climate and Enterprise on 1 January 2023.[3]


The ministry was founded in 1987 as the Ministry of the Environment and Energy (

Ministry of Industry. In 1990, the short form name of Ministry of the Environment was used, and energy issues transferred back to the Ministry of Industry, although supervision of nuclear energy was retained. In 1991, the ministry was renamed to the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (Swedish
: Miljö- och naturresursdepartementet).

From 1 January 2005,

second cabinet of Stefan Löfven the ministry changed name to Ministry of the Environment (Swedish
: Miljödepartementet).

Following the election of the

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