Moderate conservatism

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Moderate conservatism is a

social democrats on the left and their opponents on the right. For countries belonging to the former, moderate liberalism is sometimes contrasted with moderate conservatism.[1] The latter term can be applied to several countries, such as the United States, Poland,[2] South Korea,[3] and Japan.[4]


Moderate conservative is not often used in most parts of Europe, where social democracy or

Christian democrats. Despite this, the term has historically been widely used in Europe, particularly in the mid-19th and earlier century, when liberal-to-radical politics, or classical radicalism, formed the mainstream left in Europe and conservatives were the right opposition. The moderate conservatives of this period were contrasted with the moderate liberals.[5] It is also used as a contrast to ultra-conservatism.[6]

By country


The main factions of the Conservative Party of Canada are the Red Tory and Blue Tory. Blue Tories value free markets and are more culturally liberal.


The Kōchikai faction that represents moderate conservatives within the right-wing Liberal Democratic Party. The incumbent Japanese prime minister Fumio Kishida is a member of the Kōchikai faction, and he is also a "moderate conservative".[4] Yomiuri Shimbun is a moderately conservative newspaper.[7] Yomiuri Shimbun places more emphasis on moderate pro-American diplomacy rather than hawkish Japanese nationalism.[8]



centre-left.[nb 3]

South Korea

In the 20th century, liberal in South Korea had the opposite meaning of socialist or

Yoo Seung-min are representative moderate conservatives.[10][11] JoongAng Ilbo, a South Korean media outlet, is considered moderate conservative.[3]


The major traditional right-wing party in Sweden was initially called the Conservative Party and later the Rightist Party, before adopting the

United States

The Republican Main Street Partnership is a Republican Party (GOP) organization for moderate conservatives. Examples include Maine Senator Susan Collins, former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, and Arizona Representative Juan Ciscomani. It has historically been associated with Rockefeller Republicans. Sometimes moderate conservatives are called "Republicans in Name Only" by more traditional conservatives.[13] Prominent moderate conservative United States presidents are Dwight Eisenhower, Gerald Ford, and George H. W. Bush.[14]

Moderate conservative political parties and caucuses


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