OBS! (magazine)

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  • Business magazine
  • Cultural magazine
  • Political magazine
First issueApril 1944
Final issue1955
Based inStockholm

OBS! was a biweekly conservative business and cultural magazine which also contained a significant political content. The magazine existed between 1944 and 1955 and was headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

History and profile

OBS! was established by a group of Swedish journalists, including Arvid Fredborg, Th Åke Leissner and Gunnar Unger, in 1944 with the financial assistance of the International Freedom Academy based in

illustrators of the magazine.[4]

The covers of the magazine contained caricatures of the leading politicians, movie stars and other well-known personalities.[3] The magazine featured economy-oriented articles, but its political content was much more prominent.[3] The editor of OBS!, Gunnar Unger, described the magazine as an "avantgarde organ in the anti-socialist propaganda."[3] The magazine frequently criticised the social democrat policies and supported the development of the Swedish industry.[3]

Following the first year OBS! sold 20,000-25,000 copies.[3] The financial assistance of the International Freedom Academy continued until 1953.[2] Then, the magazine was financed by businessmen until its demise in 1955.[3]

OBS! has inspired various conservative magazines one of which is Contra.[5]


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