PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile

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PUBG Mobile
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile.webp
Designer(s)Brendan Greene
SeriesPUBG Universe[1][2]
EngineUnreal Engine 4[3]
  • Standard Version
  • 19 March 2018
  • Lite version
  • 24 January 2019
Genre(s)Battle royale

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile, abbreviated as PUBG Mobile and known as Game for Peace in China, And Battlegrounds Mobile India, BGMI in India is a free-to-play battle royale video game developed by LightSpeed & Quantum Studio, a division of Tencent Games and licensed by Krafton.[4] It is the mobile version port of the original PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds game developed by PUBG Studios.

The game was officially launched on 19 March 2018 for iOS and Android.[5][6]

It was published by multiple publishers in different regions including Krafton, Tencent (Level Infinite), VNG Game Publishing and HotCool Games.[7][8] PUBG Mobile has accumulated 1 billion downloads on Google Play and Apple App Store combined as of March 2021 and grossing over $2.6 billion in 2020, making it the highest-grossing game of the year and bringing its total revenue to $6.2 billion as of August 2021.[9][10]


PUBG Mobile features gameplay similar to that of the original PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Players parachute down to a remote island and fight to remain as the last player standing, competing alone or in teams of four, depending on the gamemode selected before the match. Each match lasts about 30 minutes.

The game begins with the participants flying in a plane over one of many possible maps, also selected before the match. As they cross the map, players choose where to parachute down. When the plane finishes its flight, a blue border forms around the perimeter of the island is formed, marking the boundary between the safe zone and the exterior blue zone. The safe zone shrinks every few minutes, and anyone left in the blue zone will steadily lose health as long as they remain there, potentially to the point of death. The rate of health loss increases when the safe zone shrinks.

When players first reach the island, they bring no supplies with them. Instead, they must search their surroundings to find weapons, armor, vehicles, and additional equipment, or take them from already injured players. In general, better weapons and equipment are found in more dangerous parts of the map.[11][12]

In addition to the regular shrinking of the safe zone, temporary red zones may randomly appear to be barraged with bombs, and from time to time, the plane flies over the battlefield to release a package with special equipment, potentially including items that cannot be found elsewhere on the island. All of these special events, including the normal safe zone shrinking, are announced to the players before they occur to give fair warning.[13][14]

Additional features unique to the mobile version of PUBG include log-in bonuses, missions and micro-goals, crew recruiting, map and compass improvements with larger and clear markers near the teammates, and an auto loot system, as well as an increased number of bots, as The Verge has commented:[15][16]

One major difference from the other versions is the presence of bots, apparently designed to help new players get to grips with the game. As you level up, the ratio of real players to bots increases, and it’s easy to tell the difference — the bots are pretty dumb and don’t put up much of a fight. This might be disappointing to hear for anyone who plays for the first time and is amazed by their own latent skill level, but it’s a clever way to ensure people have a good experience when they first play PUBG.


Classic mode map

The battle is fought on different islands (maps). There are six maps in the game and they are:

  • Erangel - 8 km×8 km, Soviet style Black Sea islands
  • Miramar - 8 km×8 km, Mexican style desert
  • Sanhok - 4 km×4 km, Southeast Asian style southern island
  • Vikendi - 6 km×6 km, Eastern European style northern island
  • Livik - 2 km×2 km, Nordic style island
  • Karakin - 2 km×2 km North African style desert island

Arena map

  • Warehouse
  • Library


According to Tencent, PUBG Mobile was made in four months.[17]


Following the Chinese publication deal for the Windows version, Tencent Games and PUBG Corporation additionally announced that they were planning on releasing two mobile versions based on the game in the country.[18][19] The first, PUBG: Exhilarating Battlefield, is an abridged version of the original game, and was developed by LightSpeed & Quantum Studio, an internal division of Tencent Games.[20] The second, PUBG: Army Attack, includes more arcade-style elements, including action taking place on warships, and was developed by Tencent's Timi Studio.[21] Both versions are free-to-play, and were released for Android and iOS devices on February 9, 2018.[22][23] The games had a combined total of 75 million pre-registrations, and ranked first and second on the Chinese iOS download charts at launch.[23] Following a soft launch in Canada, an English version of Exhilarating Battlefield, localized simply as PUBG Mobile, was released worldwide on March 19, 2018.[24][25][26]

In China, PUBG Mobile had been awaiting approval by the government for an authorized released, during which the game could only be offered as a public test. However, Tencent's planned release was suspended due to the government approval freeze across most of 2018. By May 2019, Tencent announced it would no longer seek to publish PUBG Mobile in China, but instead would re-release the game under the title, Game for Peace that readily meets China's content restrictions, such as eliminating blood and gore.[27] A version meant for lower-end mobile devices which features a smaller map made for 60 players, PUBG Mobile Lite, was released on July 25, 2019.[28][29] This had support for high FPS gameplay on multiple Android devices.[30] The Chinese version of the app was again renamed to Peacekeeper Elite in 2020.[31]

Support for 90FPS gameplay was added for selected OnePlus devices in August 2020.[30][32]

Pre-registration were opened for PUBG: New State on February 25, 2021.[33] It was released on 11 November that year for iOS and Android.[34] The game takes place in the year 2051 and is based on future warfare.[35]


On September 2, 2020, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India banned PUBG Mobile in India. Following that the Tencent Games terminate all service and access for users in India to PUBG MOBILE and PUBG MOBILE Lite on October 30, 2020. The rights to publish PUBG MOBILE in India had been returned to the owner of the PUBG intellectual property, Krafton.[36]

On May 6, 2021, Krafton announced the relaunch of the game in India, following the ban imposed by the Government of India. Krafton directly published the game instead of Tencent as a newly named title which could be only be accessed by users in India as Battlegrounds Mobile India.[37][38][39]

PUBG Mobile Lite

It is the lightweight android only version of the PUBG Mobile made for low end devices having lower processing power and RAM capacity, first launched on 24 January 2019 in Thailand. This version will run on device's having at least 1GB of RAM. The lite version was released in certain regions only including Latin American, Asian and African countries for player's having low spec smartphones to experience the game. It is not available for US, UK and Australia .[40] The Lite version features a smaller scaled down 2×2 map with up to 60 players in a match instead of 100 players in the standard version.[41]


PUBG Mobile booth at Taipei International Video Game Show in 2021

PUBG Mobile eSports, like numerous other eSports, have either official tournaments and unofficial tournaments.

Official tournaments include PMCO, PMPL & PMGC[42]

In order for players to qualify to play in official tournaments, they have to play in an event called PMCO (PUBG Mobile Club Open).

Each major region has a PMCO and players will compete in their respective regions until later tournaments.[43]

Players will first start in PMCO qualifiers where they will play to rack up as many points as possible. Any team that signed up can play, meaning that they do not have to have experience in any level of play.

After that, the players will download an app called the GAC tool. This tool is used to inspect the game to make sure that the player is not violating any of PMCO's rules. This app will take the user's image for verification purposes and inspect the game for any exploits. After all that is done, the app will check if the device being played on is actually a phone. PMCO does not allow tablets of any kind.[44]

Only 32 teams can qualify out of the many teams that signed up. This phase is known as PMCO group stages where the 32 teams are divided into 4 groups of 8.(8 teams per group)[45]

These groups will be labeled A to D and will be pitted against each other to compete to reach the finals. Only 16 teams can make it to the finals. (All teams get a prize for making it to group stages)

Once the group stages have elapsed, the finals are hosted where the top 16 teams play. From here, the teams compete to make it to a higher competition known as PMPL (PUBG MOBILE PRO LEAGUE).[46] Most regions allow the top 3 to advance but there are exceptions to this such as the African region. Only the team that has reached 1st place in finals will be allowed to advance to PMPL. This PMPL is a little special as it does not have group stages or finals. This means that it gives easy access to PMGC for African players. If they can get 1st place that is.

The PMPL system is similar to PMCO. There is usually 32 teams that get divide in groups and these teams fight to get to top 16 to reach finals. The goal for teams in finals is to reach top 3 to attain PMGC (PUBG Mobile Global Championship) points. PMGC points are points awarded to teams with great performances throughout the numerous seasons of PMPL. Teams with the highest amount of PMGC points qualify for PMGC.

PMGC is an global league that every PMPL team strives to get in. This league has the best teams from each region and they are flown in to a selected region to host a LAN event.[47]


The beta test of the game began on 15th and 16 March 2018 for Android and iOS respectively. Following the positive feedback, the Tencent Games and PUBG Corporation (current PUBG Studios) announced the release of game through Google Play and Apple App Store on 19 March 2018.[48]


PUBG Mobile received "generally favorable reviews", IGN described the mobile version as "There’s no replacing the accuracy of a mouse and keyboard or appeal of a console in a battle royale shooter, but PUBG Mobile is a technical marvel".[55][51] Polygon says "An unexpectedly good port for iOS and Android".[56]

PUBG Mobile booth at 23rd Anniversary Bahamut Gamer Party


PUBG Mobile was the second most-downloaded mobile game of 2018, with nearly 300 million downloads worldwide. The game's largest market was China, which accounted for 29% of the game's downloads, followed by India and the United States each with about 10% (30 million) of its downloads. It was the most-installed battle royale game of 2018, with about 200 million more installs than Fortnite, which received 82 million installs on mobile devices.[57] As of 2019, PUBG Mobile has reached 555 million downloads worldwide, with India accounting 116 million (21%) of the downloads, China with 108 million (19%) downloads, and the United States with 42 million (8%) downloads.[58] As of December 2019, it have crossed 600 million downloads.[59] By July 2020 it have accumulated 734 million downloads.[60] In March 2021, it was reported that PUBG Mobile has accumulated 1 billions downloads outside of China since launch.[61]


PUBG Mobile grossed ¥3.58 billion ($32.42 million) in Japan during 2018.[62] PUBG Mobile grossed over $3.5 billion in revenue by August 2020.[63] PUBG Mobile grossed over $2.6 billion in 2020, making it the highest-grossing game of the year and bringing its total revenue to over $4.3 billion as of December 2020.[64] It have grossed $5.1 billion as of March 2021.[9][10] As of August 2021, PUBG Mobile has lifetime earning of $6.2 billion worldwide.[65]


Year Awards Category Result References
2018 Google Play Award Best Mobile Game Won [66][67]
36th Golden Joystick Awards Mobile Game of the Year Won [68]
The Game Awards 2018 Best Mobile Game Nominated [69]
Gamers' Choice Awards Fan Favorite Mobile Game Nominated [70]
2019 The 37th Golden Joystick Award E-Sports Game of the Year Nominated [71]
Italian Video Game Awards 2019 Best Mobile Game Nominated [72]


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