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What a typical phishing email may look like
reporting more incidents of phishing than any other type of computer crime.

The term "phishing" was first recorded in 1995 in the cracking toolkit AOHell, but may have been used earlier in the hacker magazine 2600. It is a variation of fishing and refers to the use of lures to "fish" for sensitive information.

Measures to prevent or reduce the impact of phishing attacks include legislation, user education, public awareness, and technical security measures. The importance of phishing awareness has increased in both personal and professional settings, with phishing attacks among businesses rising from 72% to 86% from 2017 to 2020. (Full article...)

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Map of Seattle's Wi-Fi nodes
Map of Seattle's Wi-Fi nodes
Credit: Seattle WiFi Map Project, Maps

computer networks usually spanning a city. They typically use wireless infrastructure or Optical fiber
connections to link their sites.


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Barry Diller in 2005
IAC/InterActiveCorp was designed by Frank Gehry and opened in 2007 at 18th Street and the West Side Highway in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood. The western half of the block is dedicated to the building which stands several stories taller than the massive Chelsea Piers
Sporting complex just across the West Side Highway. The extra floors guarantee a panoramic Hudson River view from Diller's top-floor office.
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Ken MacLeod
I used to think the Net would change the world, but the world has changed the Net.
Ken MacLeod, 2000

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Pete Ashdown

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  • Internet map 1024
    Internet map 1024
  • Steve Jobs and Macintosh computer, January 1984, by Bernard Gotfryd - edited
    Steve Jobs and Macintosh computer, January 1984, by Bernard Gotfryd - edited

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