Roland Poirier Martinsson

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Roland Poirier Martinsson

Roland Poirier Martinsson (born in

philosopher and radio- and TV-personality from Sweden, who has lived in Austin, Texas. As a columnist, he writes mainly on American politics from a social and cultural point of view. He is a regular contributor to Svenska Dagbladet and Expressen, two major Swedish newspapers. He has also written for The Weekly Standard.[1]
Martinsson is married and has three children.

In 1997, he left the

Roman Catholicism

Poirier Martinsson received his PhD in philosophy from Lund University, Sweden, in 2001 for a thesis on the justification of empirical beliefs (published in 2001 as A Two-Front Battle). His books are mainly concerned with the historic and contemporary relations between science, religion, culture and society.


  • Kungen och baronerna. Magna Carta 800 år (Timbro, 2015)
  • Är Texas det nya Kalifornien? (Timbro, 2014, with Janerik Larsson)
  • Zetterberg. Texter i urval. (ed. Timbro, 2011)
  • A two-front battle: on the justification of empirical beliefs (Bjärnum, 2001, PhD thesis)
  • Russells kalkon: en bok om hur Gud och vetenskapen formade den västerländska kulturen (Norstedts, 2003)
  • Sånt är livet: om vetenskapens sökande efter livets början (Norstedts, 2005)
  • Arkimedes. Matematiker, vapenmakare, stjärnskådare (Norstedts, 2006)