Roman Catholic Diocese of Pereira

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Diocese of Pereira

Dioecesis Pereiranus
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The Roman Catholic Diocese of Pereira (Latin: Diocesis Pereiranus) is a diocese located in the city of Pereira in the Ecclesiastical province of Manizales in Colombia.


  • 17 December 1952: Established as Diocese of Pereira from the Diocese of Manizales and Apostolic Prefecture of Chocó



  • Baltasar Alvarez Restrepo (1952.12.18 – 1976.07.01)
  • Darío Castrillón Hoyos (1976.07.01 – 1992.12.16) Appointed, Archbishop of Bucaramanga; future Cardinal
  • Fabio Suescún Mutis (1993.11.20 – 2001.01.19) Appointed, Bishop of Colombia, Military
  • Tulio Duque Gutiérrez, S.D.S. (2001.07.25 – 2011.07.15)
  • Rigoberto Corredor Bermúdez (2011.07.15 – present)

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