Sámi Parliament of Sweden

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Sámi Parliament in Sweden

Sámediggi (
Founded1 January 1993 (1993-01-01)
Preceded bySwedish Sámi Council
Daniel Holst, Hunting and Fishing Sámi
since 2021
Current Structure of the Sámi Parliament of Sweden
Political groups
  •   Hunting and Fishing Sámi (12)
  •   Sámi Land Party (6)
  •   The Morning Star (5)
  •   Forest Sámi (3)
  •   Swedish Sámi National Party (2)
  •   The Sámi (2)
  •   Our Way (1)
Last election
Next election
Meeting place
Sámi Parliament of Sweden Building
Kiruna, Sweden

The Sámi Parliament of Sweden (

Sámi people


The Sami Parliament Act, Sametingslag (1992:1433), established the Swedish Sami Parliament as of 1 January 1993. By law, the first official elections were held on 16 May 1993. Its first session was opened by the King of Sweden,

Swedish Government
upon the proposal of the Sami Parliament.

The 2021 Sámediggi Election was held on 16 May 2021, with 9,220 people registered as voters, mostly living in Norrbotten or Västerbotten.[2][3][4]


Sweden has taken this active part for two reasons:

  • to recognise the Sámi minority as an indigenous people to distinguish it from other minorities;
  • to raise the Sámi
    majority democracy
    system, i.e., the group with the most votes wins.

Voting system

Sámi Parliament is democratically elected and acts as an autonomous authority. Sámi inhabitants have a vote, in addition to the regular elections in Sweden, to elect representatives to the Sámi Parliament if:[citation needed]

  • they identify as culturally or ethnically Sámi, and either
    • they speak a Sámi language, or
    • they have had or have a parent, or grandparent, that speaks or spoke a Sámi language

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