San Buenaventura, La Paz

Coordinates: 14°26′5″S 67°32′27″W / 14.43472°S 67.54083°W / -14.43472; -67.54083
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San Buenaventura, La Paz
San Buenaventura and Beni River
San Buenaventura and

San Buenaventura is a little town in northern Bolivia, on the west bank of Beni River, opposite the town Rurrenabaque on the east bank. The two towns are connected with a ferry.

The area is in the

Amazon Basin, and San Buenaventura is the access to the Madidi National Park, where the local vegetation is rainforest

San Buenaventura is in the

La Paz Department, and the town is the seat of the San Buenaventura Municipality


14°26′5″S 67°32′27″W / 14.43472°S 67.54083°W / -14.43472; -67.54083