Sancai Tuhui

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Sancai Tuhui
Hanyu Pinyin
Sāncái Túhuì
Wade–GilesSan1-tsai2 Tu2-hui4
IPA[sán.tsʰǎɪ tʰǔ.xwêɪ]
Yue: Cantonese
Jyutpingsaam1 coi4 tou4 wui6

Sancai Tuhui (

Chinese emperors


The title of this encyclopedia has been variously translated into English as "Illustrations of the Three Powers",[1] "Collected Illustrations of the Three Realms", "Pictorial Compendium of the Three Powers", and others; in the original title, "Sancai" (三才) refers to the three realms of "heaven, earth, and man", and "Tuhui" (圖會) means "collection of illustrations".


This encyclopedia is organized into 106 chapters in 14 categories (astronomy, geography, biographies, history, biology, and such), with text and illustrations for the articles. Reproductions of this encyclopedia are still in print in China.

While it contains some inaccurate or mythological articles (for example, the articles on the

Korean and Vietnamese people's clothing, and a very accurate world map (the Shanhai Yudi Quantu

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