September 1914 Swedish general election

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September 1914 Swedish general election

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All 230 seats in the
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Hjalmar Branting Arvid Lindman Axel Schotte
Party Social Democrats Electoral League Free-minded
Last election 73 86 71
Seats won 87 86 57
Seat change Increase13 Steady0 Decrease13
Popular vote 266,133 267,124 196,493
Percentage 36.39% 36.52% 26.87%

Prime Minister before election

Hjalmar Hammarskjöld

Electoral League


Hjalmar Hammarskjöld

Electoral League

Early general elections were held in Sweden 5 and 13 September 1914, the second that year.[1][2] Although the General Electoral League received the most votes,[3] the Swedish Social Democratic Party emerged as the largest party, winning 87 of the 230 seats in the Second Chamber,[4] and have managed to remain so in every subsequent Swedish election.


The General Electoral League and Farmers' League had a tactical arrangement that saw all the votes for the latter land as Electoral League in the constituencies.[2] Therefore, the Electoral League may correctly also be attributed 268,631 votes or 36.7%.[2]

General Electoral League267,12436.52860
Swedish Social Democratic Party266,13336.3987+13
Free-minded National Association196,49326.8757–13
Farmers' League1,5070.210New
Other parties1040.0100
Valid votes731,36199.44
Invalid/blank votes4,1250.56
Total votes735,486100.00
Registered voters/turnout1,111,76766.15
Source: Nohlen & Stöver


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