Spartokos IV

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Spartokos IV
King of the Bosporan Kingdom
Reigncirca. 245–240 BC
PredecessorPaerisades II
SuccessorLeukon II
Bosporan Kingdom
Diedcirca. 240 BC
Bosporan Kingdom
  • Spartokos V
  • Paerisades (?)
FatherPaerisades II
ReligionGreek Polytheism

Spartokos IV (Greek: Σπάρτοκος Δ') was a Spartocid king of the Bosporan Kingdom from 245 to 240 BC.[1]


Spartokos IV was a son of Paerisades II and is known for an inscription in coinage after the death of his father that shows him calling himself king whilst displaying Pan. His brief reign is due to the fact that he was killed by his brother Leukon II who killed Spartokos after finding out that he was sleeping with his wife Alkathoe, who ending up killing Leukon later on in his reign.[2]


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