Starling (nuclear primary)

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The Starling was a small American

thermonuclear weapons

The Starling was developed by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. According to researcher Chuck Hansen, it was 11.53 inches (293 mm) in diameter, 14.25 inches (362 mm) in length, and had a weight of 86.4 pounds (39.2 kg).[1] As tested in Nougat Cimarron, the primary had a yield of 5 to 8 kilotonnes of TNT (21 to 33 TJ)[2] but is also described as being 10 to 20 kilotonnes of TNT (42 to 84 TJ).[1] It was a two-point primary, like Tsetse, Kinglet, Robin, and Gnat.[1]

Starling is reportedly the primary for the

W55 (which also used Kinglet) and W56 warheads.[3] Starling and Kinglet are reportedly the immediate successors to Robin.[4]

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