Stratonice of Cappadocia

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Stratonice (Greek: Στρατονίκη; fl. 3rd century BC) was a princess of the Seleucid Empire. She was one of the daughters born to the Seleucid Monarchs Antiochus II Theos and Laodice I.[1] Among her brothers was the Seleucid King Seleucus II Callinicus and prince Antiochus Hierax.

In c. 257 BC, Antiochus II Theos arranged for Stratonice to marry Ariarathes III.[2] Between 255 BC-250 BC, Antiochus II Theos recognized the Seleucid client state of Cappadocia to become an independent kingdom. In 255 BC, Ariarathes III of Cappadocia started co-ruling with his father, Ariamnes II. Ariarathes III would later proclaim himself as the first king of Cappadocia.[2]

Through her marriage to Ariarathes III, Stratonice became the first Queen of Cappadocia. Stratonice and Ariarathes III, had a son called Ariarathes IV of Cappadocia who later succeeded his father as King of Cappadocia.[2] Ariarathes IV later married his maternal second cousin Antiochis.[3]


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