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538.8 ± 0.2 – ~521 Ma
hyoliths SSF
Dresbachian extinction
Subdivision of the Cambrian according to the
Newfoundland, Canada
47°04′20″N 55°51′52″W / 47.072163°N 55.864398°W / 47.072163; -55.864398Lower GSSP ratified2007 (as base of Terreneuvian and Fortunian)[2]Upper boundary definitionNot formally definedUpper boundary definition candidatesFAD of Trilobites
Upper boundary GSSP candidate section(s)None

The Terreneuvian is the lowermost and oldest

Treptichnus pedum around 538.8 million years ago. Its top is defined as the first appearance of trilobites in the stratigraphic record around 521 million years ago.[4] This series' name was formally accepted by the International Commission on Stratigraphy in 2007.[2]

The Fortunian stage and presently unnamed Cambrian Stage 2 are the stages within this series. The Terreneuvian corresponds to the pre-trilobitic Cambrian.[5]

The name Terreneuvian is derived from Terre Neuve, the French name for the island of

type section.[2][4]


The type locality (

trilobites appear 1400 m above the boundary, which corresponds to the beginning of the Branchian Series (Series 2).[6]

Major events

The second phase of the

metazoan lineages appeared in this epoch. However, deuterostomes are absent in this interval.[7]

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