Threatened fauna of Australia

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Threatened fauna of Australia are those

reptiles to be found in Australia that are in danger of becoming extinct. This article lists species classified as threatened species under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999
(EPBC Act).


Based on the

list of Australian animals extinct in the Holocene, about 33 mammals (27 from the mainland, including the thylacine), 24 birds (three from the mainland), one reptile, and three frog species or subspecies are strongly believed to have become extinct in Australia during the Holocene epoch. These figures exclude dubious taxa like the Roper River scrub robin (Drymodes superciliaris colcloughi) and possibly extinct taxa like the Christmas Island shrew (Crocidura trichura).[citation needed

An online database of threatened mammals launched on 22 April 2020 reported that there had been a decline of more than a third of threatened mammal numbers in the past 20 years, but the data also show that targeted conservation efforts are working. The Threatened Mammal Index "contains population trends for 57 of Australia's threatened or near-threatened terrestrial and marine mammal species".[1]

A study published in Biological Conservation in March 2023 listed 23 species which the authors considered to no longer meet the criteria as threatened species under the EPBC Act.[2] The team, led by John Woinarski of Charles Darwin University, looked at all species listed as threatened under the act in 2000 and 2022. There was one fish (Murray cod) and one reptile (Flinders Ranges worm-lizard) on the list, along with fifteen mammals, eight birds, and four frogs.[3]

Threatened species legislation

The list of species below includes those proclaimed under the Australian federal EPBC Act. The classifications are based on those used by the

World Conservation Union (IUCN); however, IUCN and Australian rankings do differ. Each state and territory also has its own legislation
relating to environmental protection.

Federal legislation

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Cth) and Regulations set up a framework for protection of the Australian environment, including its biodiversity and its natural and culturally significant places.

State legislation

Threatened species in Australia are protected by, or affected by, four main types of legislation:

List of species

Extinct in the wild

One fish is listed as extinct in the wild.

Critically endangered

Five mammals, six birds, two reptiles, three fish and five other species are listed as critically endangered.




  • Western swamp tortoise
    , Pseudemydura umbrina
  • Leathery turtle
    , leatherback turtle, luth, Dermochelys coriacea




Thirty-four mammals, thirty-eight birds, eleven reptiles, eighteen frogs, sixteen fishes and eleven other species are listed as endangered.



This exceptionally large Macquarie perch was caught on a lure (visible in the picture) and was carefully released.


Corroboree frog
  • White-bellied frog, creek frog,
    Geocrinia alba
  • Yellow-spotted tree frog, yellow-spotted bell frog,
    Litoria castanea
  • Armoured mistfrog,
    Litoria lorica
  • Waterfall frog, torrent tree frog,
    Litoria nannotis
  • Mountain mistfrog,
    Litoria nyakalensis
  • Spotted tree frog,
    Litoria spenceri
  • Fleay's frog,
    Mixophyes fleayi
  • Southern barred frog, giant barred frog,
    Mixophyes iteratus
  • Lace-eyed tree frog, Australian lace-lid,
    Nyctimystes dayi
  • Baw Baw frog,
    Philoria frosti
  • Southern corroboree frog,
    Pseudophryne corroboree
  • Sunset frog,
    Spicospina flammocaerulea
  • Eungella day frog,
    Taudactylus eungellensis
  • Tinkling frog,
    Taudactylus rheophilus
  • Booroolong frog,
    Litoria booroolongensis


Loggerhead turtle


Gouldian finch, Erythrura gouldiae
  • Brown thornbill (King Island subspecies), Acanthiza pusilla archibaldi
  • Christmas Island goshawk
    , Accipiter fasciatus natalis
  • Wedge-tailed eagle (Tasmanian subspecies), Aquila audax fleayi
  • Red-tailed black-cockatoo
    (south-eastern subspecies), Calyptorhynchus banksii graptogyne
  • Glossy black-cockatoo
    (South Australian and Kangaroo Island subspecies), Calyptorhynchus lathami halmaturinus
  • Carnaby's black cockatoo, short-billed black cockatoo, Calyptorhynchus latirostris
  • Southern cassowary (Australian subspecies), Casuarius casuarius johnsonii
  • Common emerald dove (Christmas Island subspecies), Chalcophaps indica natalis
  • red-fronted parakeet
    ), Cyanoramphus cookii
  • Coxen's fig parrot, Cyclopsitta diophthalma coxeni
Golden-shouldered parrot


Tiger quoll



  • Draculoides bramstokeri
  • Mount Arthur burrowing crayfish
    , Engaeus orramakunna
  • Burnie burrowing crayfish
    , Engaeus yabbimunna
  • remipede
  • Giant Gippsland earthworm, Megascolides australis
  • Bathurst copper
    , purple copper, Paralucia spinifera


The red handfish
Great white shark


Growling grass frog


Ornamental snake


  • Slender-billed thornbill (western subspecies), Acanthiza iredalei iredalei
  • Grey grasswren (Bulloo River subspecies), Amytornis barbatus barbatus
  • Thick-billed grasswren
    (eastern subspecies), Amytornis textilis modestus
  • Thick-billed grasswren (Gawler Ranges subspecies), Amytornis textilis myall
  • Lesser noddy (Australian subspecies), Anous tenuirostris melanops
  • Noisy scrub-bird
    , Atrichornis clamosus
  • Muir's corella, Cacatua pastinator pastinator
  • Baudin's black-cockatoo
    , long-billed black-cockatoo, Calyptorhynchus baudinii
  • Cape Barren goose (south-western subspecies), Recherche Cape Barren goose, Cereopsis novaehollandiae grisea
Cape Barren goose
  • Western bristlebird, Dasyornis longirostris
  • Antipodean albatross, Diomedea antipodensis
  • Southern royal albatross, Diomedea epomophora
  • Wandering albatross
    , Diomedea exulans
  • Gibson's albatross, Diomedea gibsoni
  • Red goshawk, Erythrotriorchis radiatus
  • Crested shrike-tit
    (northern subspecies), northern shrike-tit, Falcunculus frontatus whitei
  • Christmas Island frigatebird
    , Andrew's frigatebird, Fregata andrewsi
  • White-bellied storm-petrel
    (Tasman Sea or Australasian subspecies), Fregetta grallaria grallaria
  • Squatter pigeon (southern subspecies), Geophaps scripta scripta
  • Partridge pigeon (western subspecies), Geophaps smithii blaauwi
  • Partridge pigeon (eastern subspecies), Geophaps smithii smithii
  • Blue petrel, Halobaena caerulea
  • Malleefowl, Leipoa ocellata
  • Northern giant-petrel
    , Macronectes halli
  • Purple-crowned fairy-wren
    , (western subspecies), Malurus coronatus coronatus
  • White-winged fairywren (Barrow Island subspecies), Barrow Island black-and-white fairywren, Malurus leucopterus edouardi
  • White-winged fairy-wren (Dirk Hartog Island subspecies), Dirk Hartog black-and-white fairy-wren, Malurus leucopterus leucopterus
  • Crimson finch (white-bellied subspecies), Neochmia phaeton evangelinae
  • Christmas Island hawk-owl
    , Ninox natalis
  • Norfolk golden whistler, Pachycephala pectoralis xanthoprocta
Golden whistler


  • Subantarctic fur seal, Arctocephalus tropicalis
  • Sei whale, Balaenoptera borealis
  • Fin whale, Balaenoptera physalus
  • Boodie, burrowing bettong (Shark Bay subspecies), Bettongia lesueur lesueur
  • Boodie, burrowing bettong (Barrow and Boodie Islands subspecies), Bettongia lesueur unnamed subspecies
  • Dingo, Canis dingo
  • Large-eared pied bat, large pied bat, Chalinolobus dwyeri
  • Kowari, Dasycercus byrnei
  • Mulgara, Dasycercus cristicauda
  • Chuditch
    , western quoll, Dasyurus geoffroii
  • Spot-tailed quoll
    , spotted-tail quoll, tiger quoll (Tasmanian population), Dasyurus maculatus maculatus
  • Golden bandicoot (mainland subspecies), Isoodon auratus auratus
  • Golden bandicoot (Barrow Island subspecies), Isoodon auratus barrowensis
  • Southern brown bandicoot (Nuyts Archipelago subspecies), Isoodon obesulus nauticus
  • Spectacled hare-wallaby (Barrow Island subspecies), Lagorchestes conspicillatus conspicillatus
  • Rufous hare-wallaby (Bernier Island subspecies), Lagorchestes hirsutus bernieri
  • Rufous hare-wallaby (Dorre Island subspecies), Lagorchestes hirsutus dorreae
  • Banded hare-wallaby, marnine, munning, Lagostrophus fasciatus fasciatus
  • Greater stick-nest rat, wopilkara, Leporillus conditor
  • Barrow Island euro, Macropus robustus isabellinus
  • Greater bilby, Macrotis lagotis
  • Humpback whale, Megaptera novaeangliae
  • Golden-backed tree-rat, Mesembriomys macrurus
  • Southern elephant seal, Mirounga leonina
  • Numbat, Myrmecobius fasciatus
  • Australian sea-lion, Neophoca cinerea
  • Northern hopping-mouse, Notomys aquilo
  • Dusky hopping-mouse
    , wilkiniti, Notomys fuscus
  • Corben's long-eared bat
    , south-eastern long-eared bat, Nyctophilus corbeni
  • Eastern barred bandicoot (Tasmania subspecies), Perameles gunnii gunnii
  • Yellow-bellied glider, fluffy glider (Wet Tropics subspecies), Petaurus australis unnamed subspecies.
  • Warru
    , black-footed rock-wallaby (MacDonnell Ranges race), Petrogale lateralis MacDonnell Ranges race
  • Black-footed rock-wallaby (West Kimberley race), Petrogale lateralis West Kimberley race
  • Recherche rock-wallaby, Petrogale lateralis hacketti
  • Black-flanked rock-wallaby, Petrogale lateralis lateralis
  • Pearson Island rock-wallaby
    , Petrogale lateralis pearsoni
  • Brush-tailed rock-wallaby, Petrogale penicillata
  • Yellow-footed rock-wallaby (South Australia and New South Wales subspecies), Petrogale xanthopus xanthopus
  • Long-nosed potoroo (south-east mainland subspecies), Potorous tridactylus tridactylus
  • Carpentarian false antechinus
    , Pseudantechinus mimulus
  • Western ringtail possum, Pseudocheirus occidentalis
  • Plains rat, Pseudomys australis
  • Djoongari
    , Alice Springs mouse, Shark Bay mouse, Pseudomys fieldi
  • Pilliga mouse, Pseudomys pilligaensis
  • Heath mouse, Pseudomys shortridgei
  • Spectacled flying-fox
    , Pteropus conspicillatus
  • Grey-headed flying-fox
    , Pteropus poliocephalus
  • Pilbara leaf-nosed bat
    , Rhinonicteris aurantius (Pilbara form)
  • Quokka, Setonix brachyurus
  • Butler's dunnart
    , Sminthopsis butleri
  • Boullanger Island dunnart, Sminthopsis griseoventer boullangerensis
  • Common wombat (Bass Strait subspecies), Vombatus ursinus ursinus
  • False water rat
    , water mouse, Xeromys myoides
  • Arnhem rock-rat
    , Arnhem Land rock-rat, Zyzomys maini


Four fish and one mammal are

dependent on conservation measures



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