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    Jerome Kohl is a musicologist, music theorist, and translator living in Seattle, WA (USA). He received a B.Mus. in clarinet performance and an M.M. in composition from the University of Nebraska in 1968 and 1971, respectively, and a Ph.D. in Music Theory from the University of Washington in 1981. His dissertation is titled "Serial and Non-Serial Techniques in the Music of Karlheinz Stockhausen from 1962–1968". He has taught music theory and analysis at the University of British Columbia and the University of Washington, and was the Managing Editor of Perspectives of New Music from 1985 to 2001.

    His areas of interest include Stravinsky, the post-war European avant garde, serialism, electronic music, microtonal music, and the music and theory of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. He has contributed chapters to books and published articles and reviews in the Journal of Music Theory, Contemporary Music Review, Notes (of the Music Library Association), and Perspectives of New Music, and has written a book on Stockhausen's Zeitmaße, published in 2017 by Routledge.

    He has delivered papers at several national meetings of the Society for Music Theory, as well as at the 1988 International Musicological Society meeting in Melbourne, Australia. He was invited to present papers at the Stockhausen 70 Symposion and Stockhausen 2000 Symposion, both at the Musicological Institute of the University of Cologne, in 1998 and 2000, respectively, and those papers are published in the proceedings of these conferences.

    In November 2008 he was invited to present a lecture on "Stockhausen and the Painters", as part of the festival KLANG: A Tribute To Karlheinz Stockhausen, curated by

    University of Colorado, and in August 2012 he was an invited speaker at the Festival of Light held in Birmingham, UK, in the days preceding the staged premiere of Stockhausen's opera Mittwoch aus Licht

    His translations of articles from German and French have appeared in The Clarinet and Perspectives of New Music, and he is the Editor and chief translator for the forthcoming English edition of Stockhausen's Texts on Music (Kürten: Stockhausen-Verlag).