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This page highlights the finest images on Wikipedia. The featured picture criteria explains that featured pictures must be freely licensed or in the public domain, must be of a high technical quality, and must add significantly to at least one article on Wikipedia. There are currently 7,268 featured pictures, and they are categorized below by the topic they represent. All featured pictures are also available in a category.

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One or more featured pictures are chosen as the picture of the day (POTD). You can include a box displaying the current POTD anywhere (e.g. your user page) by adding the text {{pic of the day}} or {{POTD}} where you want the picture to be shown.

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Dusky Seaside Sparrow.jpg
Spanish festoon (Zerynthia rumina).jpg
Black Bittern- Warriewood Wetlands.jpg
» subpages: amphibians, arachnids, birds, cnidarians, crustaceans, echinoderms, fish, insects, mammals, molluscs, reptiles, others


TITIAN - Venus Anadyomene (National Galleries of Scotland, c. 1520. Oil on canvas, 75.8 x 57.6 cm).jpg
Rose O'Neill - When We All Believe (Santa Claus and children illustration from the 1903 December 2 issue of Puck).jpg
Pierre-Auguste Renoir, French - The Grands Boulevards - Google Art Project.jpg
» subpages: East Asian art, literary illustrations, paintings, sculpture, others

Culture, entertainment, and lifestyle

Portrait of Madame Dugazon (Louise Rosalie Lefèvre), in the title rôle of Nina (Scene V).jpg
Celebración de Todos los Santos, cementerio de la Santa Cruz, Gniezno, Polonia, 2017-11-01, DD 07-09 HDR.jpg
H. M. Brock - Gilbert and Sullivan - D'Oyly Carte Opera Company Ruddigore revival 1921.jpg
» subpages: culture and lifestyle, entertainment, religion and mythology, sport, theatre


DAN-13-Danzig-100 Mark (1922).jpg
DAN-14-Danzig-500 Mark (1922).jpg
DAN-15-Danzig-1000 Mark (1922).jpg
» subpages: American currency, Asian currency, European currency, USA banknotes, USA coins, Other

Diagrams, drawings, and maps

Cenotaph sketch by Lutyens.jpg
1922 Index of Great Trigonometrical Survey of India.jpg
Lake Estancia and Lake Willard.png
» subpages: diagrams, drawings, maps

Engineering and technology

Castle Bravo Shrimp Device 002 - restoration1.jpg
Brooklyn Glass (32606)a.jpg
» subpages: electronics, machinery, weaponry, others. See also: vehicles

Food and drink

Pabda Jhaal - Home- Kolkata - West Bengal.jpg
Easter breakfast in Serbia (close-up).jpg
» more ...


Wit oorzwammetje s.l. (Crepidotus variabilis s.l.) 12-01-2022. (d.j.b).jpg
Sparrige-Schüppling (Pholiota squarrosa).JPG
Hortus Haren 18-05-2019. (actm.) 03.jpg
» more ...


Otto von Friesen - Runsten Sö 113 Kolunda, Stenkvista socken - Alvin record 110815.jpg
Lunch atop a Skyscraper - Charles Clyde Ebbets.jpg
Robert Howlett (Isambard Kingdom Brunel Standing Before the Launching Chains of the Great Eastern), The Metropolitan Museum of Art - restoration1.jpg
» subpages: American history, other history, American Civil War, World War I, World War II, other wars

Natural phenomena

Tonga Volcano Eruption 2022-01-15 0320Z to 0610Z Himawari-8 visible.gif
» subpages: atmospheric optics, weather, others


James Birdseye McPherson c. 1862 by Barr & Young.jpg
John Campbell Dancy, Recorder of Deeds, Washington, D.C..jpg
Belva Ann Bennett Lockwood.jpg
» subpages: artists and writers, business, entertainment, law, military, political, religious figures, royalty and nobility, science and engineering, sport, traditional dress, others

Photographic techniques, terms, and equipment

Sgt. Samuel Smith, African American soldier in Union uniform with wife and two daughters.jpg
Olympus E-M1 Mark III Zuiko 12-100mm.jpg
» more ...


Porta Nigra morgens (100MP).jpg
Nicosia 01-2017 img20 View from Shacolas Tower.jpg
Vermont State House Montpelier October 2021 HDR.jpg
» subpages: architecture, interiors, landscapes, panorama, urban, others


Papaya - longitudinal section.jpg
Sweet granadillas (Passiflora ligularis) - whole and cross section.jpg
Oroblanco (sweetie) fruits.jpg
» subpages: flowers, fruits, others


Acanthite - Imiter mine, Jbel Saghro, Tinghir, Drâa-Tafilalet, Morocco.jpg
Views of the LHC tunnel sector 3-4, tirage 2.jpg
Color SEM 4.jpg
» subpages: biology, geology, materials science, mathematics, others. See also: astronomy.


The geologic map of the Moon at 1-2.5M scale.png
EHT Saggitarius A black hole.tif
» subpages: getting there, looking back, looking out, panorama, understanding


USS Johnston (DD-557) underway on 27 October 1943 (NH 63495).jpg
RAF Tornado GR4 MOD 45155233.jpg
Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II - 32156159151.jpg
» subpages: air, land, water

Other lifeforms

Pinnularia major.jpg
The ciliate Frontonia sp.jpg
Staphylococcus aureus, 50,000x, USDA, ARS, EMU.jpg
Flagellum base diagram-en.svg
» subpages: bacteria, protists


Ebola Virus - Electron Micrograph.tiff
Train station with train and coal depot by Gustave Le Gray1.jpg
» more ...