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Maintenance work is a vital part of keeping

maintenance of the English Wikipedia project, including; cleanup pages, maintenance reports, to–do lists, information pages, and related collaboration groups. For a list of jobs and tasks to be completed that is easy to understand, there is the Task Center. Maintenance tasks of the most pressing importance can be found at the Backlog page. (See open–tasks and backlog below.) New to Wikipedia? See the contributing to Wikipedia
page for everything you need to know to get started.

Things to watch out for

Editors are entrusted with the responsibility of upholding the integrity of Wikipedia while adhering to


Copyright violations

Editors interested in identifying and resolving copyright violations may enjoy

discussion page. In that case, please tag the page {{copypaste|url=insert URL here, if known}}, unless your concerns are swiftly resolved. Others can then examine the situation and take action if needed. The most helpful piece of information you can provide is a URL or other reference to what you believe may be the source of the text. You may also make a note of your concerns at Wikipedia talk:Copyright problems

If you have strong reason to suspect a violation of copyright policy and some, but not all, of the content of a page appears to be a copyright infringement, then the infringing content should be removed, and a note to that effect should be made on the discussion page, along with the original source, if known. {{subst:Cclean|url=insert URL or description of source here (optional)}} has been created for this.

See Wikipedia:WikiProject Copyright Cleanup for details.


Upon discovering vandalism,

main or sole purpose is clearly vandalism may be blocked indefinitely without warning. See Wikipedia:Counter-Vandalism Unit and Wikipedia:Recent changes patrol

To make vandalism reverts easier you can ask for the rollback feature to be enabled for your registered Wikipedia account. This feature is only for reverting vandalism and other obvious disruption, and lets you revert several recent edits with a single click. See Wikipedia:Requests for permissions.

New pages

Identify new articles which do not meet the criteria for inclusion and/or to tag them for any glaring issues that need attention. Most critical are copyright violations and defamatory material about living persons, followed closely by pages whose creators seek to exploit our voluntary work for financial gain. Reviewing new pages needs a thorough knowledge of deletion and notability guidelines. See Wikipedia:Page Curation/Help for details.

For pages listed on

pages needing translation to articles for deletion
. The boilerplate text on the article should be changed from {{notenglish}} to {{subst:afd}}.


Contribute your opinions to

resolving disputes on Wikipedia. Noticeboards are best used for simple and urgent matters. There are many pages in Category:Wikipedia dispute resolution which could use help in resolving various kinds of disputes. If an editor needs a more complex response, and is willing to wait for it, the WP:Requests for comment
process may be more suitable.

The Dashboard provides an overview of the various discussions and requests taking place throughout English Wikipedia.

People seeking help

Even new users can help answer factual questions on the Wikipedia:Reference desk, which serves the same purpose as a reference desk you might find in your local library. (You might also think of it as the Wikipedia version of Quora or You do not have to be an expert on Wikipedia because:

  • You can help people find answers in existing Wikipedia articles.
  • If you know the answer to a question not answered by Wikipedia, you can assist the questioner and at the same time, add that information to Wikipedia for the benefit of future readers.
  • If you do not know the answer to an interesting question, you can research it in non-Wikipedia sources, and then improve Wikipedia for the benefit of the questioner and future readers.

If you already have some experience, your assistance in one of the many

Wikipedia help forums, including Wikipedia:Help desk and Wikipedia:Teahouse, would be a valuable contribution. See also, Category:Wikipedians looking for help

New editors

Welcoming people using one of the

standard user greetings is a great way to send a positive vibe. New users can be found by looking for red talk page links on recent changes or by querying the database or check Wikipedia's account creation log. You can go to Wikipedia:Welcoming committee/Welcome templates for a full list of welcome templates, or to Wikipedia:Welcoming committee/Welcome templates/Table for a visual gallery of welcome messages. The two most commonly used are {{subst:Welcome}} and {{subst:W-graphical}}. See also Wikipedia:WikiProject Editor Retention

Programming errors


security implications should be reported differently (see how to report security bugs). For the technical workings of Wikipedia, including software and hardware, see Wikipedia:FAQ/Technical
for details.

Finding things to do

Helpful editorial maintenance tasks include: reviewing new pages, creating requested articles, responding to edit requests, fixing spelling and grammar errors, and assisting with translation requests. Other essential maintenance tasks include: fixing unreferenced statements, fixing original research, fixing vandalism, integrating articles into the encyclopedia, welcoming newcomers, link recovery, categorization, and numerous behind the scenes tasks like moving free images to Wikimedia Commons and helping others.

Special pages (maintenance) Information
Broken redirects
Dead-end pages Dead-end pages
Dormant pages
Dusty articles
DoubleRedirects Double redirects
Lonely pages Orphaned articles
Long pages
New pages
New page patrol
New pages feed
Page curation
Protected pages Protection policy
Short pages
Uncategorized Categorization
Uncategorized cats
Uncategorized templates
Unused categories
Unused files (images)
Unused templates
Without interwiki links
Most interwiki links
Most-wanted articles
See also: Maintenance departments


  • Task Center – the place to find out how and where.
  • Wikipedia:Community portal/Opentask
    – simple list of article maintenance tasks.
  • Wikipedia:Dashboard – for a listing of ongoing discussions and current requests.
  • Wikipedia:Backlog – all articles needing cleanup.


Maintenance and collaboration resources

See Maintenance WikiProjects for a complete list of WikiProjects that deal with Wikipedia's maintenance systems.



Article creation

Article expansion

Article refinement







Content navigation


Open tasks and backlog

You can help improve the articles listed below! This list updates frequently, so check back here for more tasks to try. (See Wikipedia:Maintenance or the Task Center for further information.)

Help counter systemic bias by creating new articles on important women.

Help improve popular pages, especially those of low quality.

Click any linked number for that category's articles prioritized by their number of incoming links.

Maintenance category tree

To display all subcategories click on the "►":
Wikipedia maintenance(68 C, 58 P)

See also

  • The monster under the rug – a Wikipedia Signpost opinion piece on the ever-increasing backlogs (2011).
  • Wikipedia:Tools– various tools and tutorials intended to simplify, make more efficient, or provide additional functionality to Wikipedians.
  • Wikipedia:Statistics – analysis of wiki metrics like edits, page creation, visits and links. In the form of lists, tables and rankings.
  • Wikipedia:Awards – reward Wikipedia contributors for their hard work and due diligence with a fitting barnstar, or other award.

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