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Duane W. Roller (born 7 October 1946) is an American archaeologist, author, and professor emeritus of Classics, Greek and Latin at the Ohio State University.[1][2][3]


Duane W. Roller received his BA in Letters from the University of Oklahoma in 1966.[1][3] In 1968 he received his MA in Latin from the same institution.[1][3] He obtained his PhD in Classical archaeology from Harvard University in 1971.[1][3]


Roller is a professor emeritus of Classics at the Ohio State University,[1][2] retiring in 2007 but continuing lectures throughout the US.[3] In 2008 he was granted a position as a Karl-Franzens Distinguished Professor of Cultural Studies at the University of Graz in Graz, Austria.[3] He has led or participated in various archaeological excavations. These include Greco-Roman sites located in Greece, Italy, Turkey, Israel, Jordan, and northwestern Africa.[3]


Roller is the author of various works, ranging from over two-hundred scholarly journal articles and twelve published books.[3] These works include The Building Program of Herod the Great (1998), focused on Herod the Great of the Herodian kingdom of Judaea,[4] and Cleopatra: a Biography (2010), recounting the early life, reign, and death of Cleopatra VII of Ptolemaic Egypt.[2][5] His book Tanagran Studies (1989) focuses on the ancient city of Tanagra.[4] He has also published material on the history of geography with his book Ancient Geography (2015).[3]

Awards and grants

Roller has been the recipient of numerous rewards for academic work.[3] These include four Fulbright Awards for his teaching roles in India, Poland, Malta, and Austria.[3] He has also received grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the National Geographic Society.[3]

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