Law and Order

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Law and order

Law and Order may refer to:

In politics

  • the preservation of the rule of law
  • the keeping of the peace (law)
  • Law and order (politics), a term common in political debate and discussion, generally indicating support of a strict criminal justice system
  • Law and Order Offensive Party
    , a former minor German political party
  • Operation Law and Order, an Israeli military operation against a Hezbollah base in Lebanon
  • Law and Order, previous name of Platform 21 a minor right-wing Latvian political party

In entertainment and media

In film

In television

In music

  • Law and Order (album), by Lindsey Buckingham
  • "Law & Order" (song)
    , a song by the Tom Robinson Band on the 1979 album TRB Two
  • "Law & Order", the theme to the Law & Order franchise (see below), a song by Mike Post from the 1994 album
    Inventions from the Blue Line

In video games

In other uses

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